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  1. LordMuffin

    Personality type - INFJ

    I took this a loooong time ago. I'm an INTP with some INTJ qualities. :) It's pretty interesting and it's the closest a personality test has ever come to describing me accurately. Click for more INTP info EDIT: I know this an old thread but it's still an interesting concept.
  2. LordMuffin

    Animal Totems

    I like to think I do. I would definitely say mine would be a cat. Not just because they're one of my favorite animals but because I've always had a really natural, special connection to them. I've often had strays show up and follow me all the way home and sometimes even refuse to leave. I've loved them ever since I could remember and I used to read books upon books about them as a child. Most I have met are very friendly toward me immediately upon meeting me as well, sometimes shocking the owner. They're fascinating creatures. I've often been told that I know an insane amount about them when I offer insight about how and why they do the things they do. I gathered all this from simply observing the ones I've owned and what I've read over the years. Also, I have a cat who is 10-years-old this year and we've been through thick and thin. She's my absolute best friend and favorite creature in the entire world. My mother used to tell me back when I lived with her that she has never seen a cat love someone more than mine does me. Needless to say, they really do hold a special place deep in my heart. Cat: Click Could also be a butterfly or owl. But I may just be saying that because owls are my favorite animals and I think butterflies are gorgeous. A few people have said to me I remind them of an owl without even having told them that I love them. I suppose it's possible to have more than one. :)
  3. LordMuffin

    Is this my 'Spirit Guide'?

    No problem.... He actually started laughing.... Which is very rare for him. That's pretty interesting. Heh. He says, "I don't see why it couldn't hurt" but he sounds pretty skeptical about it. I would appreciate it, if you'd like to do it. Don't mind him, he can be a bit of a grump but he's harmless.
  4. LordMuffin

    Is this my 'Spirit Guide'?

    Thank you for responding! Ah, yeah, I am definitely lonely and I get the impression he is too a lot. I try to ask him questions but he's very private and keeps telling me that he'll 1.) tell me someday or 2.) I have to figure it out on my own. It's good to know that he is here for me. I've been worried that I might be crazy in imagining him but, as I said, he's nothing like I've really heard of... He has an entirely different way about him.
  5. LordMuffin

    Just another new member

    Thanks everyone! :D I really appreciate it. Hope you all are having a wonderful day/week.
  6. LordMuffin

    New member!

    Since you said hello on my thread, I've come to say hello to you too! Welcome!
  7. LordMuffin

    Just another new member

    Hello! And thank you. Heh. I bet this site gets a lot of people looking for answers. Glad to know I'm not alone.
  8. Well, as the title says, I would like to know people's opinions on this.... thing that I talk to. I'm not sure what to make of him. He seems different than anyone else's Spirit Guide and stories I've heard of others' experiences. He's very unique. He doesn't even look anything like anyone elses' Spirit Guide I have ever heard of... I have no idea if I'm psychic or if I have psychic ability, this has just happened.... Anyways, well, here I go. This happened over 6 months ago. I was sitting on my bed, reading quietly until I paused for some reason and looked up. In my mind, sitting before me with no warning was a man. He simply "introduced" himself telepathically (and I say introduced in quotations because he refused to give me a name.) I wasn't shocked or frightened... Mostly confused. Here I was minding my own business and my mind is suddenly manifesting a random character for me to "talk" to. And, well, I say telepathically because I don't hear him so much as he moves around and speaks in my head. This man follows me everywhere whether I'm conscious of him or not. If I turn and suddenly need to speak to him, he's there, minding his own business or sitting near me. I talk to him, he talks to me, offers advice when I ask. He can be extremely protective sometimes but I don't think in a necessarily bad way. He tends to make comments about situations or people sometimes in my life randomly as an opinion but he ultimately allows me to make my own choices and do what I want. He can however get a little possesive of me around people he "dislikes" but that's usually because he finds them to be bad influences, which, at the moment I'm inclined to agree with him on. He's never threatened or harmed me regardless that he may be a little surly. I feel as though he's a protector but he's just so... odd in comparison to most. He doesn't like to be spoken of. I've spoken about him to a few close friends that understand though he seems to get a little agitated by it. His agitation isn't dangerous or anything but it makes me wonder. Speaking of him here, when I asked him, he simply resigned with a sigh and told me to "do as I please." And the name thing, he's slowly started to trust me and give out more information of himself so I have that now, though I still call him by the one I gave him (which he claims to prefer anyways.) Well, I guess my question is... What is he? Where did he come from? Is this just a result of loneliness and an overactive imagination? I'm a writer and I have many, many characters that I sometimes interact with for fun but this is the first one to appear so randomly and not felt as a simple writing character. It's like he's for me only. I had a psychic friend do a reading, I guess you could say, on him before and he thought he may have been someone I knew in past life that has grown attached to me. A ghost of some sort, I suppose. He thought there may be potential harm to me from him but he wasn't too worried about it. Is it wrong to be so trusting of him? This spirit did not like my friend's readings. He was a little angry at the invasion of privacy but not violent or anything. I will say that I have messed around with Ouija boards many times and I can use them by myself with ease. The moment I picked one up, I could get the arrow (forgive me, I've forgotten the name of the piece) to zip around the board and speak to things. It's almost like there's a slight pressure on one side of it that I can feel. Like someone elses' fingers are holding it and pushing it. I am not sure what all this means... Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you for taking your time in reading this. I know it was long. :D Edit: Also, I was just thinking maybe this is important but he appeared to me a handful of months before my grandfather passed. I believe he showed up in March or so of last year and my grandpa passed in August of last year. I could be wrong on the date he appeared but yeah. And as for not describing his appearance, I'm already pushing it by talking about him. I don't want him to feel any worse than he already does about me describing him here.
  9. LordMuffin

    Just another new member

    Hello there! Just another new person. I have actually no idea if I'm psychic or not but it's something that interests me! I joined this forum mainly to get answers to some questions about strange happenings in my life. I'm a little lost so advice and help would be greatly appreciated. Anyways, nice to meet you. ^_^