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  1. bowledover822003

    Getting back spasms

    PG I have had a recent injury to my upper right knee and a lady who did a massage on me found my quadriceps were quite tight, the ankles have both had injuries but not recently
  2. bowledover822003

    Getting back spasms

    I saw the physio on Saturday and he did some treatment but at the moment it is still giving me lots of discomfort particularly on the right side in the lumbar and sacral spine
  3. bowledover822003

    Getting back spasms

    This morning I have woken up with some back spasms and I haven't been able to get any relief,can you give me some healing
  4. bowledover822003

    birds in a circle

    This evening as I was riding home I saw a large group of Carnaby cockatoos flying around which I often see before rainfall but this time instead of flying to the west or north west which is where our rainfall usually comes from in the summer months in Perth Western Australia they flew around in a circle,I have never seen them do this before and I wondered if anyone has seen birds do this before major weather events?
  5. bowledover822003

    New Year Manifestations

    this afternoon I went into a store and surprised a few people with my knowledge of crystals and what they can be used for,suddenly I had 3 people say I should apply for a part time job at their stores
  6. bowledover822003

    Funny things guides say

    I was wondering if you have had anything that your guides have said to you that made you laugh
  7. bowledover822003

    New Year Manifestations

    I am making some progress, I am looking at what I can add to my resume and also finding clothing that I can wear to an interview
  8. bowledover822003


    I would pay for some needy peoples meals or hot drinks and ask the universe to give them blessings
  9. bowledover822003

    White Wizard Wednesday

    In September last year I applied to be part of a training course which gave people the opportunity to do paid public speaking but I didn't get in
  10. bowledover822003

    White Wizard Wednesday

    I hope to get a bit of a holiday in soon even if it is just a weekend away
  11. bowledover822003

    Healing the forum

    I will definitely join you all in clearing away this unwanted energy from the forum
  12. bowledover822003

    White Wizard Wednesday

    I was wondering what you see coming up for me
  13. bowledover822003

    Chakra repair

    A few nights ago I had a dream where I was asked to go to the licensing Centre and do a test, when I arrived I was told that I had to reattach some cords and I had a certain amount of time to do it in
  14. bowledover822003

    A friend having a baby and some boxes

    In this dream I had last night I was talking to a friend of mine in the northern hemisphere who shares my birthday and she told me she was pregnant,I then told her my partner was pregnant and she was expecting around the same time,I then went to the shops with my brothers and picked up some groceries and as we were about to leave I noticed some large boxes outside in the rain and each of them had a letter attached to them and they were for me and my brothers what does this dream mean
  15. bowledover822003

    A strange dream about my dad

    In this dream I had last night I was riding in an area where roadworks were underway and I was asked why, I said to the workers that I didn't know they were going to be working but in the end they stopped to let me through, I then went to the hospital because I had an appointment and then received a text message from my younger brother who said that my dad had gone missing from the hospital and the staff couldn't find him, I then received another message shortly after saying that he had been found in Fremantle WA after calling an eastern states newspaper and subscribing, I then found out that he was suffering from Alzheimer's and when I arrived at the hospital the staff had tied him to the bed to stop him from leaving the hospital