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  1. babyblade

    I kill electronics

    this is interesting. My brother has this problem, everything he touches breaks, even lightbulbs explode in his presence, his computer goes mad, a few weeks ago he tapped a window and it smashed, he cant understand it, he has had a very difficult life and i think hes surrounded by negative energy which i think may be contributing to this phenomenon, what yous think? I have come to this conclusion as my current boyfriend has the exact same problem where so many things break or malfunction in his presence, again he had a very difficult childhood and i know theres some unresolved negativity surrounding him, do you think negatives energies surrounding a person can cause this?
  2. babyblade

    Dark Energy Removal

    thank you Captain, yes i will try the white light to protect me from others negativity towards me. i agree on the carrying other peoples problems, i think im sensitive to their energy and perphaps mistake it for my own, Thank you once again :)
  3. babyblade

    Dark Energy Removal

    hi Captain I wonder could you help me clear the negative energy i feel is surrounding me? Thank You
  4. babyblade


    hi guys, joining here to have the oppurtunity to talk to like minded people and help myself work on the psychic abilities i believe i have.