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    Clearing House

    In case you didn't know........ houses have energy too. So when you practice not just clearing the room you are tidying the mental personal space as well. A good thing to bear in mind when doing feng shui. It may be a good idea to ask for Archangel Raphael to step forward and to help you cleanse your personal space/home energies free of any negativity, doubt, fear, angry feelings, old irritation, free of anything that should not be there in your personal space at this moment in time, then ask for him to fill it with love, harmonious feelings of positivity, healing, things that should be there at this point in time. You can do this all by intention and stating your intention or also by deep cleansing e.g. smudging. But houses dating back have a lot of energy to them especially if you are situated in an old town like where I am which goes back to roman periods. This is the sole no pun intended reason as to why I have really started to send healing to landscapes too as its not just the house that the landscape is on but the landscape too around the house which could do with cleansing/healing energies, a pick me up if you like. As always, offer thanks as respect for the angelic help that you receive today if you feel drawn to work with this method. I think there is an exercise which you can visualise a grid to work the same way to churn out all the negative energies and to simply do this by saying spin out until it feels clear and then stop spinning etc. But I've forgotten who invented that exercise. So Best bet would be to use the above exercise as the house energy will effect the place that you're working in probably too. Also did you know that you can cut cords with Archangel Michael to where you have frequented or worked, the same as with cutting ties to acquaintances you can do the same with buildings? Just leaving these thoughts there with you when you practice doing feng shui.
  3. If I could ask for a little healing for my family today that would be greatly appreciated as there was some conflict in our home earlier so anything positive would be greatly received. Blessings and thanks Valoria
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    Kinda Newbie

    Hi folks Used to be on here a long while ago. I am 26 female from Colchester UK. I love all sorts of things ranging from faeries to crystals, crystal healing to divination, tarot, music, writing and reading both cards and books. I love connecting with animals, angels, healing energies doing a bit of earth healing as well as sending out positive energies via visualisation. I have recently started to meditate with regards to the earthly healing. I look forward to posting again more sharing what I know with knowledge that I've learned on my journeying. Blessings and peacefulness, may you strive to walk your path in peace as quoted from my guide, peace is the way forward. Valoria