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    Photography,reading,psychic interests,musician/songwriter/singer.
  1. Denv12

    Oracle cards: learning these cards.

    I love the cards.The colours are intense.I never really noticed any improvements since using these cards.I would there must be something I got from the cards.I think for your own sake is just use them and see if you notice any changes.
  2. Denv12

    What sign are you?

    Hi. I'm A Libra male: October 14 1961,born at 9.35am in South Australia Australia. Sun:Libra Moon:sagittarius. mercury:scorpio venus:virgo jupiter:capricorn uranus:leo neptune:scorpio pluto:virgo. mars:scorpio I hope this helps. Regards Chris.
  3. Its a nice sign that something happening.I shuffle the cards whilst thinking of my question.I fan out the cards across the table.With my left hand I scan the cards and select each one if it feels right then place them in the appropriate place in the card layout.Then read each card.
  4. The problem is the cfs not the agoraphobia.I have very little energy everyday.When I first got cfs I barely had the energy to walk out to my carport and back.Thats about 80 feet or 24 metres.I would get puffed out and collapse.Thats what cfs does.When its like that for years you get stuck at home.I havent left home to go anywhere in years.CFS is not an anxiety disorder.I'm in sewveral support groups for cfs and several groups for aniety.I cant teach anxiety sufferers about cfs.I cant teach cfs sufferers about anxiety. I am not about to teach people what cfs feels like.Unless you've got cfs you'll never get what it feels like so dont comment on my health.I just asked people about the near future.I'm waiting for a local psychic to contact me.As they are currently booked up.
  5. Hi.I found a good practitioner.Its the chronic fatigue hasnt changed.Its depriving me of everyday energy to do things.One morning I got up,got dressed,made my bed and run out of enery.I collapsed right here.I could move because I was puffed out.Thats chronic fatigue syndrome.The agoraphobia started because I havent left my home because of chronic fatigue.I've had that since early 2000. Chris.
  6. Denv12

    A musician with a passion for writing songs.

    Hi Lady.Nice to meet you too.Thank you. Chris.
  7. I'm new to this idea of blogs so please excuse me for taking my first step into blogdom. Hi.My name is Chris.I'm a 51 year old "Libra" male from South Australia.I am a self taught piano player,songwriter and a singer.I love writing music at home.Its one thing I do in my life thats rewarding while the rest of my life lets me down. I am recovering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (ocd).I've had it since 2006.A very bad year for me that year.Got a very good practitioner looking after me.I also have chronic fatigue sydrome (cfs).Had that since early 2000.It comfines me to home.Therefore I havent been able to go anywhere away from where I live. I am bored and frustrated with my life.At the moment I'm down on my finances since October last year.My circumstances changed mid October. I like collection things especially old vinyl records from the 70s.I like reading books.I'm very fussy with books.I'm also an amatuer photography just cant afford to upgrade to a digital camera until I sell off some of my unwanted items around home that have some good value. I'm single,a little bit psychic.Had some interesting experiences because of it.In 1982 I had a near death experience.Then again in 2002 something happened briefly.Although these were related to me being psychic. I live on my own and I look after myself.Life is a bit restricted.I'm online each day hoping to make new friends to meet up with offline.Lonelyness is a pain.Good thing I dont get depression. I went to school here in South Australia. Dont really know what else to add here.What other things do I need to add? Thanks for stopping by. Chris.
  8. Thank you all of you. My health issues are: recovering from obsessive compulsive disorder (ocd).Had it since 2006.Couldnt afford to start getting treated until a year later.Most of ocd is gone.Still being treated. Chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs).It means I dont have much energy.I dont have enough energy to leave my premisis.Had cfs since early 2000.Been stuck at home with it ever since. Agoraphobia.This came about because I dont leave home to go anywhere.I moved to my current address 5 years ago.I moved about less than a kilometre. At the moment I'm on disability pension.I live on my own. Chris.
  9. I posted in this section prior to getting to the required posts to get a reading.I'm now up to 22 posts including this one. I'm single.I have health issues.I'm in various interests forums,support forums,yahoo groups and fb groups.Still havent found a place/website,etc to meet women locally even if they have similar health issues too.Its not through not trying mind you just cant find women that would like a guy like me in my situation. I would really like to ask if anyone would like to tell me what the next 12 months will be like for me in regards to my social life(or lack of it) will be? Thanks for stopping by. Regards Chris.
  10. Hi Neleh. I need her to get rid of her nervousness so she can come near me.I think after she does that then we can meet up and talk.Just have to wait and see. Chris.
  11. Denv12

    Astrology books:guide to the physical features.

    Hi Neleh. I am just an old romantic and got caught up in the moment of Linda Goodman's books. Chris.
  12. Hi again,Neleh. I havent done a time reading yet.I'm still working on one question at a time.I thought about doing a spread to see what the next year holds.I might try that idea. Chris.
  13. Denv12

    Aussie guy just joined.Bit psychic.

    Hi Neleh.Thank you. The response here to my posts have been very positive.This place is active. Thanks again. Chris.
  14. My first few readings just didnt make sense then they just started being accurate.I dont know why that happened.I'm not complaining.Even after designing my own spreads and using my cards the readings are great.Why am I getting good readings?
  15. Denv12

    Astrology books:guide to the physical features.

    I just added Joanna's book to my wish list.Thank you.I have the Linda Goodman's book. I bought the Stuart Hazelton book "Sexscopes"Its a good read.