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  1. Beware_of_Italics

    Kristin's Emporium of Ramblings

    Yeah, that's how it is in my family as well. Both my mother and sister, and then an aunt.
  2. Beware_of_Italics

    Kristin's Emporium of Ramblings

    Thanks. :) After 9 months of having practically no internet, let the blog rambling commence..... I moved into this house a few days before Thanksgiving. It's brand new, and I don't personally feel anything here, spirits-wise, but twice now my mother has heard voices in my room. (Why is it always like that? Even at the other house this was happening). The first time was before we had even moved in. The house was empty, and my mother was sitting in the middle of the living room floor when she heard a man's voice coming from my bedroom. She couldn't make out exactly what he said, but he was talking a lot. She said he had kind of a deep voice. The second time, she heard something not inside my room but she did hear my voice. (Something that has also happened before at our other house... which was also a new house by the way). She was getting ready in the morning when she heard me talking. (Which I wasn't. I was in the other room and not talking at all). When this happened to her at the other house, what she heard was me shouting, "Mom, Help me!" (At the time I wasn't even awake, as it was still early in the morning and I was asleep. My door was shut, my room was upstairs, and I don't talk in my sleep). I just think that's a little strange. Why does this happen?
  3. Beware_of_Italics

    TV Psychics

    I really liked Chip Coffey on "Psychic Kids." He was so good at mentoring those kids and helping them face their fears and come to terms with their abilities. I also like Theresa Caputo. I think she is one of the most talented mediums out there, although I do wish she would ask permission to read people before blurting everything out. I just think that asking first would be more respectful, even though I know it'd be hard to put the brakes on when Spirit is so adamant on communicating. (My mother has that problem, which is why she chooses to turn it off completely most of the time. When ignored, Spirit can be.... annoying? :blink: ) Kristin
  4. Beware_of_Italics

    Kristin's Emporium of Ramblings

    Finally am in the new house. We've barely been here a week and today the electrician and the plumbers had to come out. :angry3: This shouldn't be happening in a brand new house. In good news, it's nice to have tv and internet (more or less) back again. I've missed it.
  5. Beware_of_Italics

    Kristin's Emporium of Ramblings

    I have VERY limited internet until at least December (only posting to my blog every now and then), but I just had to say that I miss this place and all of you people so very much! Kristin
  6. Beware_of_Italics

    My Dream

    The house we're currently having built is small, and I have to tell ya that already I know it's gonna be hard. (And this family only has 2 grandkids; one graduating from high school this week and the other entering 11th grade. We don't really need those extra rooms but the more I think about it the more I realize that I'll miss having that privacy that comes with a large house). In a house like the one you described, I'd use the upstairs rooms for house guests and the grandkids. Also a craft room, or just a second bedroom to relax in with nobody bugging me. Just take the stairs up there a little s-l-o-w. :P It'd be worth it.
  7. Beware_of_Italics

    My Dream

    Since the bear is blocking your path to the house, maybe it's telling you to sleep on it first? When it got up and then left, it did clear the path for you to the house. He then walked into the woods, and to me the woods can mean confusion. What I take away from it is that you either need to sleep on it before making a decision, or to just relax about hitting any 'roadblocks' B) when looking for a new home. Either way, I don't think it's a big warning not to buy this house. The bear seems to have been pretty laid back about it. And Eleanor made a good point about that play on words there. :P
  8. Beware_of_Italics

    Life on other planets...spiritual perspective

    100%! And think about when someone sees a ghost or hears one. Perhaps it isn't always a spirit or imprint that they're experiencing. It could be someone very much alive, only in another dimension. Maybe sometimes they just filter through our own dimension, either intentionally or unintentionally.
  9. Beware_of_Italics

    Kristin's Emporium of Ramblings

    - There was a really bad fire in Houston the other day. The worst in the Houston Fire Department's 118 year history they keep saying. Four firefighters were killed and others are injured. Something like 40,000 people were expected to attend the memorial service. The son of my mother's 2nd cousin is one of the injured firefighters in critical condition. He's had both his legs amputated. They do surgery on him every other day and are keeping him unconscious. I've never met him, but I can't stop thinking about him and his family. What's a little odd is that one of our neighbor's used to be engaged to their brother I think, and another old neighbor of ours knows him really well. They're best friends, and they were even in the marines together. He's been to the hospital to see him already. - Closing isn't until the end of June, but most of us are moving out of here on Friday. It's gonna be a hard day because 1). we have the 3 animals, one which is my 18-year-old cat in failing health and 2). it's going to take several trips (a 2 hour drive one way) and we didn't hire any movers. :wacko: We're doing it all ourselves. Which frightens me because Mom has no business being in that heat. (It's HOT and humid here in the summer). Mom got heat stroke last year, and ever since then she has to be extra careful in the heat. (The doctors told my mother and cousin both this when each of them got heat stroke last year. They say that once you've had it, your body can't handle another attack). Mom got it so bad back then that it almost killed her. Really, Dad had no business not hiring movers. Not only because of Mom's heatstroke, but she has a bad knee and already her ankle is giving her fits. Not to mention that they're just too old to be doing this. I'm moving everything too of course, but I can't help with the heavier furniture at all. - I think I'm going to miss having internet. I've been without it before, for the 2 weeks after Hurricane Ike, and that was fine but we're talking about several months here. :o Living in that little house is gonna be hard. No internet, only 1 television (without dvr), and only 1 of the bathrooms works (and barely). I'm also worried about the mice, but that is getting under control now. Note to Self: It's only temporary. It's only temporary. It's only temporary. --------------------------------------------- So it's now Thursday. A lot of stress. We started loading things into the truck and it's 100 degrees. 100 degrees in the HOT sun with no clouds.... followed by weather bulletins of 80% of rain on the way with 60mph winds. Not good timing when you've sold your house and the closing date hasn't even arrived yet. Not until the end of the month. I'm really worried about those high winds. And these dogs are getting on my last nerve. Maddie and Abby were really good at first, but Izzy has been freaking out the entire time and now she's stressing them out. And Maddie knows a storm is coming, so that's frightening her. I can't wait until this is all over with. I don't even know how we're going to fit all our stuff in that little house since we already have so much up there. And WE SHOULD HAVE HIRED MOVERS! Dad will do anything to save a buck.... even if it runs us into the ground. (Especially Mom who has to be extra careful not to get too hot. And it is soooooooooo veeeery HOT out there right now. It's absolutely miserable, and here we're moving in it).
  10. Beware_of_Italics

    higher self/lower self

    This is just how I see the Higher Self. Whether it's true or not is anyone's guess, and please just bear with me with my explanation. It's a little strange, but we're talking about a strange topic here. :huh: I've always had trouble envisioning the higher self until I came up with the wacky example I'm about to type below: The only way I can wrap my mind around it is to imagine several "marionettes" of myself. My Higher Self is the genuine/original me, and that higher self is the one holding the strings to the other me's (aka marionettes) living lives in all time periods... planets... parallel universes... etc. My Higher Self has all sorts of plans to spiritually evolve, and in order to follow through with those plans that higher self has to be the one in charge of all those other selves elsewhere in the Universe, etc. It's my Higher Self that is 'pulling the strings' so to speak. Making this and that happen, in order to grow and learn and evolve. And to communicate with the higher self, I would think you'd have to be in a still place. Quiet the mind from outward distractions and look more inward. And the lower selves... never heard of that, but my guess is it would be the "marionettes" of the higher self which I tried and probably failed to explain well. :lol:
  11. Beware_of_Italics

    Help for 'psychic students'

    I am so glad you wrote that. I've always had trouble meditating. If anything, it makes me feel restless. And Jaimie, have you ever tried listening to music (instead of meditating) to help? Classical music, nature soundtracks, etc. Some people even prefer white noise, Hemi-Sync Wave or binaural beats/rhythms. You can find all these on YouTube.
  12. Beware_of_Italics

    Kristin's Emporium of Ramblings

    So this morning I decided to take a break from packing. Apart from the computer desk, there's no furniture left in the upstairs living room. I've had to make a little palette of blankets and pillows on the floor since there's nowhere else to relax up here. My parents left early this morning to move more boxes up at the other house, so after I fed the cat and let Abby play outside for a while, we went upstairs to relax. (My feet are a little sore from walking down all these stairs carrying boxes and furniture lately). After eating breakfast and enjoying a little iced mocha, I put in my "Miss Potter" dvd. Abby snuggled under the blankets next to me and fell asleep as I scratched her tummy. (Yes, she is very spoiled but she deserves it). I was feeling pretty melancholy just watching the special features, and after I was about 10 minutes into the watching the actual movie my mother calls and announces that THE BUILDING OF OUR HOUSE HAS BEGUN! Only yesterday we received a letter in the mail saying that the process will be started. They didn't mention an actual date, so we assumed it'd be a few weeks from now. But as you can see in the pic below, we were wrong about that. :) It's gonna be a little house. VERY little, which is going to take some getting used to after living in the spacious house we're in now, but we're okay with that. (Okay, so we do wish we'd gone a little bit bigger but it's too late to change that now. Our workshop that we'll build will more than make up for that). We're happy to downsize, and at least now we have 2 acres to plant and garden anything we wish! I know that 2 acres isn't much, and our place won't exactly be "country," but to us it's close enough. It's certainly better than living in a neighborhood where the houses are all so close together. I'm gonna love having more privacy... and most especially having COWS and a donkey named "Hugs" as my neighbors! :wub: I think that, for the first time in my life, getting away from the city and having cows - aka "Gods of the Country" as I call them - as my neighbors will finally make me feel like I'm living in Texas. And I'm definitely getting myself a pair of working cowgirl boots! On a rather bothersome note though, I won't have internet after the end of this week. :o We won't have it until we're settled into our new house, which probably won't be until October or November at the earliest.
  13. Beware_of_Italics

    ummm not sure how to title this one

    This sounds to me like you were half awake/half asleep. Perhaps you had been astral traveling before you woke up? I only mention this because I've heard that on the astral plane your thoughts become reality in an instant. Maybe something spooked you right before re-entering your body, or whatever thought you were having at the time manifested the little girl that you saw. Sorry if I'm not explaining this well. :huh: And about languages, I've never experienced that but all the time I dream that I have an Irish accent. :P It's kind of strange.
  14. Beware_of_Italics

    Past lives and gender

    Years and years ago I used to have a lot of past life dreams, and back then I didn't even believe in them. They just... happened. I actually think they started after I had my first 'vision' of a past life. (I don't receive visions, and at the time all I knew was that I was confused and that this vision came completely out of nowhere. I didn't even ponder the possibility that it was Past Life related at first; since I wasn't into that kind of thing at all). But in a couple of those dreams (all the same life I think) I was a male. Some unmarried businessman, and I was a pretty happy person. I'm still not comfortable with being a man back then though. Being male just doesn't feel natural to me at all. :blink: On a spiritual level, I get it. I understand that, but looking back from now... don't like it.
  15. Beware_of_Italics

    The person above you