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  1. Botyfltiger

    Who taught us to eat meat ... tie in to veggie topic

    Charless you are the one making it seem as if I shouldn't speak on this topic, with questioning my education, acting like I am not allowed to have a view on this, for it disagrees with yours. Where in anything have I said, or do you see me as saying, that is how it is 100%? And to think that because I am a non-religious person that I must follow Dawkins is a bit of showing also. I follow rules of science, not science as an exact. If you can not handle people being opposed to a view, since that IS all we have a view, then I don't see how you could be comfortable in any group, psychic or not, I can't count how many times I have had to bite my tongue here, just to keep the peace. I am looked at here, by many to be a nuisance, someone who can't see the same way as others, for I do not claim to be spiritual or religious. As if religion has a patten or monopoly on being psychic or having the knowledge of such things. Just like in my non-religious group, I am seen as a bit off, for I do have a full 100% thought process on ESP and other mental abilities, some of them see me as spiritual or hiding from a religion, and or even crazy. But yet here I am in the World, still in the middle, not knowing what is or isn't 100%, but I do have enough education and knowledge to oppose views and or even agree with them. On many topics, one being human evolution, among other subjects. We all have something that is 100%, choice, we all have the ability to choose what is right and isn't right for us as an individual. I am not, nor was I ever ridiculing or patronizing you, that is a huge issue with the internet, people get all up in arms over the smallest thing someone said, most times because it disagrees with what was said, and then it is seen as an attack. When one posts something to a public forum, they should be aware of and understanding of, people are not always going to agree and in a public forum, everyone has a voice, everyone has an opinion and everyone has the right to speak it. Well this is my last post in this thread, as well as the forum for a bit, am not feeling like being told I am sh!t, because I disagree with a person's view. And besides it isn't like my tarot class is dong anything. So there is no need for ME to be here, so it is all your Charless, have fun with it.
  2. Botyfltiger

    Who taught us to eat meat ... tie in to veggie topic

    Are you serious? So I can't say what I have been taught without a degree on the subject? Do you have vitrifaction on the otherwise? I have studied for some time, for biology is something I happen to be very found of, I also am a non-religious person, who looks at ESP as something we all have, not just a few gifted individuals. Does that make me less valid as someone who holds ESP like abilities? You keep bring up worms and flies, and at the same time are diminishing the human ability, I for one have a loft of love left for man and do not and never will say we have all the answers, but if you go through our DNA strands, you'll first see we are related to the Non-domestic primates, us humans being the domestic ones, then you'll see we are also very close in our DNA to rats, way before you'll find any connection to a fly or a worm. Sorry I guess I'll leave this conversation, since my point of view is not welcomed and is being seen as attacking, not as it is, a disagreement on how we became who we are, I will not, unless an actual Alien from outside Earths' space, comes to me and says, you know we gave you this knowledge, you know we are the one's who gave you this DNA stands, then I'll say, OH ######, for real? Dang wouldn't of thunk it, since evolution as it is taught, has no proof of such things.
  3. Botyfltiger

    Who taught us to eat meat ... tie in to veggie topic

    Light, I am sorry, but I am wondering if you understand what it means by saying our closet relative? In essences we are related to every living creature, it did take many creatures to create the human dna gean, but we have close relative in the non-human animal kingdom, the Chimp, the Orangutan and the Bonobo being our closet, and yes a long down the line, the water lizard and the fruit fly would also be related to our dna, just as the Earth and all her metals. Why is that so hard for people to grasp? Is it really all because it conflicts with teachings from a set one g-d religious agenda?
  4. Botyfltiger

    Who taught us to eat meat ... tie in to veggie topic

    Well I guess you can stay with not elevate the thought, but it is fact, we humans are primates and our closest relative is the Chimp, HUMANS’ CLOSEST RELATIVE some now say it is the Orangutan. Orangutans May Be Closest Human Relatives, Not Chimps I also had a bit of a HUH, with you implying, chimps only take the young of other chimps when their mother isn't around or isn't looking. Chimps, especially the Bonobo, don't just take baby chimps when their moms aren't looking, it has been shown and proven that chimps hold what is known as warfare tactics and will go into other chimp clans and kill off them chimps because of territory or plain dislike. It is more dangerous to only look at non-human animals as not connected to us, I know it helps with many so they do not feel as guilty when a non-human animal is killed or mistreated, but those of us who study this or keep up with the real science know better to think that way.
  5. Botyfltiger

    Who taught us to eat meat ... tie in to veggie topic

    Couldn't of had just been someone accidentally dropped meat into a fire pit and after they were able to either get the fire out or were able to handle the meat, we humans realized after we ate it, the food tasted better and then realized it would last longer, so one could keep it and travel with it and not be eaten by other wild animals, because of the raw meat smell? :woofpup: Personally, I do not have faith and do not think for a second little beings from space came down to teach us how to cook our food. As with most other things, it was more likely accidental knowledge. As like what Armadodecadron hinted at, our closet relative is the Bonobo, or common Chimp, man observed them, saw they ate meat from time to time, saw they used tools, but because of our human digestive systems being so different, we were unable to process the raw meat and thought, hmmm, what would happen if I put this leg from a Antelope on this fire, what would it do. Just simple curiousness.
  6. Botyfltiger

    The Moon and the effects

    Do you know where you Moon is set in your Astro chart? Is it in your First House, 2nd, or maybe your 8th? Do you find yourself attracted to the moon and it's phases? Moon's phases. The New Moon, during a New Moon, or as some call a Dark Moon, is the phase of the Moon when it is directly between the Earth and the Sun. Because sunlight is hitting only the far side of the Moon, it appears dark from the Earth. Reflected light from Earth can sometimes make the new moon faintly visible. The New Moon is good for doing Manifestation. Empowering one self so to have a break through in your writing or a calming of a situation. Helpful if one is starting out on a new adventure or projects, love, healing and even a new job. The best exercises for this is meditation and visualizations. Starting on the first day of the New Moon. Always see yourself as whom you are trying to manifest into, blue is the color connected to the Moon for the Moon is what controls the Earth's water tides and rain storms. Monday is Moon day, so if a new Moon was to land on a Monday it would be a good time to really do some manifesting work.
  7. Botyfltiger

    free will query

    Setting scenarios aside, we all have free will, some use it, some don't. Some people love to be told what to do and are easily swayed into being submissive. I am also one who doesn't think we are given forethoughts or get to pick our parents from heaven. That isn't, nor would it have anything to do with free will. Depending on where you are born and to whom, is what sets up your first part of life, then once you have this part set up and you learn the right from wrong, you have what is call, choice in life. We make choices, some aren't always good, but some are better then others. We then have to live with them choices, now do them choices go with us into a next life???? I have no idea, I am on the fence with the whole reincarnation issue. I find it very hard to believe that if you did wrong in this life you are paid back for it in the next. Now may I ask, what gave you the need to ask this question? I find it really fascinating, the whole Free Will ~V~ Predestination/Determinism. Peace and Love :woofpup:
  8. Botyfltiger

    Let's share our happy positive stuff

    I am so happy right now I could run naked down the street screaming at the top of my lungs "I FOUND MY BABY SISTER"! My mother, many years ago was sent a letter from my father's then wife, blaming my mother for him leaving saying it was because of him having to pay our mother child support he couldn't afford this new child. Which was a flat out lie. He never paid my mother a dime. When my sisters and I found out we had a sister and she was sick, we told her mother would would help, we then got a letter saying that our sister was dead and never to contact that woman again. I was told at age 9 she was dead, died from leukemia... I found her, she is 27, did have leukemia as well as, it sounds, has a few of the same mental issue me and my older sister have. :dance:
  9. Botyfltiger

    Tarot Spreads

    Oh please do, I have posted this spread in other groups, but no one has ever given me feedback :( I like doing it. It really helps me see the bigger picture so to say. I am also not into runes or well I should say not YET ;) Nor do I know a lot about Oracle decks. The only one I have or that is considered one is the Faery Oracle Tarot. I am very much looking to get a set of Runes though.. :woofpup:
  10. Botyfltiger

    Tarot Spreads

    I hope this comes out the way I need it to... I am the worst at explaining things so here I go... One day when I was re-setting my deck. I clean my decks, by simply placing them back in order. Fool to the World. Ace to King. Starting, for me, with the Wands, then to Swords, then Cups, then Pentacles. Well one day I noticed that as I was placing them into the piles to be put back in order. A lot of the cards on the top of the pile were cards I remember seeing in personal readings from that deck. So started to record the cards that would land on the top of the piles and compare them with the readings I did with that deck. It wasn't long before I realized this was the decks way of clearing up any unanswered questions or concerns left over from the readings. It is really simple. Take the deck you have used, place each suit in their own pile. Placing all the cards, Face UP. The Majors to the left, then follow though in the pattern you use for each suit. Put each card of its suit in the individual pile. Record each of the top cards. It comes out to be a 5 card reading using each of the suits... :woofpup:
  11. Botyfltiger

    when will psychics be accepted?

    :lol: are we now going to have baby Fooze's running around the forum :ninja: I have been here 3 almost 4 years, yet things are still the same as they were 8 years ago... :blink:
  12. Botyfltiger

    when will psychics be accepted?

    People can't get along as a whole in general and ever since the 11th century anyone who claims any type of gift of the mind has been prosecuted, thrown into the fire pits and made out to be the monsters. When such things are still taught to this day, how is it possible for us to get past the past, when so many still think the past is correct in the way psychics and other mentally gifted people were portrayed?
  13. Botyfltiger

    when will psychics be accepted?

    :woofpup: My favorite President is Jimmy Carter :angel:
  14. There are many things that should be questioned that are in the Bible and why, who placed them there. There were many men in the bible, who today would be called psychics. Abraham was directly spoken to by g-d, Jacob, Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar and Obadiah the Prophet all had dreams that came true. I wont go into my opinion on why this is how today's Catholics and Christians see psychics or anyone who has the eye or gift as it has been called, but it has to do with control and fear. I also believe in the bible, not the King James, since none of the actually teachings of Jesus are in the King James version, but Jesus told Mary Magdalen that his cousin John the Baptist had many dreams that came to light... So there were many, what we would today consider to be psychics in the bible, most of it has been covered up or made out to seem only those who said they were, were the crazy one's, not those who 'heard' the word of g-d, from g-d it self. Whom today would be seen as having a mental disorder, not hearing the words of g-d... :woofpup:
  15. Botyfltiger

    Must There Be A Mediator?

    And here I thought we humans, who own our souls, 'were'/'are' the mediators ... Since it is supposedly by our actions on this Earth that decides whether or not we go to the bible's heaven or hell. :unsure: