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  1. Vit

    What is this?

    May be, smwht magic. To check up fire a church candle, keep near a head and pray: - Lord, have misery! - and so on. If it will crack - magic. What to do after - read my blog.
  2. I can see my past lives without any meditation. Simply look.
  3. Vit

    Karma and rebirth

    They decided the queston about reincarnation with a simple voting, that it does not exist.
  4. Vit

    Do you believe in reincarnation?

    I do explain. There may be some variants. Saints do not need a reincarnation. Habitants of other upper worlds may reicarnate. From the hell - never. From other downworlds may go up, if somebody will pray for him. Till the Judgment.
  5. Vit

    Negative spirits.

    Invisible world is occupied densely. Some essenses are frienly, others - hostile. To count all of them too many. Want know more, read my blog.
  6. Holy Spirit I do undestand like 1 from many TV channels. Main frequency, some info and so on. They in the Heaven eat an energy from it. Another essences from the underworlds eat an energy with more slowly frequecy.
  7. Vit

    Karma and rebirth

    Christian world denies these things due to the decisions of the fourth Universal Cathedral.
  8. Vit

    I'm seeking some love guidance...

    You must decide the love matters with yourself. Nobody may advice you.
  9. Vit

    In love with two men

    Try to switch on your head to choose.
  10. Every1 makes his life with himself. What a future you want to know? Nobody can prophit it to an unknown man. I can say, if you learned bad you will be a worker with a little money.
  11. I've understood, you can't select a boyfriend. Right? Switch on a head. Nobody may help here.
  12. Vit

    Need some guidance on what to do

    Email me his photo and I'll reply. Similar a magic.
  13. Vit

    Healing Schizophrenia

    Is it a problem nowadays? Use a translator. And you can email me. Profile - Send email.
  14. Vit

    had an interesting experience

    May be it was an optical phenomenon or your adjna opened.
  15. Vit

    Healing Schizophrenia

    And right now I guessed, what to do. My blog URL is in my profile.