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    Search Terms related to this page Raikov Effect Dr Vladimid - Moscow Dr Milan Ryzl - Prague Win Wenger - Borrowed Genius Paul McKenna - Possibility Generator Dr Richard Bandler - NLP Dr John Grinder - NLP Achoring / Trigger Does anyone have any knowledge of Raikov's Artificial Reincarnation or Deep Trance Identification technique? Supposedly deep trance is used for 2 hours per day, and the subject "reincarnates" as Rembrandt or Mozart, etc. Evidently after a period of doing this, subjects bring back from the trance state abilities of the person with whom they identify. For example, someone who identified with Rembrandt will have enough artistic ability retained to actually make a career out of it. Raikov is (was?) a Soviet researcher. A discussion of this technique certainly seems matched to the goals of many on this forum. Let me know. Thanks. It has been found that it is unnecessary to get into a deep hypnotic trance for it to work. quote: Raikov demonstrated that talents unleashed under hypnosis left significant effects even after the sessions. So the method was more than an experimental oddity. It was a practical tool for learning. Moreover, as we were to discover, it could be achieved without the aid of hypnosis. The Raikov Effect is like the ancient practice by which prophets, oracles, and tribal shamans took on the identity of gods, spirits, animals, and inanimate objects, in order to gain knowledge. http://www.geniusbydesign.com/other/windocs/success.shtml The technique is also referred to as Borrowed Genius and taught on the Genius Code and yes it is a very effective technique It sure doesn't require deep trance states to see results. I have used the technique and yet never really thought about how I went, it sort of became second nature the new skill I acquired and I never really paid attention to how I did it. Only in thinking back to when I used borrowed genius what was my project that I realised that I achieved my goal. I guess I've been having so much interesting stuff happening with direct learning and other aspects of the Genius Code course that I put borrowed genius on the back burner. I have to admit some aspect of the technique are similar to the Silva Method, I developed a bit of an aversion for it so I only did it along with the Genius Code course for the experience. The results I had with the Silva Method were too accurate for my liking and the information I gained only caused me frustration since I couldn't act on it or prove it. I let that asversion keep me from really noticing the results until now. Now I am thinking and wondering how else I could use the technique. Considering how easy that was I'm going to be up till the early hours of this morning making a list of possibilites. It's already 2am here so I better get cracking. Alex The Raikov effect refers to a person's ability to mimic and take on the mindset of another person. For example, by pretending and acting like Albert Einstein, we can take on his mindset and access his way of thinking. The value of this is that we can extract a lot more information and ideas, than if we simply rely on our own way of thinking. Below you will find some important lessons to help you implement this procedure correctly: 1. The Raikov Effect is induced when you pretend you are someone else. This means we see things from their point of view, move like they do, and take on their mannerisms. We can connect to the nature of that mindset through the unconscious. 2. The Raikov Effect means we can take on our end-goal persona. In other words, we can take on the mindset we would have if we had achieved our goals. The effect of this is that we will become in mental alignment with our goal itself, so that the changes to move towards it takes place effortlessly. 3. We can gain insight into problems and solve them more easily. In essence, mindset is not a fixed construct at all. It is subject to chop and change, because it is a filter by which our realities our created. To change the filter will change the information which flows into the reality. What To Expect You can use the Raikov method to understand what progress you must make to reach your goals. In fact, you will only reach your goals when you have obtained the appropriate and correct mindset, so it is useful to take it on and understand how we can strive towards it through subtle mindset changes. Only then, can we begin to improve our reality, by firstly deciding to improve ourselves. The genius of Albert Einstein has been attributed to intelligence increasing techniques he famously used. These were developed over 15-20 years in his life, so his progress was both slow and tedious. The basic things he did to increase his intelligence are detailed below, but we do not recommend them. Our guide has instead simplified these strategies down into an extremely simple and straight forward formula for intelligence increase, so that you can make strong gains in brainpower from day 1. 1. He would engage all his senses when it came to thinking. In other words, he would think about the taste, smell, touch, sight and sound implications of what he was thinking. Obviously, this is extremely difficult to do in real life, because we don't tend to think about problems or situations in this way. However, the secret here is that over time, the different areas of the brain associated with the different senses would automatically become engaged without thinking about them, meaning more brainpower. So where normally you would use 1-2 brain areas to think about something (e.g visual and logical), Einstein was using 7-8 areas (the senses which are automatically engaged, logical, creativity areas etc), therefore meaning he was literally using more of his brain to solve problems. 2. He made consistent use of visualisation in his thought experiments. He would see the images in his mind and play about with them with the senses as above. The secret here is that when you see an image in a deep mental state, the subconscious and unconscious minds can take the image as being its own creation, and therefore use their own resources to determine a solution and develop the image. In other words, Einstein developed a strong connection to the subconscious and unconscious minds and used their great mental capacity to solve his problems. When you take on someone else's mindset, you start to mimic the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of that person so that you can gain the same amount of insight as they would do. The technique is particularly useful when brainstorming to generate ideas, or see things from someone else's point of view. This then gives you clarity in your own way of thinking. The secret in mimicking someone else's mindset is this: we can mimic the mindset we would have if we were living our dreams, so that we gain insight into what we should do to achieve it. This is the best mindset to have instead of trying to take on somebody else's because it allows us to move our mindset and consciousness upwards towards the mindset goal and reality goal which we are reaching. The way to take on a mindset is as follows: 1. We should imagine what it is like to be somebody else and do this in the present moment. 2. We should imagine as much of their being as possible, including their way of sitting and moving, breathing patterns, tone of voice and speech. 3. Maintain this mindset as you attempt to solve your problem etc What To Expect You will gain additional insight and clarity for your line of thinking. You will also understand the uniqueness of your own mindset, and also what you need to do to evolve it. The Ten Characteristics Of The Genius Mindset A genius is someone who has mastered certain principles and "ways" of conducting themselves, so that they can achieve any desire they want. This is because there are certain laws in work which we are not aware of, yet which the genius has discovered through trial and error. Below, you will find the most important characteristics of a genius which are essential if you are to achieve your dreams, no matter how great they may be. 1. You must realise that it is not what you do, but how you do it that makes the difference. Working hard will get you nowhere. Working smart will also get you nowhere. However working in a way which complements your own true nature will allow you to achieve anything. Your nature is that the subconscious mind within you is a major influence of what happens in your life. Therefore you should allow this to take over it by doing things in a way that allows it to come to the fore. This way is explained clearly in our ebook guide. 2. You must realise that you must show a genuine interest in your goal, and the aspects which lead to it. If your goal is to increase your brainpower, you need to show interest in anything which leads to it, including aspects such as discipline, behavior and attitude change. If you do not show an interest, then it will not show an interest in you. This is because showing mental interest allows the goal to be created through you. 3. You must realise that you must invest only in your goal. The correct mindset is only ever engrossing yourself towards your goal. Doing two things at the same time is dividing the energy and dividing the focus. This in effect weakens the creative energy further, because it is not given the chance to bind upon itself and increase its strength. This is why some people can work hard for years, but only achieve minimal results. 4. You must realise the supreme value of your inner vision above all else. As long as you can see the image of your goal clearly in your mind, and as long as you can keep a hold of it until you reach the goal, you will be on the right track. This allows you to keep your motivation when the going gets tough, or when you become uncertain about your situation. 5. You must realise that what you say or do is what you are investing in by law. If i say that i cannot do something, i am investing in not being able to do it. If i say that something shouldn't be the way it is, i am investing in making the situation worse. Therefore, we should only ever talk and act towards the things which we want to do, and which we want to appear. It also means we should stay away from watching TV, newspapers and radio, because listening and watching them, is investing our energy into what they are saying. This is because it is a law of energy, in that what you put your attention to, physically, mentally or behaviorally, is what begins to become true. In other words, investment is in the nature of things. 6. You must realise that a mentally quiet mind is crucial for success. The argumentative, criticising, opinionated, egotistical and sceptical mind is the mindset of failure. It is better to learn from every situation by keeping a quiet mind which is free of all bias. This is because by criticising, you will also criticise the correct thoughts which have come from the subconscious. You will therefore live a life which is devoid of the power of your own subconscious mind. In this case, your actions, behaviors, attitudes and thoughts will all be weaker and lead you to weakness. 7. You must realise that you must do one thing at a time only. When you do two things at the same time, your progress is paradoxically slow. The physical and mental attention is divided, and therefore your overall power in each task is actually quartered. So for the two goals, you are investing half your energy, and the rest of the energy is a dead-weight loss which leads to negative returns. This is the case by law. 8. You must realise the value of planting seeds, rather than doing the whole work yourself. You do not have to do the whole work. You need to do things in the correct way. So as long as you start off with the correct foundation, you have a solid basis by which you can make progress towards your goals. The rest will take on a life of its own and show you the correct way. 9. You must realise that your own beliefs can bound your life in chains or free you. Beliefs are a filter by which reality is physically created. Changing your beliefs will therefore have physical effects on the world around you. It is therefore important that you have the correct beliefs in place as a foundation, so that the correct behaviors and actions towards your goal are always being created. We should not judge a situation by its results. We should judge it by our own beliefs, and how perfected they are to allow our goal to come true. 10. You must realise the importance of living in the moment. This means you should never think about the future or the past. You should only ever be in the moment of the now, and stay there. This allows the mind to be focused on where you are, so that all the creative energy leads to the material manifestation of your goal. The Einstein Factor - Proven Techniques to Boost Your Brain's Performance! Everything we do depends on our minds -- yet we don't often think of the mind as a tool whose powers can be multiplied dramatically. Entrepreneurs bought thousands of copies of Dr. Win Wenger's earlier book, A New Method for Personal Growth and Development, because his focus is not on pathology, but opportunity. Dr. Wenger, a president of the Institute for Visual Thinking in Gaithersburg, Md., has made a specialty of understanding genius. He argues that those who make intuitive leaps of clarity, from Mozart to Einstein to Edison, are able to read messages their subconscious minds are trying to send them. The rest of us receive such messages, too, but are not adept at listening to them. The gift of the gifted is the ability to listen to their own minds. The good news, as Dr. Wenger and former SUCCESS senior editor Richard Poe show in their new book, The Einstein Factor, is that we can learn techniques that open our brains' capacity for genius. Today, those numinous eyes, bushy mustache, and shock of silver hair remain the quintessential image of "genius," the name a synonym for supernormal intelligence. But as a child, Albert Einstein appeared deficient. Dyslexia caused him great difficulty in speech and reading. "Normal childhood development Proceeded slowly," recalled his sister. "He had such difficulty with language that they feared that he would never learn to speak….Every sentence he uttered, he repeated to himself softly, moving his lips. This habit persisted into his seventh year." Later, poor language skills provoked his Greek teacher to tell the boy, "You will never amount to anything." Einstein was expelled from high school. He flunked a college entrance exam. After finally completing his bachelor's degree, he failed to attain a recommendation from his professors and was forced to take a lowly job in the Swiss patent office. Until his mid-20s, he seemed destined for a life of mediocrity. Yet, when he was 26, Einstein published his Special Theory of Relacivity. Sixteen years later, he won a Nobel prize. What did Einstein have that we don't? That's what Dr. Thomas Harvey wanted to know. He was the pathologist on duty at Princeton Hospital when Einstein died in 1955. By sheer chance, fate had fingered Harvey to perform Einstein's autopsy. Without permission from the family, Harvey took it upon himself to remove and keep Einstein's famous brain. For the next 40 years, Harvey stored the brain in jars of formaldehyde, studying it slice by slice under the microscope and dispensing small samples to other researchers on request. "Nobody had ever found a difference that earmarked a brain as that of a genius," Harvey later explained to a reporter. Neither he nor his colleagues found any definitive sign that would mark Einstein's brain as extraordinary according to the ideas of brain physiology of that time. But in the early 1980s, Marian Diamond, a neuroanatomist at the University of California at Berkeley, made some discoveries about brains in general and Einstein's in particular that could revolutionize ideas about genius and help entrepreneurs who want to become more innovative. One of Diamond's experiments was with rats, One group she placed in a super-stimulating environment with swings, ladders, treadmills, and toys. The other group was confined to bare cages. The rats in the high-stimulus environment not only lived to the advanced age of 3 (the equivalent of 90 in a man), but their brains increased in size, sprouting new glial cells, which make connections between neurons (nerve cells) As long ago as 1911, Santiago Ramon y Cajal, the father of neuroanatomy, had found that the number of interconnections between neurons was a far better predictor of brainpower than the sheer number of neurons. So, in rats, Diamond had created the physical footprint of higher intelligence through mental exercise. She then examined sections of Einstein's brain -- and found that it, too, was unusually "interconnected." It had a larger-than-normal number of glial cells in the left parietal lobe, which is a kind of neurological switching station that connects the various areas of the brain. It has long been known that unlike neurons, which do not reproduce after we are born, the connective hardware of the brain -- glial cells, axons, and dendrites -- can increase in number throughout life, depending on how you use your brain. The more we learn, the more of these pathways are created. When we learn a skill such as riding a bicycle, We create connections between brain cells that remain, even if we don't practice the skill for decades. Mental power is, in a way, connective power. A "Retarded" Achievement Was Einstein's mental development affected by some analogy to the swings, ladders, treadmills, and toys of Diamond's super-rats? Did he, in some sense, learn his inventive mental powers? Einstein himself seemed to think so. He believed that you could stimulate ingenious thought by allowing the imagination to float freely, forming associations at will. For instance, he attributed his Theory of Relativity not to any special gift, but to what he called his "retarded" development. "A normal adult never stops to think about problems of space and time," he said. "These are things which he has thought of as a child. But my intellectual development was retarded, and I began to wonder about space and time only when I had already grown up." In his Autobiographical Notes, Einstein recalled having the first crucial insight that led to his Special Theory of Relativity at age 16 while he was daydreaming. As a boy, Einstein had a favorite uncle named Jakob who used to teach him mathematics. "Algebra is a merry science," said Jakob once. "We go hunting for a little animal whose name we don't know, so we call it x. When we bag our game, we pounce on it and give it its right name." Uncle Jakob's words stayed with Einstein for the rest of his life. They encapsulated his attitude toward mathematical and scientific problems, which to Einstein always seemed more like puzzles or games than work. Einstein could focus on his math studies with the concentration most children reserve for play. "What would it be like," Einstein wondered, "to run beside a light beam at the speed of light?" Normal adults would squelch such a question or forget it. Einstein was different. He played with this question for 10 years. The more he pondered, the more questions arose. Suppose, he asked himself, that you were riding on the end of a light beam and held a mirror before your face. Would you see your reflection? According to classical physics, you would not -- because light leaving your face would have to travel faster than light in order to reach the mirror. But Einstein could not accept this. It didn't feel right. It seemed ludicrous that you would look into a mirror and see nothing. Einstein imagined rules for a universe that would allow you to see your reflection in a mirror while riding a light beam. Only years later did he undertake proving his theory mathematically. Einstein attributed his scientific prowess to what he called a "vague play" with "signs," "images," and other elements, both "visual" and "muscular." "This combinatory play," he wrote, "seems to be the essential feature in productive thought." My project of the last 25 years has been to develop techniques and mental exercises, based in part on Einstein's methods, that work in the short term and also develop the mind's permanent powers. Einstein is the most spectacular modern example of a man who could dream while wide awake. With few exceptions, the great discoveries in science were made through such intuitive "thought experiments." Inventor Elias Howe labored long and hard to create the first sewing machine. Nothing worked. Then, one night, Howe had a nightmare. He was running from a band of cannibals -- they were so close, he could see their spear tips. Despite his terror, Howe noticed that each spear point had a hole bored in its tip like the eye of a sewing needle. When he awoke, Howe realized what his nightmare was trying to say: On his sewing machine, he needed to move the eye hole from the middle of the needle down to the tip. That was his breakthrough, and the sewing machine was born. Insights from dreams have inspired rulers, artists, scientists, and inventors since Biblical times. But day after day, year after year, the vast majority of people squelch their most profound insights without even knowing it. This defensive reflex -- which I call The Squelcher -- blocks us from achieving our full potential. But dreams have their limitations. They are notoriously hard to control. We have not yet learned how to summon them at will. And, most of the time, we forget them. In March 1977, a group of us had heard about the revolutionary experiments Russian scientists were making by tapping the subconscious for accelerated learning. Although no one at that time had published reliable accounts of the exact procedures, we reconstructed these as best we could from odd corners of the scientific literature. We decided to conduct an experiment in a friend's apartment in Arlington, Va. I don't think any of us really expected dramatic results. We were completely surprised. Nearly every technique produced striking results for almost everyone in the group. Especially memorable was the experience of a participant whom I shall call "Mary." Like all of us, she had agreed to embark upon some new learning experience just prior to the workshop. She chose the violin. Mary had her first lesson just one week before our experiment. Until that time, she had never touched a violin in her life. The week following our workshop, Mary had her second lesson. She worked as a secretary in a Washington office and had only a moderate amount of time to practice. Nevertheless, after Mary had played a few minutes, her astonished instructor announced that he was going to reenroll her in his advanced class! At our second experimental workshop, just a few weeks later, Mary gave a fine concert with her violin. Mary owed her precocious ability to the "Raikov Effect." Using deep hypnosis, Soviet psychiatrist Dr. Vladimir Raikov made people think that they had become some great genius in history. When he "reincarnated" someone as Rembrandt, the person could draw with great facility. Later, the subject remembered nothing. Many would scoff in disbelief when shown artwork they had done under hypnosis. Raikov demonstrated that talents unleashed under hypnosis left significant effects even after the sessions. So the method was more than an experimental oddity. It was a practical tool for learning. Moreover, as we were to discover, it could be achieved without the aid of hypnosis. The Raikov Effect is like the ancient practice by which prophets, oracles, and tribal shamans took on the identity of gods, spirits, animals, and inanimate objects, in order to gain knowledge. In the Broadway musical Camelot, the wizard Merlin "transforms" the young boy who will become King Arthur into various animals in his imagination. While soaring aloft as a hawk, Arthur hears Merlin ask, "What does the hawk know that Arthur doesn't know?" Arthur looks down and realizes that the hawk can see no borders in Britain. He resolves to forge a single nation from the feuding tribes below. Although fictional, this episode was inspired by a real tradition in Celtic folklore. In an old Welsh epic, a bard boasts, "I have been in many shapes…. have been a drop in the air; I have been a shining star….I have journeyed as an eagle.... I have been a shield in fight; I have been the string of a harp….There is nothing which I have not been." Perhaps these flights of imagination -- if such they are -- inspire creative thinking simply by juxtaposing a set of perceptions that do not ordinarily belong together in the subject's mind. Efforts to "force" a fit between these odd components will yield a provocative new gestalt or insight. Such "force-fitting" played a big role in a productive brainstorming session at The Gillette Co. in 1980. Executives were to pretend that they were shafts of hair. While in their "hair" identities, they brainstormed over what qualities would most please them in a shampoo. Some wanted a powerful cleanser that would root out dirt from the scalp. Others, fearing for their split ends, asked for a milder formula. Support GBD.com without it costing you a dime. Learn How In the end, the human "hair shafts" settled on a new shampoo that would automatically adjust to every hair need. Silkience, the product they invented, remains one of the leading shampoos on the market. George S. Patton thought himself reincarnated from great generals of the past. This odd belief may have catalyzed his eerie genius for applying the lessons of ancient battles to modern mechanized warfare. Michelangelo imagined his statues as living beings, awaiting only his hammer and chisel to free them. His vision somehow aided Michelangelo's genius for "freeing" forms from the stone. The Stinger missile is one of the most sophisticated "smart" weapons that the high-tech arsenal has. It homes in on its target by infrared scanner. Once locked on, it can outmaneuver a jet fighter. But the Stinger still depends upon human operators, using intuition. Expert Stinger shooters report that, just after hearing the beep that means they have "acquired" the target and just before pulling the trigger, they always stop and ask themselves, "Does it feel right?" They know that if you fire the missile when it "feels" wrong, you miss. But when it "feels" right, you hit your mark. Military behavioral experts call this the "K check," for "kinesthetic check." Nobody understands how it works. In some way the eye, the mind, and the body cooperate subconsciously to determine the most accurate trajectory for the missile. That means taking into account the speed, size, and range of the target, (the speed of the missile, the timing and angle of its firing, and even the anticipated action of its homing technology. Any conscious attempt to compute this many variables would overwhelm even an Einstein. Yet ordinary soldiers -- including illiterate Mujaheddin partisans, who used the Stinger to sweep Russian helicopters from the Afghanistan skies -- do it easily and consistently under combat conditions. PURPOSEFUL DREAMING The K check is that majestic freedom that comes only when we have mastered basic disciplines and technical skills. It is power unleashed when right and left hemispheres of the brain work together. I have developed the following technique to bring together learning and inspiration in a conscious form of dreaming called "Image Streaming." The fact is, we are always dreaming. Evidence suggests that the stream of images in bur minds literally never ceases. Even when our minds are preoccupied with work, conversation, or other demanding tasks, the sensory mechanisms continue to generate imaginary sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings. Many of these images consist of memories, triggered by random associations. Others are echoes or reinforcements of our conscious thoughts at the moment. How, then, can we best gain access to the remarkable flow of subconscious perception? Over the last 25 years, I believe I have found answer. The Image Streaming technique that I developed opens the mind to a flow of symbolic imagery as potent as that of any dream. But, unlike dreaming, you can practice Image Streaming while you're wide awake, and you can do it virtually any time, anywhere. Ten minutes of Image Streaming per day will suffice to induce profound, positive change in your life. • The first "commandment" of Image Streaming is to describe the images that come to you aloud. • The second commandment is to use all five senses • The third commandment is surely to "use the present tense." Even if the image has already vanished from sight, you should never say, "I saw such-and-such," in your description. Always phrase it, "I see such-and-such," or "I am looking now at such-and-such." The idea here is to connect and mine all the different parts of your brain at once. Through speech and imagination, an Image Streamer talks, listens, sees, smells, tastes, feels, analyzes, reflects, wonders, creates, and generates mental imagery all at the same time. This unusual combination of activities spans or bridges many opposing "poles" of the brain. Over the past15 years, the quest to achieve balance between the brain's analytical left hemisphere and its creative, pattern-sensing right hemisphere has become a fad. Describing the brain as divided merely between left and right has been overplayed. Important functions are just as likely to be separated between top and bottom or front and back. But any activity that links opposite sides, or "poles," of the brain contributes toward the brain's balance and increases its resources. Image Streaming is one of many possible "Pole-Bridging" exercises. The value of Image Streaming was given some unexpected confirmation in a preliminary experiment at Southwest State University in Marshall, Minn., in 1988. Physics professor Dr. Charles P. Reinert asked 79 of his first year students to compare the effect of two mental exercises on IQ. Half the students used the Whimbey Method, a standard program that uses word problems to build analytical skills. For each hour of study, these students' IQ scores gained .4 of a point The other group used Image Streaming -- they gained more than twice that, or .9 points. You're ready? In a comfortable chair, turn on a tape recorder. Sit back, close your eyes, and . . . nothing happens? If you are among that 30 percent of the population that has difficulty generating mental imagery, don't despair. Everyone has an Image Stream. You simply need to learn how to stop squelching yours. The following simple technique will give you access to your Image Stream. Take a piece of paper. Pick two corners or sections of the room you are in. On one side of the paper, write about one corner, On the other side of the paper, write about the other. Describe the first corner only in terms of color, texture, form, and feel. As you describe the second, use only abstract terms -- having nothing to do with sensory impressions. You can say, "There's a picture hanging on the wall and an upholstered chair wedged in the corner," but nothing about how those objects look or feel. Take about five minutes to produce your descriptions. Look over your results. Which description is more interesting? Which conveys more? Obviously, the first description. It involves more neurological contact because as you hear or read a description overflowing with vivid sensory impressions, your brain automatically "lights up" in the appropriate sensory areas, as it lights up in a dream. The more different senses you evoke, the wider the base of neurological contact. Get started. Start describing something: Your physical surroundings; the room where you are sitting; some scene you pass in the course of your day. It is important that you describe it aloud -- to a tape recorder or another person. Treat the tape recorder as a telephone, as though you are describing the scene to a friend. Your goal should be to describe it so richly that you literally force the reality of it onto your listener, through the sheer richness of detail and raw sensory description. When in doubt,just keep talking. Don’t edit! Don't worry about making nice sentences. If you're wondering whether to include some nuance or some triviality in your description, go ahead and describe it. There is no "right" way to describe something. The only mistake you can make is to hesitate, to stop, or to edit. After a few days of this exercise, your ability to describe surroundings will have improved vastly. As soon as you have grown comfortable with the descriptive process, start describing scenes and pictures that aren't physically there, but exist only in your mind. Imagery comes more easily in a relaxed, but alert, state. A simple method for attaining this state is "Velvety-Smooth Breathing." Close your eyes and keep them closed for the next 10 minutes. Don't look for any images. You'll just aggravate yourself if you can't find them. Focus instead on your breathing. Breathe in and out so smoothly that there is no pause between the "in" breath and the "out" breath. It is just one, long continuous, flowing b-r-e-a-t-h, like a slow, sensuous sigh. Let it stroke you, as you might stroke a smooth piece of velvet Then, with your eyes closed, try describing a familiar person or object in great detail: your mother, your child, or your spouse. Then describe the Taj Mahal or another interesting building. Now, having read the instructions for Velvety-Smooth Breathing, please put down this magazine and actually try the technique before moving on. If you succeed in this simple task, congratulations! You have just started "working" with mental imagery. Many people will deny that they saw an image. But it is psychologically impossible to describe a person or object from memory without first forming a mental image of it. Now you are ready to experience spontaneous imagery. When awaiting spontaneous images, you must be ready for anything. You're not "supposed" to see any particular thing. Imagery can come in any form. A fence, a face, or a tree branch. The feel of touching sand, a whiff of gingerbread, or even an emotion. Or it might be a splotch of color, a few crisscrossing lines, or a pinpoint of light. It is vital to report every image you see, no matter how vague, trivial, or puzzling. Bob S., who was participating in an Image Streaming session with me in Ravenna, Ohio, felt he shouldn't. For when he closed his eyes, he immediately got a perfectly clear image of an old automobile tire. He tried to block the tire out of his mind, because he refused to believe this was what he was "supposed" to be seeing. But as Bob finally described the tire to his partner, a realization crept over him. He had seen this tire before. It was the right rear tire of his fiancee's car. He had the impression now that there was something wrong with it. "I dashed out and phoned my fiancee," recalls Bob. '1 got her father, and he was the one who went out to check that tire. He found the side was bruised and cut almost through." Had the weakened tire blown out on the freeway at 65 mph, it could easily have killed everyone in the car. This incident stands out not as unusual, but as typical. Our subconscious minds are spewing forth images, hunches, and subtle perceptions almost 24 hours each day. Stay alert. The moment an image or impression congeals in your awareness, describe the dickens out of it! Many people fail at this point, because they think the image must remain in their conscious view the whole time they're describing it. Not so. Even if it flickers for one second and disappears, you can still keep describing it from memory, just as you described the Taj Mahal. Indeed, the act of describing will bring it back into view. Don't worry about accuracy. It doesn't matter if you "fudge" a bit. Feel free to enhance, exaggerate, or make up parts of your description, if these embellishments give the image more vividness and life. Remember to fudge in all five senses. Sometimes noting a certain smell will provoke a visual image, or a sound will remind you of a taste. The Image Stream is self-reinforcing. Almost any stimulus will serve to get it started and trigger the stream of images. But from that point on, it is your own flow of verbal description that keeps the Image Stream going. In general, the more you describe something, the more of it you get. Remember that the first commandment of Image Streaming is to describe the images out loud. Many beginners think they know better. When they bother to describe the images at all, they do so silently, to themselves. This is one of the surest ways I know to fall asleep. In fact, if you are troubled by insomnia, I strongly recommend Image Streaming silently as you lie in your bed. Image Streaming won’t work without having a friend listen to you as you ''stream " or using the tape recorder as though a friend were there to listen. Remember that the Image Stream makes use of all five senses, not just sight. Your brain is so wired that vision will always tend to dominate the creative process. That's all right. But, when we describe mental images into our tape recorder, we should take care to include in those descriptions other senses as well, especially those of taste and scent, which are often neglected. LSD researchers discovered that psychedelic compounds tend to break down the boundaries between different senses so that you might "hear" the color red or "smell" a Bach concerto. Image Streaming seems to draw much of its Pole-Bridging power from this hidden mechanism, playing upon links between senses that most of us thought were quite distinct, in a process called synesthesia Synesthetic perceptions seem to flood our cortex from the limbic brain, without most of us being aware of them. The Squelcher blocks these signals from our consciousness, but synesthetic vestiges emerge in common turns of speech, as when we speak of the "coolness" of blue, the "sweetness" of a woman's voice, or a "piercing' sound. These metaphors make no rational sense. Yet, we understand them instinctively. Full-fledged synesthesia is unusual, unnecessary, and sometimes unpleasantly distracting. Dwelling upon it consciously can be as futile and enervating as obsessing over our own heartbeat or trying to "feel" the secretion of our glands. As with many other bodily functions, synesthesia does its best work when we are totally unaware of it. But its work is critically important in Image Streaming. Here are some more techniques to get a good Image Stream started: • Recall the most beautiful natural landscape you have ever seen - a real place you have been to, not an imaginary one. • Stare at a 40-to-60-watt light bulb for 30 seconds or so. Then close your eyes and describe the afterimage you see. • Describe an old dream you recall, filling in the gaps with"fudged" remembrance of sensory details to keep your momentum going, if necessary. • Recount a story you have read, heard, or seen in a movie, and embellish it. • Listen to music. Nineteenth-century French music such as Ravel, European classical music (1750-1825), and progressive jazz are among the most effective. • Blindfold yourself and walk around the house; feeling objects and describing them. • Eat or smell something blindfolded and describe the experience in detail. Are you having problems with The Squelcher? Leap over your self-consciousness by creating the "Surprise" effect in your mind. You need to set up an "Answer Space" - a psychological area you cordon off to attract surprising messages from your right brain, much as you would set out a bird feeder to attract birds. For example, imagine yourself wandering through a garden and coming upon a mysterious door leading to another enclosure. Picture yourself opening that door suddenly. What do you see? A solution to your problem will often reveal itself in that moment, just beyond the "threshold." In general, as with ordinary Image Streaming, the degree to which you are surprised by what you see in your answer space is roughly correlated to its value. INTERPRETING INSIGHT Interpreting your visions, Like Image Streaming itself, grows easier with practice. Eventually, you will gain an instinctive feel for the language of your right brain, letting you make quick interpretations much of the time. When you're beginning, however, adhere to the following eight-step regimen in analyzing an image: 1) Ask yourself if the image is literal or symbolic. The best way to judge is simply to think about it in a relaxed state and see what pops to mind. 2j Decide if the image represents fact of feeling. In other words, have you discerned something that's true -- or are you just expressing your feelings about it? 3) Identify key associations. Associations are simply those secondary thoughts that the images bring to mind. Think back over the Image Stream or play your tape, and clear associations with other images, places, people, and things will occur to you. 4) Start compiling your personaI decoder. Symbolism in the mind is highly personal. Keep track of the images that recur in your Image Streams. They are your own symbols; becoming familiar with them will make you better at discerning what your subconscious brain is trying to tell you. 5) Apply the 'when-then" test. That is, why did the things in your Image Stream happen in the order they did? If you saw a crystal ball turn into an egg when it was removed from the fire -- ask yourself why it didn't happen the other way around. If you put the egg back into the fire, would it become a crystal ball again? These speculations, while they appear nonsensical, reveal hidden cause-and-effect relationships, and they will trigger insights about your problem. 6) Last is best. In Image Streaming, as in brainstorming of any kind, the best ideas are not usually the first to bubble up, but tend to occur toward the end of the session. 7) Pursue the specific. Vague, general, philosophic conclusions are probably not the real message. Image Streaming insights are highly specific. If generalities are all that emerges, try the "Surprise" thresholding technique. 8) Look for the "Aha!" If an answer or insight is still eluding you, look at your Image Stream again for an element that seems particularly pregnant with emotion, meaning, or importance, and ask for the answer again. It may jump at you with an "Aha" CHANGING HiSTORY Einstein once wrote that "all the valuable things, material, spiritual, and moral, which we receive from society can be traced back through countless generations to certain creative individuals." He was talking about people like Imhotep. Who can imagine Egypt without her pyramids? If not for those famous monuments, most people would have little idea who the Egyptians were, and the world of the pharaohs would have remained as obscure to us as India's lost city of Mohenjo-Daro. Yet the invention of the pyramid was in no way inevitable or intrinsic to the Egyptian soul. No such structures would have existed in Egypt had it not been for the genius of a single man. Five thousand years ago, the pharaohs of Egypt were buried in squat, mud-brick structures called "mastabas." Then the court architect Imhotep had a better idea. Instructed to build a tomb for the pharaoh Djoser, Imhotep piled an incredible 850.000 tons of limestone into a structure soaring 200 feet above the desert. Nothing like it had ever been built, not in Egypt, not anywhere. From the glass pyramid in the courtyard of the Louvre to the Transamerica Pyramid that dominates the San Francisco skyline, today's architects continue to imitate Imhotep's work. Indeed, each time modern builders lay one stone upon another, they are in debt to this man, who virtually invented the craft of stonemasonry. This was not only the first pyramid, but the first high-rise stone edifice of any sort that men built. Imhotep's genius is still with us. When modern track and field events began in the 19th century, it was considered physically impossible for a human being to run a mile in four minutes. Decade after decade, the greatest runners fell short of this milestone. Then, on May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister stunned the world by doing the impossible -- running the mile in three minutes and 59.4 seconds. Since then, four-minute miles have become routine. For centuries, the greatest chess masters in the world tested their mettle by playing blindfolded. It was long believed that three blindfolded games at once marked the limit of human capacity. Then, in 1933, Alexander Alekhine successfully played 32 simultaneous blindfolded games. Later, grand masters left Alekhine's record in the dust. Koltanovski set the current record, playing 56 blindfolded games in 1960. He won 50 and drew the rest. THE KNACK OF GENIUS Over the years, my studies have lead me consistently to the conclusion that geniuses are little more than ordinary people who have stumbled on some knack or technique for widening their channel of attention, thus making conscious their subtle, subconscious perceptions. Some years ago, I visited a friend whose son was trying out for the high school baseball team but feared he wouldn't make the cut because of his poor batting average. I worked with the boy for about an hour. The boy discovered that he had the greatest success when he imagined a tiny flyspeck on the baseball and aimed his bat at that, rather than at the ball itself. It gave him the extra focus he needed to connect with the ball. This may seem a trivial insight, but its effect on the boy was astonishing. In baseball, a .250 to .300 batting average is quite good. But during the first 10 games of the season, this boy batted .840! He not only made the team, but went on to be named Most Valuable Player in the league. But the most surprising discovery was yet to come. I did not see this boy again until several years later. He was still playing baseball, and he clearly remembered our one-hour session as having marked the turning point in his athletic career. But the boy had entirely forgotten the details of what he had learned at that session. He remembered nothing about the fly speck and no longer consciously envisioned it when striking the ball. Indeed, he was just as mystified as his teammates as to just how he had become a great batter so quickly. It's easy to argue that this boy must have had a talent for baseball all along. I'm sure he did, but when I met him, there was none in evidence. Only when he discovered the trick of the flyspeck were his latent talents catalyzed. All of us possess hidden talents, often in the very areas where we think ourselves weak. Study, practice, and hard work can bring incremental improvement. But if we wish to unleash the full power of our genius, we must find that crucial catalyst, that simple trick or knack that brings our bodies, senses, and minds into critical focus - Win Wenger, Ph.D. and Richard Poe, The Einstein Factor: A Proven New Method for Increasing Your Intelligence (Get the book.) "Raikov demonstrated that the talents unleashed under hypnosis left significant residual effects after the sessions, even though the subjects no longer believed they were Rembrandt (or whoever). This residual effect made Raikov's method more than an experimental oddity—it was a practical tool for accelerative learning. Moreover, as we were to discover in Arlington, the Raikov Effect could be achieved without the aid of hypnosis. Why Does It Work? The Raikov Effect is little more than a modern-day resuscitation of an ancient and extremely powerful human practice." Vladimir L. Raikov Moscow,1998, 650p.,Graal Pbl Summary The book touches upon the problem of surviving of humankind during the 3rd millennium. Modern psychological and sociological approaches to understanding life are considered. The modern conception of life is different from the conceptions of last century, the first half of this century, and even ten years ago. Enormous technological progress is the mai feature of the modern time, and its another feature is that a man cannot master the progress. Concerning Psychology a man has not been changed during last 50.000 years, might be 200.000 years. He has still the same reactions, the same orientation of his existence, the same targets, the same intuitive and instinctive aspirations. The worst is that a man inherited from animals his aspiration to aggression, expansion, criminal behavior, as well as negative emotions of spite, hatred, etc. While all these things helped animals to survive, and thereby they were necessary for them, a man of the 3rd millennium should be changed. During previous centuries conflicts were solved by spades or revolvers. In the 21st century the conflicts will be solved by nuclear, bacteriological, and chemical weapon. Earlier or later people will use the weapon. It can happen because of either an accidental mistake, or strong spite, or madness. Yet, now we should be afraid of 'inadequate' business, because weapons of mass annihilation can be offered for sale to not civilized communities, wild tribes, absolutely crazy societies, who see no difference between a nuclear bomb and a bow with arrows. Now probably the most important task of the humankind is to try either to minimize an opportunity of manifestation of the negative emotions of spite, aggression, expansion, or to transform them into active creativity. A reasonable man should evolve into a creative man, because a normal man cannot have negative creativity oriented to murder, aggression, and spite. If a man creates in order to make evil, and sadistically enjoys destruction of another man, he is either psychologically inadequate, or criminal, or crazy. In different countries of our planet there are certain groups of people who use all the scientific investigations only to kill and to destroy their neighbors. These people justify it as it were done in the name of a noble goal of state self-defence. In essence they destroy not another country but themselves. Here is the most important feature of modern time comparably to previous human history is concerned Now the humankind Las reached a possibility to destroy itself many times Unfortunately it has not reached understanding of the fact that it should not destroy itself. The primary task of the 21st century is that people should understand it. If it has not happened, the destruction of humankind is inevitable Is there an opportunity for people to understand it, and to accept it as their internal attitude, as their mental and spiritual principle? It could be done by mass media, as special TV clips From one side, it would explain the attitude, from another side, it could give invisible suggestion Appropriate methods are developed and described in details in the book. That is the most essential part of its content, because the main truth of modern reality is the danger of total ruin of humankind The book shows that the process of overall development takes place strictly under fundamental laws. Causality does not exist in the Nature It exists only in human consciousness, and only the wrong choice of some actions is an accident, an error, inadequacy Thus, a man who is not only intelligent, but also creative is a man of the Future, and we have to creat the man. The book describes how to do it by hypnosis, which is one of the most important components of biological evolution that provides defensive orientation in existence of live beings. Probably its formation began on the level of amphibians Hypnosis was born from the shock reaction of animals which got into the paws of beast. That's why the process of hypnosis deals with high and strong psycho-physiological mobilization of the whole organis in order to correspond to desires of a beast, and either to get a chance no to be eaten due to adequate behavior, or to reach spontaneous amnesia and t relief final experience, if the beast decides to eat the caught animal The animal can also pretend to be unmovable like in case of catalepsy. Human hypnosis is by all means different, because verbal consciousness takes place here The verbal consciousness is the main component of the difference between a man and an animal. It is very important to understand that psycho-physiological features of human hypnosis are connected to biological evolution functions inherited from animals. In fact the animatic of functions of ancient brain takes place under hypnosis. The brain deals with mobilizing control of the whole human organism. Another evidence of it is connected to the fact that under hypnosis a man either hardly speak, or his speech slows down. It is confirming to the laws because during the period of formation of shock reactions (analogy to human hypnosis) animals had no speech center, and could not have it. The process of functioning of human brain is connected to a better opportunity for the control of organis functions. It takes place in case of animals because animal brain was under much longer process of formation rather than human brain, while a man has not longer than 150 000 years formation especially if verbal consciousness is concerned. That's why it is necessary to take care of appearance of so called 'rapport' (a special verbal connection between a hypnologist and a subject) in order to realize normal functioning under hypnosis. After that verbal consciousness gets a direct connection to the ancient brain, and a fantastic state of control of the ancient brain by words is achieved. One of important variants of modern balance of a man in society is the balance between the state of creative scientific and technological mode of thought, and the realization of aesthetic development. The book demonstrate that a passion for only one of these two things can lead to the destruction of society. Fashist Germany and ex-USSR are well known examples of undoubte final results of destruction of these countries. The book also performs examples of highly aesthetic civilizations in ancient Greece and Egypt, which were destroyed after being on the highest level of spiritual and artistic development, since they underestimated the technical development that could provide protection from the Barbarians. The book also describes amazing opportunities of hypnosis concerning the development of human creative skills, that highly activate emotional tense of creative process, and reveal an unprecedented method for creative improvement. The truth of hypnotic performance, psychological and physiological state is conditioned by clear evidence of effects of hypnotic age regression to the infant or neonatal period of human life, and by the observation of appearance of not controlled neonatal reflexes. An opportunity to control the state of dreaming during natural sleep realized as a result of special hypnotic suggestion is also examined in the book. An interesting approach is connected to the notion of 'non-verbal consciousness' offered by the author of the book. The consciousness is considered as an inherited from animals model of perception of external reality. However there is an opportunity to transform this reality to a language, to verbal-symbolic thinking. A special form of this thinking is < human consciousness, which animals do not have. Nevertheless it would be a mistake to suppose that a man has this verbal consciousness from his birth. The man has just a potential ability to reach it because he has to spend 15 - 20 years to learn it. Only after finishing the course of learning of his native language, the man has really formed his consciousness, his verbal model of reality, which is generally accepted and which is named consciousness. Although the author considered the definition of consciousness which is wider than the generally accepted one. He supposes that the process of realization of some psychic forms can take place (under certain motivation) in a form of behavior (Behaviorism), pleasant emotional feelings (F. e. the degree of deep 'being in love' state cannot appear on a verbal level but it value fills a human being so much deeper than banal phrases of a verbal expression could do. Here, no doubt it is possible to assert that the feeling of this 'in love state' is genuine, and that there can be genuine consciousness different from verbal expression.) That is why we can speak of non-verbal special emotional consciousness, musica consciousness, painting-graphic consciousness, etc. Dr. Raikov believes tha in the Nature (in the Universe) everything that happens and has ever happened takes place in accordance to fundamental laws of existence. Something considered to be the category of causality cannot be connected to the not animated Nature. No Phenomenon, no object can exists out of the law of its appearance, development, and existence. The notion of causality can take place only in an activity of a man, who has huge opportunity of choice in his activity, and some of these variants of choice can be erroneous (causal). Also the notion of causality could not exist in the Nature, since how could it be named before the appearance of human beings and consciousness? For if we accept this point of view, then the process of opportunity of appearance of a man, his existence and his consciousness is considered to t one of the most important fundamental laws of Nature. Extremely interesting and important conclusion of it is that, if because of human egoism, expansionism, aggression, criminal and murder tendencies inherited from animals a man suddenly would like to destroy the world, he will destroy it. And it will be the crime not only against humankind but against the Universe which originated the humankind. That's why a reasonable man should follow the laws of evolution, should develop conditions of human existence in order to improve human consciousness, because it was the law of the Universe, and the expediency of it is evident. For the sooner people will understand it, the better it will be for all of us, for life, for humankind, for Cosmos. It is necessary to remember so called Kant's categorical imperative regarding that we should act in a way not contradictory to the laws of Nature, that the final goal of actions is always a man, and that the actions join the kingdom of goals of mankind This is the one and necessary condition of surviving of humankind. In this direction we should use all the available opportunities including mass media (TV, press, radio), explanatory talks, researches, and might be special tools of suggestion as well.Experimental results got in the laboratory of DR. Raikov confirm this opportunity. Under hypnotic suggestion we can reach an amazing mobilization of creative opportunities, an incredible transformation and mobilization of morality and psychic development in the direction of good and humanism. An essential part of the book is devoted to Art, since the author believes that artistic development should determine the stage of civilization of society as well as technological progress. The author offer the view of the best historical and artistic achievements, which are object of legitimate pride of modern Mankind. He touches upon some of the greatest representatives of Art, - Rafael, Rachmaninov, Kraisler. The author insists on the necessity of genuine and perfect perception of Art for a man, that is necessary for his complete valuable development and improvement as well as for his existence. It as also a variant of natural intellectual evolution of man. The author offers an interesting method of so called 'tactile hypnosis' as a medicinal use of a result of life evolution, and based on an opportunity to treat people by human touch. Dr. Raikov explains positive effect of the method as a combination of psychological and physiological factors, that was formed in the process of evolution as a help of one alive being to another one. The Einstein Factor by Win Wenger & Richard Poe: A Book Summary and Review chillibreeze writer — Susan George Fancy becoming an Einstein or a Faraday? Then check this out... ‘The Einstein Factor’, co-authored by Win Wenger & Richard Poe is about the findings of “The Project Renaissance Program” for accelerated learning. The program is aimed at developing accelerated learning techniques and is the result of 25 years of research in this field. The authors like Dr Thomas Harvey try to probe into the secrets of Einstein’s genius. Dr Harvey studied Einstein’s brain, which he secretly extracted while conducting his autopsy, where as the authors try to understand his thought. Einstein differed from us in two things; his capacity for ingenious thought and the large number of glial cells and inter connections in his brain. The authors say that truly ingenious thought occurs in a realm wholly unlike that which our conscious mind can grasp, free from ordinary perceptions that most of us think unbreakable, playing havoc with commonplace notions of time, space & form. Faraday, who could not understand Math, suspended the need to understand and simply acknowledged the thoughts that came to his mind. He pictured lines of force to be like rubber bands. Einstein remarked of Faraday’s discovery of electromagnetism, “This discovery was an audacious mental creation, which we owe chiefly to the fact that Faraday never went to school, and therefore preserved the rare gift of thinking freely.” A child generally has the ability to think freely. However, as we grow in age, we are taught to distrust our own judgment and perceptions and to depend on the opinion of experts. Many of the great scientists and inventors were not conventionally ‘bright’ in their early life or in academics. In fact, the renowned mathematician Henri Poincare scored so low in the Binet IQ Test as to be considered ‘imbecile’. Thomas Edison, who holds a record for his 1093 patents, was notoriously slow in school. Albert Einstein was considered a dullard and had difficulty in speech and reading due to his dyslexia. What is the Einstein Factor? Win Wenger & Poe identify the ability for ingenious thought as the mark of genius and attempt to liberate the genius in every one, (which they term the Einstein Factor), through the methods of Image Streaming, Photo Reading, Free Noting & Borrowed Genius etc. According to the authors, our subconscious mind is a vast storehouse of perceptions and knowledge but our defensive mechanisms and training ‘squelch’ edit the intrusion of the feedback from subconscious into the conscious realm. We often see what we expect to see or what we are trained to see and reject truths that our conscious mind finds unacceptable. This is what Churchill meant when he said, “Most men stumble over great discoveries. But most then pick themselves up and walk away”. The techniques in this book are aimed at squelching the squelcher and tapping the reservoirs of the subconscious mind. Simultaneously, it aims to develop the power of our brain. Though brain cells do not reproduce, the size of the brain and IQ can increase through a stimulus, which causes forests of new connections to sprout between brain cells in the form of dendrites, axons and glial cells. It is the number of interconnections between neurons that is the real measure of genius as proven by scientific studies. The Image Streaming Technique is meant to reinforce and enhance the interconnections in the brain and at the same time swamp the ‘squelcher’ through overloading so that the original perceptions from the subconscious can enter the conscious mind. Image streaming: Image streaming is based on the fact that 58% of our time is spent in passive reception of subconscious imagery through dreaming as well as daydreaming. To image stream, you relax with closed eyes and then you describe aloud either into a tape recorder or a person, the image stream that appears to you. The image streamer talks, listens to himself, sees, smells tastes feels, analyses, reflects, wonders and generates mental imagery, thus performing many activities simultaneously. This overloads the conventional attention pathways to the brain and jams the ‘squelcher’. This unusual combination of activities also spans many opposite poles of the brain thus pole-bridging the brain’s analytical left hemisphere and its creative right hemisphere. In this mode, the messages of the subconscious manage to sneak past the conventional editing defenses and seep into the conscious mind. You get answers to questions that you are conscious of and also other information that are of vital importance but which are not in your conscious awareness. Image streaming can also be used effectively to “instant replay” an event or a conversation. The more times you replay, the more insights you receive on the event. Photoreading: In today’s fast changing world, everyone is a perpetual learner as today’s skill is technologically obsolete tomorrow. The most competitive workers will be those who have mastered the ‘metaskills’, the basic skills, which empower them to learn new skills faster. Memory is the ultimate metaskill. All of us possess photographic memory to some degree. The ‘photoreading’ technique developed by Paul Scheele in the USA is aimed at leveraging this asset to accelerate learning. It involves skimming pages as they appear before you in a Right Brain activated theta state. The information is then given an incubation period, preferably in sleep. The contents, the authors claim, will be comprehended to a large degree. In today’s competitive world, with the need to master left-brain skills such as advanced mathematics, vocabulary, jargon & current information to maintain your market value. photoreading skill is an asset. However, you only swallow; not chew or relish the matter. Borrowed genius: Soviet psychiatrist Dr. Vladimir Raikov developed a method called artificial reincarnation in which he used deep hypnosis to make people think that they had virtually become some great genius in history. The reincarnated subjects could, under hypnosis, produce creations that were far superior to that which they had produced prior to their reincarnation. Even after the sessions, the residual effects left a positive impact in their talents. The borrowed genius technique of Wenger & Poe does not involve hypnosis, but relies on the Raikov effect to improve creativity. The subject puts on a genius in imagination, and then debriefing back to self. This leaves a positive measurable impact on his creative talents. The success of this method is the product of the infinite capacity of the human mind for dissociation – splitting of into discreet personalities within the same brain. Geniuses have long used this technique of symbolically borrowing other people’s identities as a tool for sparking creativity. Disney became Mickey & General George S Patton considered himself the reincarnation of great generals of the past. Freenoting: This technique is based on our need to express ourselves, which is as basic as our need for food or sex. Self-expression helps us articulate our thoughts and feelings and as we articulate, we get clearer insights into the problem on hand. By progression on the same line, we manage to eliminate our cognitive dissonance or any inconsistencies of thoughts or ideas on the subject. This is the Socratic method of education adapted as an accelerated learning strategy. It is of interest to note here that it is also possible to brainwash people using this strategy through imperceptibly guiding the subject’s discursion on a lop-sided path to a partial truth. As the subject has generated the views himself, he is convinced of its infallibility. The authors also touch on brainstorming, hidden question and other strategies that have been developed by De Bono and others in the field of accelerated learning. They also stress factors such as the effect of Oxygen, stimulating environment etc on the brain. Music, especially Mozart, Gerogian chants, Barouche etc with beats approximating 60 per minute, is a brain re-charger. It is ‘memes’ not genes that make you a genius. ‘Memes’ are those patterns of thoughts habits & emotions woven into the mind by the people and events around us. Religion, according to them is one such meme. The book aims to help us activate our genius memes and not to be a meme-oid i.e. a person so deeply in the grip of a meme that they lose all common sense and deteriorate to fanaticism. The authors do not presume to find the reason for the effectiveness of these techniques, some of which produce results almost like psi (clairvoyance & telepathy). They admit that we are still far from understanding the magnitude and range of our subliminal perceptions. The range of conscious human perception is extremely limited and it limits our ideas about reality. This idea is as old as Plato or perhaps as old as our myths and religions, which allegorically tries to explain a wider transcendent reality. The book is interesting and gives us several insights through anecdotes about the strange events and insights that preceded some of the great discoveries and inventions like the theory or relativity, electromagnetism and the sewing machine. The authors clearly believe that a genius is not born, but made. The techniques are described in great detail and though they seem simple are complex enough to need the support of a skilled or interested partner. The theories and hypotheses are backed to some extent by conventional psychology and carry similarities to Jungian concepts. However, methods such as image streaming, borrowed genius etc are bound to raise more skepticism and suspicion than acceptance among the readers. We are all ‘set thinkers’. But let us be open -minded about the Einstein Factor. After all, had not Lord William Thomas Kelvin, President of England’s Royal Society asserted “X-rays will prove to be a hoax” when Wilhelm Roentgen announced in 1895 that he had discovered a mysterious form of energy that could pass right through people’s bodies and make photos of their bones? Chillibreeze's disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not reflect the views of Chillibreeze as a company. Chillibreeze has a strict anti-plagiarism policy. Please contact us to report any copyright issues related to this article. Out of 5 “chilies”, our editorial team gave this article...
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    Vril Society: "The Yellow Book" no 5

    http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_vril04.htm by Barry Taylor original French Version from TheOZFactorUFOResearch Website At first sight, the Vril Society should not be brought into the scope of our subject which is more concerned with politics, but it is one of the most interesting secret societies which has ever existed. That is why it is absolutely necessary for us to mention it. There is not a single book in German on this Vril Society and every other document which could have given a cross-reference to the name has been well and truly obliterated by the Allies. But, as you will see, not everything about it has disappeared. And it is a special pleasure for me to unveil this matter to you here. In effect, you are going to verify which of the non-German power circles keep secret the truth about the Germans. Karl Haushofer founded, before 1919, a second order, the Brothers of the Light, which later took the name of the Vril Society. In this were united also the Masters of the Black Stone (DHvSS), a new founding of the Templars, from the order of Germain in 1917, and the Black Knights of the Black Sun, the élite of the Thule Society and the SS. If we compare the Vril Society to the Thule Society, the difference can be summarized thus: the Thule Society occupied itself with material and political matters the Vril Society was concerned above all with the beyond However, they had some points in common. Both studied Atlantis, Thule, the Island of the Fortunate of Gilgamesh, the original relationships between the Germans and the Mesopotamians as well as the ancient sanctuaries like Stonehenge with its towering stones. In December 1919, a forest house was rented in the Ramsau, near Berchtesgaden, where some people from the Thule, DHvSS and Vril Societies met. Among them were the mediums Maria Orsitsch and Sigrun. Maria had received some information in a secret script of the Templars - a language completely unknown to her - with technical data on constructing a flying machine. These telepathic messages were transmitted, according to the written records of the Vril Society, from the solar system of Aldebaran, in the constellation of Taurus. We wish to present to you a summary of the messages which were received for some years by the Vril Society telepaths, which were the basis of the further actions taken by that Society. Aldebaran The solar system of Aldebaran is 68 light-years from Earth, and two inhabited planets which constitute the Realm of Sumeran orbit around their sun. The inhabitants of this solar system are subdivided into masters, White God-like people (Aryans) and other different human races. These latter developed because of climatic changes on the individual planets, and were the result of a degeneration of the God-like people. These mutants came to have a spiritual development inferior to the God-like people. The more the races mixed together, the more their spiritual development was degraded. Consequently, when the sun (Aldebaran) began to expand, they were no longer able to make interplanetary voyages like their ancestors; it had become impossible for them to leave their planets. Thus the inferior races, totally dependent on the masters, came to be evacuated in spaceships and taken to other habitable planets. In spite of the differences, there was respect between these two races, they did not encroach upon each other’s living space (in contrast to Earth). The race of the masters, the White God-like people, had started to colonize other planets similar to Earth 500 million years ago, following the expansion of the Aldebaran sun and the growing heat resulting from it, which made the planets uninhabitable. It was said that they colonized the planet Mallona (also called Maldek, Marduk, or Phaeton by the Russians) in our solar system, which existed at that time between Mars and Jupiter, where the asteroids are found today. After that, Mars, of which the great pyramid cities and the well-known Martian face, photographed in 1976 by the Viking probe, bear witness to the high level of development of its inhabitants. From there, in that era, it was assumed that the God-like people of Sumeran Aldebaran came to Earth for the first time. Old traces of a petrified shoe about 500 million years old, with a trilobite petrified together with the sole of that shoe, bear witness to it. That primitive fish lived on Earth then, and disappeared 400 million years ago. The Vril Society members thought that the Aldebaranians landed later on, when the Earth became slowly habitable, in Mesopotamia, and that they formed the dominant caste of the Sumerians. These Aldebaranians were called White God-people. Moreover, the Vril telepaths received the following information: the Sumerian language was not only identical to that of the Aldebaranians, but it also had tones similar to German, and the frequency of the two languages was almost identical. Does this correspond with reality? Let us say simply that the construction drawings and the technical data received by the telepaths - no matter where they came from - were so precise that the most fantastic idea ever conceived by man was born: the building of a machine for flight to the beyond! The concept of an "other science" mentally matured (today one would use the term "alternative forms of energy"). It was three years before the project got under way. In that first phase of an "other technology" or an "other science" Dr W. O. Schumann, a member of the Thule and Vril Societies, gave a lecture at the Faculty of Science in Munich. Here is an extract Everywhere, two principles determine events: light and darkness, good and bad, creation and destruction, like the positive and negative in electricity. It is always Either - Or! These two principles, designated concretely as creative and destructive principles, also determine our technological methods.[...] The destructive principle is the work of Satan, the creative principle is the work of God.[...] All technology based on the principle of explosion or of combustion may be called satanic technology. The coming New Age will be the age of a new technology, positive and divine![...] (extract from the secret archives of the SS). Implosion Technology At the same time, the scientist Viktor Schauberger (right) was working on a similar project. He was using the teaching of Johannes Kepler who was in possession of the secret doctrine of the Pythagoreans, held and kept secret by the Templars. This concerned knowledge of implosion (in this case, meaning the utilization of the potential of inner worlds in the outer world). Hitler and all the other members of the Thule and Vril Societies knew that the divine principle is always creative, that is to say, constructive. A technology which, by contrast, relies on explosion is therefore destructive, opposed to the divine principle. So one would wish to create a technology relying on implosion. Schauberger’s oscillation teachings (the principle of the harmonic series = monotone) is part of the understanding of implosion. Put very simply: implosion instead of explosion! By means of the energy trajectories of the monotone and implosion technology one can penetrate into the domain of antimatter and in this way one can dissolve gravity. Saucer-shaped craft The first saucer-shaped craft was built in the summer of 1922, its drive based on implosion technology (the machine for flight to the beyond). It consisted of a disc of 8m diameter, surmounted by a parallel disc of 6.5m diameter, with another disc of 6m diameter underneath. These three discs had a hole of 1.80m through their centers, where the 2.40m high propulsion unit was mounted. At the base, the central body terminated in the form of a cone. In this cone was a kind of pendulum for stabilization of the device. The lower and upper discs turned in opposite directions to create a rotating electromagnetic field. The performance of this first flying disc is unknown. It was experimented on for two years before being dismantled and stored at the Messerschmidt works at Augsburg. The financing for this project can be found in the accounts of several industrial companies, mentioned under the code JFM. It is certain that the Vril mechanism is descended from the machine for flight to the beyond but it has been indexed as the Schumann SM levitator. In principle, the machine for flight to the beyond had to engender an extremely strong field around itself and its immediate vicinity which made all of the surrounding space, comprising that of the machine and its occupants, a microcosm completely independent from our cosmos. At its maximum power, this field would be completely independent from all the forces and influences of our Universe, such as gravitation, electromagnetism, radiation, as well as any kind of matter. It could move at will in any gravitational field without one sensing it, or feeling forces of acceleration. In June 1934, Viktor Schauberger was invited by Hitler and the highest representatives of the Vril and Thule societies and worked, from then on, with them. The first German UFO was developed in June 1934. Under the direction of Dr W. O. Schumann the first experimental circular aircraft RFZ 1 was developed at the Arado aircraft factory in Brandenburg. Even though its first flight was also its last, it rose vertically to a height of about 60m but then started to tumble and dance in the air for several minutes. The Arado 196 tail unit which was supposed to guide the device proved to be completely ineffective. With great difficulty the pilot Lothar Waiz succeeded in bringing it back to the ground, escaping from it, and getting away in time, because the device started to spin like a top before it overturned and completely broke into pieces. That was the end of the RFZ 1 but the beginning of the VRIL flying machines. The RFZ 2 was finished at the end of 1934, it had a Vril drive and a magnetic impulsion flying system. Its diameter was 5m and had the following characteristics: the contours of the device became blurred as it gained speed, and it lit up with different colors, a well known characteristic of UFOs. Depending on the propulsive force, it became red, orange, yellow, green, white, blue or violet. It was able to operate, and it had a remarkable destiny in the year 1941. It was used as a long range reconnaissance aircraft during the battle of England. The standard German ME 109 fighters had proved themselves unfit for transatlantic reconnaissance flights because of their short range. It was photographed at the end of 1941 over the south Atlantic while on the way to the auxiliary cruiser Atlantis which was in Antarctic waters. It could not be used as a fighter aircraft for the following reason: because of its impulsion flying system, the RFZ 2 could only make changes in direction of 90º, 45º, or 22.5º. Unbelievable, some of you will think, but it is exactly these right-angle flight changes that are characteristic of UFOs. After the success of the small RFZ 2 as a long range reconnaissance aircraft, the Vril Society acquired its own testing ground in Brandenburg. The VRIL 1 Hunter, a lightly armed flying disc, flew at the end of 1942. It was 11.5m in diameter, had a single seat, and it had a Schumann levitation drive and a magnetic field impulsion flying system. It reached speeds of 2900 to 12,000 km/h, could accomplish right angle direction changes at full speed without harming the pilot, was unaffected by the weather, and was perfectly capable of spaceflight. Seventeen examples of the VRIL 1 were built, there were also several variants with two seats, equipped with glass domes. At the same time, a V-7 project was developed. Several flying discs carried this name but they had conventional jet propulsion. According to Adreas Epp the RFZ 7 was created, which combined a levitating flying disc with jet propulsion. The firms of Schriever-Habermohl and Miethe Belluzo worked on it. It was 42m in diameter but it crashed while landing in Spitzbergen. Later, however, an RFZ 7 built in the same way was photographed outside Prague. According to Andreas Epp, it was to be equipped with nuclear warheads to bomb New York. In July 1941, Schriever and Habermohl built a circular aircraft which took off vertically, with jet propulsion, but which had, however, some severe deficiencies. However another electrogravitational flying spinning-top with tachyon drive was developed which was more successful. Then came the RFZ 7 T, built by Schriever, Habermohl and Belluzo, which was fully functional. However, compared to the Vril and Haunebu discs, the V-7 flying discs were children’s toys. Within the SS there was a group working on the production of alternative energy: the Research Group IV of the Black Sun = SS-E-IV whose main objective was to make Germany independent of foreign crude oil. The SS-E-IV developed the Thule mechanism, later called the Thule Tachyonator from the Vril mechanism and from the tachyon converter of Captain Hans Coler. In August 1939 the first RFZ 5 took off. It was a fairly heavily armed flying spinning-top with the strange name Haunebu 1. It had a crew of eight men, measured 25m in diameter, at first reaching a speed of 4800 km/h, and later, up to 17,000 km/h. It was equipped with two long range 60mm cannons (KSK) mounted in rotating turrets, and four MK 106’s and had a moderate ability for spaceflight. At the end of 1942, the Haunebu II was likewise ready. Its diameter varied from 26 to 32m, its height was from 9 to 11m. It could transport a crew of 9 to 20 persons. Driven by a Thule Tachyonator, it reached 6000 km/h in the periphery of Earth. It was suitable for spaceflight and had a range of 55 flying hours. Plans already existed for the large 120m diameter space craft Vril 7, able to transport entire companies. Shortly afterwards, the 71m diameter Haunebu III was constructed, the most splendid example of all. It flew and was even filmed. It could transport 32 persons, its flight duration was more than eight weeks and it reached a speed of at least 7000 km/h (and according to documents from the secret archives of the SS, it could reach 40,000 km/h). Virgil Armstrong, ex-member of the CIA and former Green Beret, states that German flying machines during World War 2 could land and take off vertically and fly at right angles. They reached 3000 km/h and were armed with laser cannons (probably the KSK, a long range cannon) which could penetrate 4 inch thick armour plating. Professor J. J. Hurtak, ufologist and author of The Keys of Enoch, said that the Germans were in the process of constructing what the Allies designated miracle weapons systems. Hurtak had in his hands documents mentioning.. 1. the construction of Peenemünde, a city for experimentation with machines teleguided into space. 2. the bringing together of the best German technicians and scientists These documents also mentioned the existence of the so-called foo fighters (balls of fire). The CIA and the British Secret Services already knew, in 1942, of the construction and deployment of such flying objects, but they did not appreciate their true merit. In fact the Allies designated under the name foo fighters all kinds of luminous German flying craft. Two inventions correspond particularly to what were called foo fighters: the "flying turtles" and the "soap bubbles." The two had nothing to do with each other, but the Allies wrongly associated them. The "flying turtle" was conceived by the research group SS-E-IV at Wiener Neustadt. Its shape was reminiscent of a turtle’s shell. It was an unmanned flying probe which would upset the electrical ignition systems of enemy armaments. This probe was also equipped with sophisticated weapons, Klystron tubes called death rays by the SS. But this sabotage by cutting off ignition did not work perfectly at first. Development of this technique continued later. Anyone who has already seen a UFO can confirm that this ignition cutting, i.e. the shutting down of electrical systems, is one of the typical characteristics of UFOs when they appear. Wendell C. Stevens, a US Air Force pilot during World War 2 said that the foo fighters were sometimes grey-green or red-orange, that they approached up to 5m from the aircraft and that they stayed in that position. It was not possible to get rid of them, even when shot at from underneath, and sometimes the flights were obliged to turn back or to land. As for the "soap bubbles" often called foo fighters, these were in fact simple balloons, in the interior of which were fine metal spirals to jam the radars of the enemy aircraft. Their effectiveness was probably minimal, apart from psychological intimidation. At the beginning of 1943, planning began for a spaceship in the shape of a cigar, the Andromeda craft (click below image), which was to be built at the Zeppelin works (139m long). It would transport several saucer shaped spacecraft for (interstellar) long duration flights. click image to enlarge The Andromeda Craft An important meeting of the Vril Society took place around Christmas 1943 at Kolberg, a seaside resort by the North Sea, which the mediums Maria and Sigrun attended. The principal subject was the Aldebaran Enterprise. The mediums had received precise information about the inhabited planets orbiting the Aldebaran sun, and a voyage was planned to go there. On 2 January 1944, Hitler, Himmler, Künkel and Dr Schumann (both of the Vril Society) met to talk about this Vril project. They wished to travel by means of a large spacecraft, the Vril 7 (click image left), to Aldebaran, through a dimensional channel. According to Ratthofer, the first test flight in a dimensional channel took place in winter 1944. The craft must have avoided a disaster by a narrow margin, because from photos of the Vril 7 taken after its return, it looked as though it had been travelling for a century. The exterior surface of the cabins appeared very worn and there was damage in many places. On 14 February 1944, the test pilot Joachim Roehlike test flew at Peenemünde the supersonic helicopter built by Schriever and Habermohl under the name of project V 7 which was fitted with twelve BMW 028 turboprop engines. Its speed in vertical climb was 800m per minute, it reached a height of 24,200m and its speed in horizontal flight was 2200 km/h. It could also be propelled by non conventional energy. However, it could never be used, because Peenemünde was bombed in 1944 and its transfer to Prague proved to be of no use since that city was occupied by the Americans and the Russians well before the flying discs could be used. When they occupied Germany at the beginning of 1945, the British and the Americans discovered in the secret archives of the SS, among other things, photos of the Haunebu II and the Vril I as well as the Andromeda craft. In March 1946 President Truman acted so that the Naval command of the USA gave permission to collect German material in order to experiment with this high technology. Under Operation Paperclip German scientists were brought secretly to the USA. Among then were Viktor Schauberger and Wernher von Braun. Here we summarize briefly the developments which should be given in a series: The first project was carried out under the direction of Professor Dr W. O. Schumann of the Faculty of Science at Munich. In this project, up to the beginning of 1945, 17 flying discs of 11.5m diameter were allegedly constructed, which accomplished 84 flight tests, the so-called Vril 1 Hunters. In April 1945, at least a Vril-7 and a large Vril-7 named Odin took off from Brandenburg for Aldebaran, after the entire test area had been blown up, taking a group of Vril scientists and Vril lodge members. The second project was led by the Research Group IV of the SS who had constructed, up to the beginning of 1945, three types of space-going bell shaped spinning-tops of different sizes: The Haunebu I, 25m in diameter, in two examples, tested 50 times (flight speed about 4800 km/h). The Haunebu II, 32m in diameter, in seven examples, tested 100 times (flight speed about 6000 km/h). The Haunebu II was in fact intended for series production. A tender was let to the aircraft companies Dornier and Junkers. At the end of March 1945, Dornier landed the contract. The official designation of these heavy flying spinning-tops should be DOSTRA (Dornier Stratospheric Aircraft). The Haunebu III, 71m in diameter, in only one example, flew at least 19 times (flight speed about 7000 km/h). There were plans for the Andromeda craft (see above image), a 139m spaceship which could contain one Haunebu II, two Vril I’s and two Vril II’s. Furthermore, there are documents attesting that the large version of the Vril-7 was finished at the end of 1944, and after testing, it made several flights within the Earth’s orbit, which were kept secret: 1. Landing near the Mondsee lake in the Salzkammergut with diving tests to pressure-test the fuselage. 2. From March to April 1945 the Vril-7 was probably stationed at the Alpine Fortress for security and strategic reasons. From there, it took off for Spain where important personalities of the Reich had fled as refugees, to take them to South America and to Neuschwabenland and to keep them secure in secret bases which the Germans had constructed there during the war. 3. Immediately afterwards, the Vril-7 is supposed to have made a secret flight to Japan, but nothing more is known about it. What happened to these space ships after the war? The production of the Haunebu II in a very small series cannot be excluded. Different photos of UFOs whose construction, after 1945, showed a typically German appearance, suggest this possibility. Some say that some of these machines would have been sunk in the Mondsee lake in upper Austria, others think that they would have been taken to South America, or that they were transported there in pieces. It is certain that even if they were not necessarily taken to South America, new devices were built there from construction drawings. They were flown, and an important part of this technology was used in 1983 in the Phoenix Experiment, preceded by the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943. (This concerned US Naval experiments on teleportation, materialization and time travel which were more successful than anyone would have imagined in their wildest dreams. There is enough material here for another book, but that would divert us from our subject. See the bibliography). In 1938 a German expedition to the Antarctic took place, led by the aircraft carrier Schwabenland. The Germans claimed 600,000 square kilometers of territory which they named Neuschwabenland. It was a region free of ice, with mountains and lakes. Later, entire fleets of type 21 and 23 submarines travelled to Neuschwabenland. To this day, more than a hundred German submarines are missing. Among other things, they were equipped with the Walter snorkel which enabled them to remain submerged for several weeks. One may suppose that they went to Neuschwabenland with flying discs in separate pieces, or at least with the construction drawings. One may suppose also, since the test flights were successful, that directly after the end of the war the flying discs were produced there. This supposition may appear daring, but many important indicators allow us to imagine that this is what happened. The question arises: Why did the Allies under Admiral E. Byrd invade the Antarctic in 1947? If it was only an expedition, why did Byrd have at his disposal 4000 soldiers, a warship, a fully equipped aircraft carrier and a full re-supply system? He had eight months available, however he was forced to withdraw after eight weeks, after having suffered large losses of aircraft. The exact number was never made public. What had happened? Admiral Byrd later explained to the press: "It is bitter to realize that in the case of a new war we will have to cope with the attacks of aircraft which can fly from one pole to the other." He also let it be known that there was an advanced civilization down there which, together with the SS, was served by an advanced technology. In his book Time Machines where he asks, among other things, what happened to the Haunebu, Norbert Jürgen-Ratthofer writes: From May 1945, the Haunebu I, II and III space-going spinning-tops and even the Vril 1 space-going flying discs disappeared, at first without trace. [...] In this context, it is extremely interesting to know that the Haunebu III of the German Reich, after its nineteenth test flight, was flown on a space expedition to Mars, taking off on 20 April 1945 from Neuschwabenland which was officially at that time an immense territory of the German Reich in East Antarctica. What resulted, we do not know. [...] A year later, in 1946, innumerable luminous objects of unknown but obviously artificial origin were seen above Scandinavia, provoking great agitation amongst the Allies in the East as in the West. Another year later, in 1947, and continuing into the 1950’s, a constantly rising number of luminous flying objects suddenly appeared above North America. Certainly they were piloted by intelligent beings, most often they were round, disc or bell shaped. There were also sometimes unidentified flying objects in the shape of cigars. There are writers who say that usually these UFOs do not resemble those made by the German Reich. Well documented photographic material proves that particularly the Haunebu II version was seen, and even very often, since 1945. If you have become interested in the technical world of UFOs you will be able to verify that among the cases where there has been personal contact with UFO occupants, there is a particularly high percentage of very attractive beings of the Aryan race, blond with blue eyes, who spoke either fluent German or another language with a German accent (for insiders we mention the cases of Adamski in 1952, Cedric Allingham in 1954, and Howard Menger in 1956). We also recall that color photos exist of a manned flying disc which landed and immediately took off again, and which was marked with two crosses, a Balkenkreuz and a swastika. These photos were taken in the 1970’s by a night watchman in West Germany. A very good dossier of photos and films exists on the flying machines mentioned above, as for example the 60 minute documentation " UFO Secrets of the Third Reich"; (MGA Austria/Royal Atlantis Film GmbH). Likewise the dossier of the American Vladimir Terziski who, during the UFO conference in September 1991 in Phoenix Arizona showed slides for three hours and showed photos of German saucers, drawings of their construction, and of subterranean German bases. The Italian Air Force Commander Renato Vesco’s book is also very interesting, as is that of Rudolf Lusar: "Die deutschen Waffen und Geheimwaffen des 2. Weltkrieges und ihre Weiterentwicklung," J. F. Lehmanns Verlag, Munich, 1971 [see earlier English edition "German Secret Weapons of the Second World War and their Further Development," Neville Spearman, London, 1959]. Do you now understand why the mass media dismisses everything about UFOs as fraud? Taking this German background into account, the world of the press and the media controlled by the Illuminati, by means of the Anglo-American-Zionist lobby is prepared to invest enormous sums to prevent citizens from investigating in this area. The question that arises now is: from where did the German secret societies Thule and Vril get the indispensable knowledge for the construction of these flying machines? From where did they get their understanding of genetic engineering, in which the Germans were likewise well ahead of other nations? According to the statements of Herbert G. Dorsey and other researchers, they were helped not only by the telepathic contacts with extraterrestrials in providing construction drawings, but also by studying the intact drive of a non-terrestrial saucer which crashed in the Black Forest in 1936. But there is practically no evidence of that event, nor any eyewitnesses still alive. However, evidence exists in the USA, even a lot of it. Because at the same time the Americans recorded a series of objects which crashed to the ground, and which could not be kept completely secret. We shall revisit these later. Returning to the political, while I.G. Farben supported Hitler, its cartel partner Standard Oil (Rockefeller) aroused the people against the Nazis. Similarly, the Ford Motor Company made armaments for the American Army, but at the same time built military vehicles for the Nazis in Germany. Ford and Opel (a branch of General Motors which is controlled by J. P. Morgan) were the two largest tank manufacturers in Hitler’s Germany. No matter who won the war, the multinationals were winners from the start. Many enterprises operated on the same principle during World War 2. Why is there nothing about this in the schoolbooks or encyclopaedias? One of the reasons is as follows: in 1946 the Rockefeller foundation distributed USD139,000 to present an official version of World War 2 to the public, which concealed all aid given by American bankers for building the Nazi regime, and which was also silent about the mystical and occult ideology of that regime. One of the principal donors was Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Corporation. Return to The Vril Society Return to German Disc Aircrafts - 1922-1945 and Beyond
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    HI, Would you give me a reading please?
  9. Tuesday, 21/May/2013 Every time you want to connect with your guide, just imaging the North American Indian with his name Bear. I couldn’t get the first part of his name, but the second part is called ‘Bear’. Everything sort of ok in my life, except some frustrations, like study, mundane things. There are restrictions, but you can see through the end. So for your study, work… you can see it’s coming to the end. There is a travel coming up. It could be this month or the next month. Timing for psychic and spiritual development is not right at the moment. You need to take care of your study. The other thing is to sustain your financial security. Once you have that, you’ll be coming to this movement more stronger. You need to gain the monetary out of the study, then you’ll be able to come to this movement. In 4-6 years, the timing will be right for you to go back to this a lot more. You will be a good healer, very good capability for that. You’ll be good for trance, spirit speaking as well. By 2018, you will be good at that. When you focus on things, you will give 110%. There is a baby connected with you, mum and dad. The baby didn’t make it to the Earth plane. I can see there is a baby in front of you. It might be a miscarriage from your mum side. I feel it is connected to the family. It is not you’re having fun, but you’re too concentrated on your study. You think you should have fun, but you want your family to be proud. I was told, you will do very well in your study. There some decisions around relationship. Like family say you should meet this girl. There is something coming up. There is a gentlemen at your father’s side, he’s a very fragile and thin man, around 80-90 years old. He would need people to help him walk. May be a grand-grandfather. He is standing on your right side, so that shows me he’s connected to your father. I don’t know if I have the right pronunciation, sounds like Zhan (Zan), there might have an x somewhere in the name. In the future, you might be going to Australia with the family. It is very strong that you might go to Australia. It is like connected to your mother that she has family there and she wants everyone to go there. When you at home, you can smell a funny smell, you can smell something different in the air. It is because the spirit was around you. I’m hearing a word doctor, like the professor. It could be the degree you’re doing. Instead you’re teaching the children, you could be teaching the teachers. Spirits are telling me that Australia is where you will go. I think it has all to do with the family. You are not missing out on things, because you are focusing on what you’re doing, so everything has its place. There is a journey by plane, and you will be introduced to a female, and that may start a relationship. My helpers are telling me, your guides have stopped ages ago. Sometimes you go to a place, you just know it. They call it precognition or deja ve. Sometimes you think you’ve done it or been there before. You’ve got good psychic abilities, but you won’t commit to it fully in a while. When you’re 40th, you will really look at it quite strongly. What interest you the most is astrology. You like studying books, you can retain information, get references. Not only you use the knowledge from the books, you use the spirits to guide you. That is how it makes the best astrologist, clairvoyant. If you can do it you will be excellent in that. I am not saying you are a shine person, you just need to network more. If you are a reserve person, you can’t make that contact. It will be easier for you to make that contact. I connect with a male that passed away in a car accident. It seems like connected to your mother’s side. You will get very high mark, like the person comes first. Like I say the word doctorate, a professor. They are given me the confirmation again. You are the person that like your own company, but sometimes, others might see you as a loof, like someone that is hard to approach. You feel responsible to the female in your family. I don’t know in what way, duty of care. That is what I am getting coming up for you. In the past I feel that you really struggled in situations with people. You probably would have a dog sitting next to you instead of people. You have overcome that, so things don’t feel restricted. That is how you can see things ahead of you. It is important to keep balance in your life. It is to do with inner mind, inner being. You may forget what else is around you. You need to bring that balance up. It is not for money. There is a male person around you, he is going to be starting a business, buying an existing business of some sort, or adding to an existing for more growth or expansion. I don’t feel it has to do with you, but it is connected with you in some way. There is a journey buy plane, it might be Hong Kong. It might be to do with the business as well. You might be writing some sort of program that people could use it. It will have some sort of learning aspect. I feel that you look back to think about the past a lot, instead of the present. I want you to stay in the present. This card tells me there is some sort of program that you could write to make quite wealthy. It has to do with some sort of education program. It has to do pulling things together. You could focus on one thing and ignore the others. You got all around skills in life, but more importantly, you got spirit inspirations to help you. You do worry about relationships, because you’re sensitive that you might get hurt. That’s how you were grew up in your family, that’s why you focus on different things, so you can forget it. However, you will face it, and have to work on things. I do feel there is a partnership towards the end of the year.
  10. I just come back from the Mackelvie West Spiritualist Church’s reading session. It was a wonderful experience, I would highly recommend anyone for it. I have got two readings, one from mediums on the platform and the other one from a one-on-one session. One medium on the platform told me: “you are a very old soul, you have been reincarnating many, many times. Your spirit is very strong, and you have a very powerful spirit guide over next to you. You have a very beautiful aura with many different colours emanating. You have incredible healing abilities, and you need to use it to heal others. You have been meditating and learning to levitate (while lying on bed), that you should be coming to the development circles to further advance your abilities; and the church also needs people like you. You like a lighthouse that has been guiding other people to the right spiritual path.” The other medium on the platform told me: “you have some psychic abilities. When you were young sometimes you just instant knew who was gonna to be there? What was going to happen…? You tend to step back a lot. You should be stepping up more often.” The one-on-one reading I had got from an European medium are: “4 years later from now you will be moving to Australia to work at a well-established primary school, at that time you could also be working at a private tertiary institute, and have your own business as a sideline; you could possibly teach at a very high level, like the level of university; you could also become a principle, and be very successful in life. You have been studying a lot, you have a very good brain, and can memorise things well. You don’t have a girlfriend, you shouldn’t be getting a girlfriend while studying, but you will meet a girl in Australia whom is very special to you; she is not Asian but Australian. You will also take your mum to Australia after you have settled. Your mum wanted to go to Australia. You haven’t done much travelling, but you will be travelling quite frequently to South East Asia, like Singapore… or even America, because the spirits show me a map of the USA. You are a very disciplined person, it is because your dad is very strict and disciplined, and he always pushes you to become a person like that.”
  11. This evening was my first time at the Mackelvie advanced development circle. We did transfiguration exercise in which we were asking our spirit guides to come through. When it was my turn, everyone in the room saw my spirit guide. He was a polite but strong North American Indian. He had a warm smile, a big nose, and feathers on the side of the head. In the end, he was trying to say something, but we couldn’t get his message.
  12. psychicguide

    Dream in a Giant Skyscraper City

    I don’t know whether it was because I did Qigong before bed or something else, the dream I had last night was not only fascinating, but also very real and vivid. The scene started within a vast skyscraper, and there was literately a city built inside. Just like a city, on each floor of the building, there were different facilities, like schools, shopping malls, and parks… What special about the building was different floors had different themes, for example, one floor could be our typical shopping mall, but another one could be like living in a different country, planted with exotic shrubs, and covered with limestone. Further to that, each floor was not only connected with elevators, but also slides (similar to water slides); and they were different depend on the floor themes. Like the one on 10th floor, it was a South American theme, jungle look. The slide was distinct, middle part of it was hollow, therefore I could only connect it with my arms and legs. It was a great experience, and I felt it was very real and exciting, especially with the water slides.
  13. psychicguide

    Bashar's 4 Law of Creation

    Yesterday evening at the mediation class, my teacher gave me a reading. When she asked her guide, she got a vision of a pool surrounded by stones. She told me “the pool is a symbol representing a mirror, as you look at it, you see yourself reflecting on it….” That reminded me of Bashar’s Four Law of Creation: 1. You exist. 2. The One is All and the All are One . 3. What you put out is what you get back. 4. Change is the only constant... Except for the first three laws, which never change.
  14. Last week at MacKelvie West Spiritualist Church’s psychic and mediumship development circle, we were asked to practice psychometry on each other. We each hold one item from another person, the one I got was a watch from a lady. Once I closed my eyes and focused on the item, I saw two young children, a boy and a girl, a man of strong build, a back garden, and an elderly man. She confirm all that later. When she was reading my item, she told us a spirit came to her, his name was sound like ‘Louie’ (sound like my surname ‘Liu’), and he’s on my father’s side, many, many generations before. His message to me was “what you’re looking for is just in front of you, but you just can’t see it.” Coincidently, I got the same message from another student at a different development circle - South Auckland Spiritualist Church two weeks ago. I need to know what is the truth or thing I'm looking for?
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    Hi, I'm student from NZ, nice to meet you all here.