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  1. Nuweling

    Thank you

    SO grateful!! Bye bye Guild, hellooooo Soulbook!
  2. Nuweling

    The Opinion of Others

    That is a line I have used before (especially in our household) - "what other people think of you is none of your business" I am still workimg on being independent from other's opinion :)
  3. Nuweling


    Wow - never thought of it like that. But then again, there is very little I desire actively (materialistic and emotionally) unlike my lovely husband that will get his mind set on something and then go for it until it materialize..
  4. Nuweling

    Mooandering in the East

    Lovely to see you Moo!! Sounds like a great place!!
  5. Nuweling

    Healing for my sister

    Thank you everyone, she is back home and ok. All went well!
  6. Nuweling

    Healing for my sister

    She needs to have unexpected, minor surgery. Please send positive thoughts that all goes well
  7. Nuweling

    New Year Manifestations

    Oh wow how cool Nigel!! Go for it!!!
  8. Nuweling

    New Spread new deck!

    You are a perfect example of an amazing reader PG. Anyone can learn so much from you and you are always so willing to share knowledge, time etc with us. Thank you!
  9. Nuweling

    New Spread new deck!

    I think it takes a lot of practice to do net readings and to convey the message so that the receiver knows what is truly meant. The reader gets the message in various forms but I think it must be really difficult to translate it in a manner that the receiver can understand and interpret correctly (especially with people from different backgrounds, languages, cultures!)
  10. Nuweling

    Living my dreams in 2018

    Being assertive is a good attribute! Keep on the trajectory you are on, you have worked hard to reach this point hun xx
  11. Nuweling

    Young man 'P'

    Will send healing to P x
  12. Nuweling

    White Wizard Wednesday

    And it gets better... the recruiter offered a position that he is not interested in (he thanked her but declined). He just heard that his current work is possibly opening another, seperate dealership and his name was forwarded for a management position if the deal gets approved by head office... Lots of if's and but's - BUT you are once again (as always) spot on. Thought to give you more feedback. We shall see what the future holds Thank you PG xx
  13. Nuweling

    Living my dreams in 2018

    Good on ya Angel! I try to only accept what I can't change and even then I struggle (control issues) But we learn and keep on learning
  14. Nuweling

    White Wizard Wednesday

    I just had to chuckle when he told me yesterday! I thought - "far out! PG is amazeballs"!! Could never think you make any of it up :D Will let you know (I doubt he will leave his current job even though he says he would for the right opportunity), he has worked very hard to be where he is now).
  15. Nuweling

    Long since I last came