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    Hello, I am Ashley

    My name is Ashley and I am currently living in Minnesota. I am glad to have finally found a forum such as this because I have so many questions. I felt such a strong pull to seek guidance yesterday and it brought me here, and I believe there is a reason for that. A little bit about me I am in school to become a marriage and family therapist as well as an art therapist. I think my spirituality is going to really help my career. I feel as though I am an indigo child and that it's my mission in life to make a positive change for people. I have always felt very different than others, and it resulted in me losing many friends out of high school. I can't complain, because I love the people in my life now...just always a bit misunderstood. My intuition is amazing, I love surprising myself. I want to learn how to get in tune with it more accurately, and I'd also like guidance in finding my spirit guide. I posted about the strange things that happen around electronics with me in the Psychic & Spiritual Guidance forum if anybody would like to take a look. Also under the Universal Guidance I posted about indigo children as I would love to get more information! Thank you all, looking forward to much enlightenment here.
  2. Ashley

    Indigo Children

    I have been told by a number of people that I am an indigo child, and have researched it a bit...but was wondering if anybody could tell me some more. Direct me towards information or meditations.
  3. This is something that has been going on for at least the last 5 years (that's when I began noticing). It's not everyday, but probably at some point something happens each week or so. It's basically just electronics. At my old house, I would be watching TV, and the entire system would randomly shut down completely, but the screen itself would sometimes go blank other times shut off. When I first started noticing, the comcast box would read 88:88. Oh, and I forgot to mention that 85% of the time it happened at 3:00 am. I have a pretty big issue with sleeping, mostly just falling asleep. I began to feel really uncomfortable when I was alone at night, always felt like I wasn't actually alone. I ended up purchasing sage, but it didn't hold things off for too long. I spent the night at a friend's house one night after a party, sleeping on the couch in the living room. My friend was on the other couch, and we weren't really watching TV, but trying to go to sleep while it was on. I don't remember now, it's been years, but the system shut down between 2:50 am and 3 am. This freaked me out too because it was the first time something happened outside of my home. Anyways, I moved about two years ago to a new city. At first nothing weird was happening. Then I started to get annoyed because the TV now in our loving room would shut off completely as well as the whole system. It happens so often I actually forgot about what used to happen, because I just figured it was our Charter or something. Anyways, the other day my mom and I were in the kitchen with the TV playing in the living room...it shut off and she freaked. I guess she has never seen it happen, even though she watches just as much TV as I do. The past two weeks my wind-shield wipers have had a mind of their own. Starting randomly out of nowhere, or when it's raining and I have them on they won't turn off. I found a really strong pull to post about this today, randomly, which tells me somebody out there is meant to read this and give me guidance. *As I'm typing this on my laptop, a different laptop that is on a nearby table that has been on sleep/standby all night, randomly lit up to the MSN homepage. I just want to know if this happens to other people, or if there's something I should be looking into. My intuition has always been strong and spot on but this has me confused.[/font][/size]