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    Soul Mate Split

    again many thanks to you all! what a great supportive community, and in touch too. Haha, I talk about these things with my friends but I think its generally to obscure for them, so thanks The point about pain body I can relate to. Its a very good visualization technique and I will meditate on it. I do martial arts, and this would be a great concept in my training. As for soul groups, this also a very good point. Being with her, I did get into a much more spiritual consciousness. She is very religious, but also open to multiple streams of spiritual understanding. Talks and experiences with her helped me to open up my 3rd eye and crown chakra (though most of this work I have done since breaking up). What I have been experiencing is the world of psychically connected people - a soul group? The collective unconscious a spiritually progressive people that can help bring about a positive change for planet Earth. I miss that I cannot experience that with her in the physical realm - I'm a big tree hugger and would like to do my part for the earth, and I think she feels the same. But I also recognize that anyone with a heightened consciousness can exist together in this mentality. Maybe my soul mates are all living with me already in the tree tops of the psyche... I've also recognized that many of her criticisms of me are true, which is why it hurts so much ;) my ego doesn't like getting bruised... If you ever see two cats fighting in the city, they push and scratch and jump at each other until they're too tired and back off a couple paces. Her ego's sore as well I'm sure and she takes my words to heart. She would tell me that a relationship's purpose is only to show you who you are. While I agree with this in part, I don't believe that all the responsibility lies on me, and that a relationship doesn't exist to bring fulfillment or joy, or support as well as a reflection. Meaning that a dysfunctional or unhappy relationship doesn't necessarily mean I'm dysfunctional or unhappy, because the nature of the relationship and of both personalities must be taken in to account. Thanks again all Peace Light and Love
  2. organic

    i'm new

    Hi all, I am a musician, martial artist and soulseeker. I have joined this forum to help understand the psychic realm, the connection with God and the collective consciousness peace
  3. organic

    Soul Mate Split

    Thanks all for your support You all have very useful insights which I will have to meditate on. I don't know her inner workings, I can only infer them, which I prefer not to do, except that I observed that she can get into her own head and space so much that I would not be a priority, and she didn't feel the need to communicate that with me. There were many things she was not forthcoming about, which made it hard for me to love her unconditionally. I must indeed cool my temper. The fact that someone I loved could also make me so angry is difficult to deal with - sometimes i think I was attracted by her mystique, that I wanted to know more, even if it meant putting up with neglect or agreeing to things that in my heart i wasn't feeling. She reminded me of my past self and led me back onto a path of knowing and feeling the soul. Thanks again for your comments. Best wishes and lots of love!
  4. organic

    Soul Mate Split

    There's a bit of a back-story, but my topic is about psychic connections with someone. I have a partner that comes in and out of my life over the past 4 years. She is an incredible soul and I have a deep love for her. However, she has always been flaky and isn't very forthcoming about personal information. I've repeatedly broken up with her but we stayed connected off and on, and she comes back into my life each time - with the same cosmic kisses and great conversation. We also have a history of being separated geographically. This past summer we reconnected as more mature adults and had an intense romance where we finally met families, talked more seriously about future plans, and expressed our love for each other before she went away again to finish her last year of school. But again, things went sour. She flaked out on me by standing me up for online meetings and not answering her phone/text regularly. I got angry and let her have it before breaking up with her. I care about how people treat me and I realized this is her personality and we just can't co-exist in a relationship. (Do I have too much pride?) Anyways... Now I am in a state where I think of her a lot, and I know she thinks of me. I have dreamed of her and I know she dreams of me. She is someone very spiritual and powerful psychically, and brought me in touch with that side of life. But now I don't know what to do. I have the feeling that she is a soul mate, and that we have some kind of connection, and that I am developing a connection to a collective consciousness. But I can't tell if what I sense is in fact the two of us tapping into the same cosmic consciousness, or if she is trying to control psychically. This seems very esoteric to me, but I am trying to wrap my head around it. I am very sensitive to her troubled history, and have been very emotionally supportive, but when she neglects me, is evasive, or treats me in a way I don't believe is right then I replace my patience with anger. Spiritually and psychically we are connected, but in earthly things I find it too hard to function. Should I detach myself psychically? How can I strengthen myself in this realm to not be afraid and be strong? I feel bad when I get angry with her, should I seek forgiveness for my negativity even if it feels justified? Any help is appreciated, even just writing this makes me feel a little more clarity thanks peace and love