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  1. Eleanor

    testing decks

    Hi Eye Crystals, I'm enjoying getting to know a new tool at the moment so dropped in. Unfortunately, for your reading, I've taken to first asking if I should read for someone prior to reading for them. The answer I received was that no, I should not read for you at this time. That a reading would not actually assist you in forward movement at this time and therefore was not indicated for either of us. Take care! E
  2. Eleanor

    testing decks

    Hello Eye Crystals, I've been away from the guild for several weeks? a month? I don't recall. I've been reading for a site and have not had time to drop by. I rather assume that by now your question has probably answered itself by now. If I find a moment over the next few weeks, I will drop in though and do a reading for you. (I'm also looking for a new place and boxing things up) Hope you are doing very well! Eleanor
  3. Eleanor

    Reading Cards

    PG, I'd say, in response to always more difficult reading for self vs others...no. Often, but not always. I feel that it depends on several things. One issue is that if the person being read for is highly delusional about a topic, not to say mentally wacked, but really, really convinced on one topic, love is the most frequent, followed by things to do with peoples work intruiges, then it can make reading more sticky sometimes, depending on how strong your own aura is at that time, how well shielding works for you, etc. The other thing is, if for instance, you as a parent were feeling very fearful about a child's course of action. Had some nightmarish thoughts of something bad happening to them on their backpacking trip through Europe, etc. Then you read on it, you might get really off results. Because you are so not detached from the outcome because its your child. I think the second issue is more common for a seasoned reader such as yourself though, being too personally attached to the person or topic to get clear of the various subconscious feelings. Of course that is simply how I view it. Smile. Ps, the most fun I've had with invented divining system was 1. 18 bean soup mix, dry of course. and 2. jelly bellies. Smile.
  4. Eleanor

    "Someone" woke me up

    Fascinating. Smile.
  5. Eleanor

    Psychics, Synchronicity and the Ever Present Now

    This is amusing Pg....this evening while walking...picking Queen Annes Lace (the flower essence that is made of them is good for grounded clairvoyance btw.) and it came to me that quite often, many of my problems have stemmed from asking too many questions. I don't mean as in bothering people but that the simple act of asking questions, mentally or otherwise, creates more currents of...sigh....Manifestationally....oh never mind, the rest is a bit long winded & probably more useful to me....and I'm headed to bed in a few but I enjoyed your post and its 'synchronicity' for me. Smile.
  6. Eleanor

    Healing help needed

    If captain is correct, he might want to check out bach flower essences. There are several that are supposed to heal that problem. I've had good luck with them but I have an affinity for herbs and such. Come to think of it, I've heard good things about the Australian bush essences as well but have no experience with them. Walnut by bach is a good one for any major changes, including serious illnesses, just read that yesterday. Not because it heals the matters Captain mentioned though....other reasons that I simply don't recall off hand and the book is 30 miles away in an herbal apothecary.
  7. Eleanor


    That's a nice idea Chamuel! Again, I think the site that I mentioned could be better but that its just overall such a nice idea! If you run accross any other similar sites, let me know! it seems like it would be quite a labor of love to run about in the morass of the internet looking for good stuff instead of rants or grimness. Smile. I will look up the good news network and see how I like that one! Thanks for mentioning it. :angel:
  8. Eleanor


    Hello All, I know we are not allowed to post url's/websites. So instead I am suggesting that if anyone has interest, go to google and type in 'happy news'. The first site that comes up is very cool! :dance: I occasionally go on 'news fasts' where I simply avoid bbc and cnn because I get tired of starting my day or worse yet ending it, with murder, mayhem and an overall filter of 'life sucks and is very dangerous' over it. That stuff can sometimes linger and color everything you see or do. Recently I did a search under various phrases for good news sites and found the one I mentioned. It has recent news stories that are not grim. There is a quirky little story about the worlds smallest library (houses only 40 books) in NYC....if you follow the link to another paper there are really cool photos of it. Its built out of a repurposed water tank. Its actually one of the free libraries, meaning take a book, leave a book. They are all over the US now and its so amazing to me that no one steals the books and seldom have I heard of them defacing them which is...happy news indeed. So anyways....google happy news. There are links on the left for international...news, which is where the library story is. Not sure why on earth its called international as its mostly U.S. there but there are a few stories that are not from here. There are write ups on volunteers in unlikely places like the white house (imagine the paperwork THAT takes), some tech news though clearly on the light & shallow side. They also pepper the site with neat sayings too. I didn't notice much adverts on there so I think its might be someones 'gift to the world' or something but I'm not sure of that. :)
  9. Eleanor

    Russian proverb

    Excellent, I will post more of them, (when I have time) with 1200, there are many for me to find useful and amusing. :) haha...here is another one that I find good and also smile provoking... "Bad rats require good cats". Smile.
  10. Eleanor

    Russian proverb

    Lately, I've been finding many great quotes to do with putting energy into what will feed you and what you want, not into what you do not or what is completely unsuitable. Or putting more into a thing than you will get back sensibly. This one came from a book of 1200 Russian proverbs that found me in Goodwill the other day. "However good the horse, it is not worth golden horseshoes"
  11. Eleanor

    True Love

    Very well said! I just read a funny article online about just this topic. It was all about caring too much about what random people who do not matter in our own life (or should not) think about us and judge us as & for. And refocusing on the people who are a valuable part of your life.. Putting your energy in the right places & situations It was funny because it was spoken in a very mmmm...'earthy' manner that would not be 'quite' appropriate here but it very much got its point across well. Smile.
  12. Eleanor

    Angel in My Dream?

    Sounds like that old Christmas movie. And also sounds quite Useful! It will be interesting to hear if anything changes in your daily life in the coming days and weeks from the dream. I've had very similar dreams in flavor that have heralded transformational times for my life, my personality or both.
  13. Eleanor

    don't you just love it

    THOSE are the sort of synchronicities we want to inculcate for sure!!!! Good for you and your budget Nigel!
  14. Eleanor

    Medium Practice - Spirit Readings, Please read

    No, there isn't...I simply thought I was getting confused...and miss-remembering. Have a nice evening.
  15. Eleanor

    Medium Practice - Spirit Readings, Please read

    how Interesting, I just dropped in and noticed that there are comments here that I made via what I was under the impression was a PM. Curious. hahaa. All I get, sorry...is that she is some flippin spirit that does Not Belong With or To me and that she's there instead of here! ha haha. I live right next to a nursing home and in a converted hospital. I like my etheric privacy and so I clear my space daily of anything that comes a wandering. So if you went poking in my auric field, which sometimes happens I feel, in my not at all humble opinion, subconsciously, when we don't get a direct connection.....she might have decided that she'd have a say so to you. She sounds like a nurse...or I should say feels rather like one. You have already done several readings that were quite good enough for me. Pat yourself on the back for all the hits you have been getting and don't focus on a few random unrecognizeable bits! And make sure you give yourself downtime. I spend a lot of time here right now because I have some time, but I do rows of sewing and crochet and such or clean house, between comments. Its grounding and centering, yada, yada. Not to say you are not, but figure its worth mentioning.