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    How does one know?

    I can only offer that I have had the same experience, EAM. i even asked one published seer I had a chance to see at a speaking engagement if she found her visions came to her on a similar mental level to imagination. I don't have the fortune to get visions that are clear and distinct. They often merge into my consciousness uneventfully as if a memory that was placed there without a corresponding event that inspired it.
  2. fellixe

    Tarot Spreads

    A good place to start with the runes is the Ralph Blum set. The clay runes have a good, neutral feel to them and the book is a good starter for understanding the runes. Although it deals with the Younger Futhark which is a slightly different set I also recommend the Rune Poem to help round out one's understanding of the runes. Also, A Practical Guide to the Runes by Lisa Peschel is a very good resource for understanding with the runes. I have since moved on to using 2 different sets and have developed a more shamanic approach to understanding each rune as it shows up in a casting, but the resources above are the foundation I built that all on.
  3. fellixe

    Magic! or is Magick? um Witchcraft? uh High Magic?

    Stubborn isn't all bad. Sometimes we encounter obstacles and the lesson is to see if we really are motivated enough to overcome them. So it's good sometimes not to be put off by the first hint of difficulty. But it sounds to me like you read the situation well. Repeated and profound signs cautioning us to go no further are best heeded. The warning signs may only continue to intensify and bring real harm if we continue to push through them.
  4. fellixe

    Tarot Spreads

    Once I had a reading from Silver Ravenwolf and she used her Silver Spread. It's simple, really. A common Celtic Cross spread except with runes cast to accompany each card, giving greater detail to each point in the reading. Over time I found the Druid Animal Oracle and came to appreciate the simplicity and naturalistic feel of the system. Based on the Medicine Cards which use Native American animal totems for each card the Druid Animal Oracle does essentially the same thing but using Druidic legends and symbolism to fill in the interpretive possibilities for each card. Eventually the Carr-Gomms who created that set decided to create another using plant lore and herbalism as a basis. They designed the cards in the same way they designed the Animal set right down to the same size and shape of each card and the two sets, aside of being of different colors on the backings, go well together. Now when I read I use that combined Animal/Plant Oracle and most often a 3 card reading which offers a past/present/future view of a circumstance for the querant. But I also incorporate that bit from Silver and cast a rune for each card to help define better what the card is telling me about.
  5. fellixe

    Magic! or is Magick? um Witchcraft? uh High Magic?

    You raise some good points, and yes, it would probably be a lifestyle change to take a turn to the magickal. As mentioned above it is something I decided not to do any longer either. I think probably because all along I knew what I was there for and it wasn't to become deeply invested in a dogma or to become an habitual followers of rituals and rites. I've always wanted a deeper understanding of the world. So the studies and initiations involved in getting deeper into magic have eluded me since they really are commitments, as if marrying ones very belief system. I've been blessed with a spirit that refuses to surrender to the idea of being defined and restricted in the ways that practitioners of magick tend to do - building walls between this kind of energy and that and categorizing different flavors of Spirit. One good example is the handling of an oracle such as a Tarot set or rune stones. Often times you will encounter readers who do not believe in letting others handle their cards even when they are casting a reading for that person. My attitude is and always has been different. Why would I want to put a barrier in between the natural ebb and flow of energy in the world? And if that barrier is between the oracle I read with and the one requesting the reading then isn't that kind of like trying to get the temperature of something you refuse to allow your thermometer to come in contact with? I prefer to allow my cards and myself for that matter to be one with the world around. There are those times when an energy should be resisted in order to prevent it having a negative influence on my own. But rather than going about my daily life walled up I prefer to stay open to all that is out there and trust that my own intuition with the help of Spirit will give me enough notice of when I have to be wary of a harmful presence.
  6. fellixe

    Magic! or is Magick? um Witchcraft? uh High Magic?

    Thank you, too, for offering your honest opinion and opening the door for me to look at this issue in a new way. And to Chiili for raising the question. I'm kind of at a place in my life where I've been looking back at my path and the decisions I've made and this has been one exercise in that which has been useful to me.
  7. fellixe

    Magic! or is Magick? um Witchcraft? uh High Magic?

    Interesting. The naming issue is actually a pretty good place to start in terms of coming to understand the form and function of magic, or magick. Before I get too much deeper into the subject I'll say that I have practiced wicca in a couple of forms and also been involved with a group that practiced their version of druidry. Interesting experiences all, although the culmination of those experiences for me has me now at a place in life where I continue to pursue none of those practices, but do have a place in my heart for some of the traditions and understandings. The idea behind renaming among practitioners of magick is to create a clean slate from which to begin shaping the most important of magickal tools, the self. When assuming a magickal name the practitioner is creating a vessel for the energies they wish to embody. It is like creating a role model to follow but getting to be that role model at the same time. the intention is to become the person in your magickal works that you wish to be rather than the person who has happened by chance as a result of events you had no influence over. Culturally there are numerous examples of this same idea. You are right, though, in that some names have an inherent quality to them just as a result of the sound of the words or the images that those words evoke. This isn't lost on the practitioner. Some go to great pains to choose a name that creates an imagery or portrays a kind of energy very much in alignment with the person they hope to make themselves into. And like a stage name or pen name the magickal name is sometimes used to create a separation between the individual as magickal practitioner and the individual who goes to work and folds laundry to provide a delineation between the different kinds of energy between one and the other. Some even have several different names to provide a separation between differing kinds of magick that they practice, maybe using one name for healing work and another for work with spirits. All of this is just one face of magickal practice. But it provides a good window into the thinking behind it. The idea in magick is to create a relationship with the energies of the world and the varying faces of Spirit that is different from that which might naturally occur during the course of attending to the needs, wants, and desires of an average life. Just as the normal person walks in a way that is a natural result of the gait they may have seen their parents walk with or because of the shape of their feet and the condition of their posture while the actor learns to walk in varying different ways to create different characters and create emotions and reactions from others, so too does the magickal practitioner take an affected approach to their relationship with energy and Spirit so as to create the desired result rather than settle for the natural result of the person they just happened to be.
  8. fellixe

    Magic! or is Magick? um Witchcraft? uh High Magic?

    Really? I haven't read very many of Silver's works but I've had a chance to meet her and spend a little time around her. I thought she was good people, generally. I learned part of my reading style from her. Granted she isn't or at least wasn't terribly careful about her associations. Where and how I met her was testament to that. But that she had the good sense not to return redeemed her some to me. I'd honetly be interested in hearing why you dislike her. Not to be argumentative, but because it sounds like you may know something I do not.
  9. fellixe

    Becoming Addicted To Tarot Cards

    I didn't get a glittery cloth If you like the animal deck you will probably also like the Plant deck when it comes to America in August. I couldn't wait and had one sent over from England. It is really, really cool and is going to make the combined deck a very thorough oracle. But it had no glittery cloth...
  10. fellixe

    Becoming Addicted To Tarot Cards

    There's a number of good ways to learn them. One is to check in with this site's chat schedule and see if any classes in tarot are coming soon. I also found some courses on YouTube which can be helpful, but there are quite a few courses from different sources and some of them actually contradict the information in others. So it will take some of your intuition when checking these out, or any other source, before deciding to accept the information offered in them.
  11. fellixe

    Becoming Addicted To Tarot Cards

    *lighting candle* Hi, my name is fellixe and I am also a Tarot-holic. :P I don't have too many decks but I could if I gave in to the impulse to buy everytime I saw an interesting one. I guess the big trick is to let the deck come to you if there is a need for it. When you have to go seeking it and it seems to be evading you it may be because it is more a want than a need. But sometimes satisfying a want is too hard to avoid. I use the Druid Animal Oracle most often of all my decks and it's companion deck, the Druid Plant Oracle is now available in the UK. But since I'm an American in Oregon I'd have to wait until August like all of America and Australia before any of the local shops will have it in stock. So I gave in and spent the money to have a deck sent to me from the UK. It was just too shiny and candy-like for me to resist! :D
  12. fellixe

    Poll on Rising Signs...

    Oops! I had a brain lapse and voted my moon, Aries, instead of my rising sign, Capricorn.
  13. fellixe

    Your Powers and Abilities

    To quote a great artist: "What powers you ask? I dunno how 'bout the power of flight? That do anything for ya? That's levitation, holmes. How 'bout the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away... with mind bullets! That's telekinesis, Kyle. How 'bout the power..... to move you?" Not that that has anything to do with me. I just like to quote Tenacious D. B)
  14. fellixe

    Familiar Feelings

    I'm not an astrologer by any stretch of the imagination. But I was recently reading a post by a friend who is who was discussing that Pluto has just come out of Sagittarius after many years and is now moving on to Capricorn. So as far as timing this seems to fit. For myself I have seen many signs telling me the same thing. This period we have been in is passing and a new one is coming about. From what little I do know of astrology maybe leaving contemplative Sagittarius behind and moving on to Capricorn means that we should be prepared for underlying forces in our lives to move from a period of causing reflection to a period in which our way of looking at things will need to change and become more fluid. We might see things we have seen in the past but in a way which cautions us to be aware of the differences, open and more accepting of them. Or maybe things we have been open and accepting of we will be called to be more wary of. In any case we should not be so prepared to take things at face value just because we think we recognize the face.
  15. fellixe

    cranio sacral therapy

    Wow, it really is a genuine type of therapy. I had to look it up to figure that out. I guess I need some for myself. I'd heard it used as a joke before and thought that was all there was to it. Cranium= head, sacrum=base of spine=butt. :lol: If it isn't a joke it still makes for a good one.