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  1. gipcee

    Startled in my sleep- Help

    Thanks for ur replies --Everyone ... Some fear which i have to overcome i think .. or cud be some black magic i feel !
  2. Can anyone tell me why i wake up scared in the middle of my sleep .. This happens about atleast once in 20 days or so ..and rest of the nights while sleeping I wake up and feel someone is in the room and see no one .Why is this happening to me ?
  3. gipcee

    Dark Energy Removal

    Thanks a ton Captain -- :wub: GodBless
  4. gipcee

    Dark Energy Removal

    Thank you very much Captain ,, can you please tell me why there's a pain in my stomach all the time .. As if someting is pulling it ...plus i feel that i want to sleep all the time ... This is happening since the last 3 years
  5. gipcee

    Hello Everyone - Newbie

    ^_^ thks for the warm welcome
  6. gipcee

    Dark Energy Removal

    Is it fully out Captain ??? I have tears in my eyes because yes i have been betrayed time n time again ..How do I attract love and luck ? Please guide me
  7. gipcee


    Being on Earth helps u evolve and reach ur spiritual goals faster
  8. gipcee

    Whatcha think about this picture?

    He just needs loads of TLC and ur support and I'm sure he will bloom into an amazing person
  9. gipcee

    why do people stay with cheaters?

    as said in the above post---either entangled or lack of finances........and yes kids
  10. I love the word 'Love' .. It encompasses so many aspects .In short its love for the universe and its inhabitants .
  11. gipcee

    Your KEYS

    1. I accept...the divinity of life 2. I surrender...to God 3. I love...fellow humans
  12. gipcee

    twin flames

    I think this is something like soul mate .?
  13. I feel fatigued all the time .Its just my willpower which helps me move ..or else I would have just caught the bed :wacko: