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  1. angelofpoetry

    saw something unusual

    I think this means that your request to the universe will be accepted and you will gain knowledge from this workshop. Good luck! <3
  2. Last night, when I was coming home from a party at school, it was dark and I was getting out of the car and there was this thang sitting on the front steps(well on the concrete stones we have out front) and it seemed kinda in a protective state of mind, or like it was waiting for something\one, and I didn't see it with my eyes but with my third eye, if that makes any sense? anyways does anyone know anything about what it might be? it seemed kinda stony and sitting still, and really old but kind of annoying at the same time. Should I go talk to it? I think it knows I can 'see' it, but I'm not certain. I've recently been putting out a lot of positive energy, and stuff, does this have anything to do with it because I hear positive things are attracted to positive energy, and vice versa? Thankee for any input<3 P.S. If I can't see it with my eyes, does that mean it's in my imagination? I have a reeeaaallly big one so maybe I'm making it up? lol I dunno. I believe its real... still getting the hang of how to cope with this 'psychic' stuff, you could probably tell though.
  3. angelofpoetry

    What is this symbol?

    It's when I'm meditating,-for some reason-and thinking about how I don't fit in with the kids at my school, or most people in general.
  4. angelofpoetry

    What is this symbol?

    I think it does have something to do with the goose totem. Thank you! <3
  5. angelofpoetry

    What does a goose symbolise?

    Thank you! After thought, I believe it is a sign to help me with my communication, and that I'm about to break free and find my path. Or go on a journey, I think the journey is part of my path, like it's something really special. And like, kind of in the video-game dishonoured, I haven't gotten my honour, well like I lost it, through an accident that wasn't my fault and like this journey I will be regaining it and everyone will see who I truly am, because currently everyone sees the goose as 'silly'. Thank you!! <3
  6. angelofpoetry

    What does a goose symbolise?

    I think one of my spirit guides is a goose. yes. a goose. Any input, would be lovely. <3
  7. angelofpoetry

    Bizarre spirit guide - Freddie Mercury

    That is awesome!! I'm sorry I really don't know what to think, other than that is awesome.
  8. angelofpoetry

    What is this symbol?

    I was just sitting on the school bus, and um, well anywhoos this sort of symbol came to me, and yeeaaaahhhh it's come before to me, does anyone have any idea what it means? I think someone\thing was trying to communicate, but in a negative way so I told it to go away forever. Thankee:) -the symbol is a circle with a dot in the middle, with a half moon-ish thing sort of balancing on top like a bowl-
  9. angelofpoetry

    Weird theme recurring in dreams?

    I've been having dreams in which I can move things. Like, take my hands and move things up in the air(not like thousands of feet but like 30 maximum), to the left, right, pull them push them etc. The dreams have had their own random plots or characters, but the one thing that has been the same is that. And like, at first, it was really hard, and I had dreams that I was trying and it hurt my head a lot and I could actually feel the pain, but I kept trying and anyways now(it's been 2-3 months) I have dreams that I can move big barrels or plastic boxes filled with really heavy stuff. It still hurts my head, but not as bad. And in the most recent one, there was wind and(it was fall) the dead leaves moved and it was really cool. I think in the last few dreams there has been someone teaching me, but my memory is really really bad and I don't remember my dreams. It's amazing I've remembered this much lol It wasn't lucid dreaming or anything, I haven't had that in a long time. Anyways, does anyone have any idea what this is about? Thankee even if you tried thinking of an answer but couldn't <3 Oh but it's just in my dreams, when I try to move things in real life they don't move and I get a headache
  10. How do you 'become' positive? What if negativity is easier, and everyone around you is negative? Like, how do you get rid of that? I mean you can't really change other people, and they really aren't negative people, I just feel that way around them and it brings me kind of down a lot and drains me. Is it possible that negativity is really easier sometimes, and how do you become positive when whenever you try it feels wrong? Thankee <3
  11. angelofpoetry

    What are your roots?

    I got Greek
  12. angelofpoetry

    What does a ghost look like?

  13. angelofpoetry

    What does a ghost look like?

    Yeah, she does.
  14. angelofpoetry

    What does a ghost look like?

    Ok so just ignore the fact that this was posted at 2 am in the morning(lol). Sometimes I sort of get the feeling something is watching me in my house especially in this certain room(and when you are on the main computer your back faces the room! So uncomfortable right now!), and yeah, um for example well sometimes sort of see things with my third eye(if that makes any sense) it's like my imagination but feels a bit different, anyways I have a vivid one so maybe it's just making it up, but like, are ghosts sort of tinted a certain colour, are they transparent or just like regular people except 'feel' different? I am wondering I think it was a ghost that I 'saw' but it was sort of monochrome if that makes sense. I think I've seen her before but get these feelings a lot especially in this certain room in my house so I just forget about it most of the time. She was a lady in her 20s, with pretty brown hair and brown eyes and wearing a white dress with long sleeves, I think made of like cotton or something like that. Thank you:)
  15. angelofpoetry

    Ever seen a "sparkly"?

    They are called orbs, I believe. I sometimes get them, but for me about 70 percent is just my eyes playing tricks probably caused by poor health. Don't really know what they are(I haven't looked them up) but I know people who see them a lot, and they aren't caused by eye problems(I mean not all of them are just random eye coincidences. Some surely are though, not everything is supernatural!). Nevermind I just rememberd, some people believe they are spirits, some think they are just random balls of energy floating around, and some believe they are pixies flying about in their little light balls(or whatever type of fairie that is lol). They probably are a mixture of these things though. I have heard that some people communicate with some of them in a passing way, don't really remember what they had to say though.