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  1. Vaidotas

    need advice

    thanks for reply
  2. Hi Grant what you explain me here its practicaly same thing that i have expiriensed. water is very powerfull and its the sing of psychic even in horoscope sings water sings is most powerfull in psychic coz water is everythere and human body is made of it.so probably coz you looking for the answers your guides sending you near water try this pick a river or a sea is the best.come close to it as you breath in feel the cool water going throw your body filing your eyes washing you away stay there atleast 15 min.then see how you feel after
  3. Vaidotas

    scary stuff

    Good day. don.t know where to start. ok im in process in opening my psychic abilities but my stronger part is telepathy but i got problems with it. Before i was taking drugs ,drinking and been a violent person i think this is where it all started i been in the very bottom of it killing myself with anger,pride and hate of life i can.t have and people i can.t trust. Now i finally seen a light after this insanaty and im trying really hard coz i know im good person after all the paranoya from my childhood made me be like that So back to telepathy now then im talking to someone or just awear of someone allmost instantly i connect to them i know what they think of me (the intence feeling). if its negative specialy i can tell straitaway but the worst bit is they feel me too that im wacthing them and i can.t help it its just happens other day girl in office i triped her so bad on the documents she put 2003 she lost 10 years :D . How can i control any tips will be big help? Now scary stuff coz now im becoming positive person i can sence that bad energy more clearly everythere sometimes i become so angry im scared loose control. my girlfriend me and her was wathcing tv i was thinking of one friend i know he is not a good person i find out then i become paranoid about everythink for a second .next thing my girlfriend looks and jumps away from me.she said my face become tiny colours blue and red and looked like a devil is it possible? then im get angry i visulize a white light washing me and then i make it more intance untill anger goes away then i got this eye in the middle of light looking at me.it looks like eye of horus(is an agyptian symbol of royal power this is also know as eye of lucifer or all seeing eye) if you ever heard of illuminaty theory its also there. let me know if im wrong coz eye i beleave could be a simbol of 3eye aswell?just want it to talk about it with someone and not leave it until it could become a problem.any comments welcome
  4. Vaidotas

    Hello to all!

    Thank you.your forum is amazing warm and full of good energy :angel: i visiting everyday
  5. Vaidotas

    Soul Mate Split

    hello organic.negativity never helps if she is beeing wrong in anyway tell her that with posetivity she is wrong and not by screaming that to her face.be posetive what you think is right for you and talk it over to find solution accept your mistakes aswell what she don.t like about you.i don.t think she try to control you psychihaly if you fink of her all the time you making a connection yourself she just help you with that first cople times the trick is with telepathy fink less and feel more. i would advise you start meditating and listen to binaural beats alfa and theta states is best for psychic development.calming mind.overcome trobles in life much easyer and finding a solution much quiker
  6. Vaidotas

    Always around me

    hi scorpio. what you described me that feeling is telepathy coz i experianced that a few times with cople friends aswell over distance or in the same room the intense feeling its easy to connect if you fink about that person a little bit deaper.both can feel it then connection is made
  7. Vaidotas

    need advice

    hi everyone.need little bit of your help please.what you think about it. me and my girlfriend she got little boy aswell tho is 5 next month from her ex marryge.first we met over 3 years ago from the very first dates i notice she is different from other girls i been out with. we really get on as a cople and as a friends.but then after cople months bad luck come everythink will go wrong for me and for her like money wise.loosing job.constant argumens.missunderstanding.moving into new place to live in other contry don.t know tho to trust.car broke down.then loosing friends and family members drugs and alchohol involved moustly from my part.those 3 years was like a battle.but we allways stick together. i really think there is somethink deeper like she is not only my girlfriend but a soul mate aswell.our past i mean childhood is very similar spiritual pains i become much stronger in those 3 years changed my point of view in life become closer to GOD. but sometimes i feel this big distance with her differant points of view and arguments we both tyred of that is it gonna change i fink only GOD can tell that for sure. my birthdate is 021186 and my girlfriends 050889
  8. Vaidotas

    Hello to all!

    At last.hi to all it been long hard cople years without no friends who could understand me.im in process in opening my psychic abilities i seen this site in my vision before so i know ill get some answers here and not from others around me tho just think im a strange guy :) and keep distrackting me from my real path.ok a little bit about myself my name is Vaidotas im 26 years old born in lithuania moved to UK then i was 16 , love my astrology im scorpio born year of the tiger.allways willing to learn new things and am good friend if you need one.look foward to hear from you all...