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  1. KhroniKali

    Anyone want to practice or test themselves?

    We don't have a whole lot of blue in the kitchen BUT we do have some blue plastic organizers and some blue containers we use for medical and art supplies right out of the kitchen. We also have a small book shelf in the kitchen area that we use for books and dishes. The apartment is a HUGE mess so nothing is really where it should be but mail and books do end up all over the kitchen table area that's built in which serves as some of the kitchen table as well. That's where a lot of the blue containers are at the moment I believe. He looked around there and couldn't find them, but that was actually one of the spots I was thinking as well except I kept picturing it on the floor for some reason. And like I say, it's a HUGE mess so just because he doesn't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. :P I'll have to go out there and help I think. :) That was actually one of the first places I had him look, under and behind it. He couldn't see it. We have two cats who both like to sleep on the couch quite a bit so I was thinking maybe they knocked it off somewhere. It wasn't under or behind the couch but the couch is actually right where the kitchen table/counter and the blue containers are (which is what was spoken about up above) so we probably are on to something. Maybe we need to look in between those spots. It's a small apartment (around 325 sq ft) so a lot of the areas we have are almost in the same area such as the kitchen and living room where the couch is. If someone gets it right, or even just want more information, I'll take a photo of where it is or the areas you all are talking about to see if that helps. I'm the type that would rather have less information at first so I won't post that unless it's asked for and as long as there isn't any identifying information in the photo, because this is the place where that kind of information can't be figured out huh?! :P Kidding. :)
  2. If anyone wants some practice with lost items, I've got one for you. It's not an emergency and we can get another one of needed so don't stress. It would just be much better to find this one if possible. My fiance is my medical caregiver. He has to send in these timesheets every two weeks to show how many hours he worked for me per pay period. He sent it in about a week ago but forgot to put a stamp on it so it was returned to us. He remembers setting it down on the couch but when he looked for it today it was nowhere to be found. Thank you in advance to anyone who tries this. Remember, don't stress but it wouldn't definitely be helpful if we could find this one instead of requesting a new one. Even I tried a bit but we couldn't find it where I felt it may be. Maybe I'm just too close to the situation knowing where things are for sure rather than being able to feel it. :P Please feel free to ask if you need any other information as well. ---WARNING!--- Below I will put a description of what we're looking for. If you're the type that would rather have less information, don't read below. Inside the Envelope: The timesheet is half a sheet of standard paper. It comes as a full sheet but once it's filled out it has to be torn at a perforated mark. The paper is mostly black and red ink with words and boxed on it that is then filled out with a black pen where the hours are written. On the other side of the paper there are two signatures and two dates by my fiance (the provider) and myself (the recipient). The Envelope: The envelope is the size of about a half of sheet of standard paper. It's smaller than a letter envelope but larger than the shorter version of a letter envelope. On the area where the destination name and address is written, we aren't sure of the exact writing but it says something to the effect of (IHSS Processing Center). On the area where the starting name and address is written, it has just the standard information which I don't want to say here but it's something like (K********* M******, 3*** ***** *** #*, S**** **** *****, ** 9****).
  3. KhroniKali

    Please Help My Elderly Cat Angel

    I'm so sorry to hear about Theo. :( Today I went and got her paw print tattooed on me. I wanted to get it before something happened so it wouldn't always be a reminder of just the sad stuff. I know there's no guarantee and you can't always be sure, but do you think soon like days or soon like weeks or months? I know it's almost impossible to know for sure, but I've been crying myself to sleep every night thinking it could be the last night she has, especially since she is worse at night and she's been getting a bit more shallow breathing at night as well. I keep waking up putting my hand on her to make sure she's still breathing. Can you tell if she's scared? I hate that I can't explain to her why she's feeling so weird and sick. Well, I do explain it but I'm probably talking to myself. :P I'm so scared she's feeling scared about everything. If she is, what can I do? I'm pretty much bed ridden due to many rare medical conditions but I'm scared to leave the apartment at all, even with as little as I do. I want to make sure I'm here if she needs me. I'm trying not to be sad every time I'm around her because I want her to feel peace and comfort, but let's just say, I'm not doing a very good job... As far as the number three, I know today is the 3rd, her birthday is April 3rd, 2000, or I'm thinking something along the lines of three days or weeks or months, I'm not sure. Thank you so so much for responding. I keep telling her if she feels like anyone's trying to connect with her to let it happen and to send pictures, feelings, thoughts, anything. Again, I'm probably talking to myself with that, but hey, it's worth a shot! :) Oh, and is there something she needs or wants to do? Does she need more cuddling or am I suffocating her? Would she like me to take her outside? There's snow out so I didn't want to stress her out with the cols. But are you getting anything about what she needs or wants? Thank you so much.
  4. The photo below was taken about ten minutes before this post, so it is recent. My almost 15 year old cat Angel has been pretty sick for years. In the last month there have been some significant changes in her health for the worse. She's had lung issues for years but now she also has some thyroid issues and an infection at the moment. We know the diagnoses which I'm happy to say if it would help the reading but I'll not say what they are for now since some people prefer reading with less information. She's been having what seem to be seizures these last two weeks which prompted us to take her to the vet who did some tests. Her vet doesn't know why she's having the seizures since it's not something that matches up with the recent diagnoses. They're usually worse at night and last night I was crying because she wasn't doing well at all. This morning she was doing much better which was a breath of fresh air. I think the lethargy may have something to do with the fact that she's on antibiotics this week for the infection but we also had to start a new medication for her thyroid problems as well which unfortunately can cause her kidneys to fail as a side effect which her kidneys are already borderline failing. Because there has been so much change with her health this month it's hard to tell which symptoms and side effects have to do with which condition or medication. Again though, we still have no idea where the seizures are coming from. They're very short, between 2-15 seconds usually and they aren't too violent thankfully but they do seem to bother her, she completely loses her balance and at times go completely rigid with them. Basically, I wanted to see if anyone could tell me how she's feeling and what we can do to help her. I want to know if she's okay going along with the treatment. If we don't treat the thyroid, she will literally starve to death no matter how much she eats which I imagine would be very painful which is why we decided to go along with the treatment. I've had her since I was about 7 years old; I actually had her mother for a long time as well until she passed about 5 years ago. Angel is basically my daughter as I'm not going to be able to have children and she is SO much a part of the family, she's not just a pet. So I want to know how she's feeling with everything physically and mentally. Is she scared? Is she feeling really sick? Is she in a ton of pain? (She does have arthritis and she tends to limp worse on the days my arthritis is acting up as well so I know she's in pain and I try to have her lie on my microwavable sandbags when she can to help, but is she in any significant amount of pain or something different that she hasn't felt before? Thank you so much in advance with anything you can tell me whether it's just advice or a reading. I just want to be able to get inside her head and body so I can know better what she needs from us to keep her as comfortable as possible, getting her to feel as well as possible and to make sure she knows she's incredibly loved. I'm also up for any healing thought anyone wants to send. I'm a bit of a skeptic with some of this stuff but I am more than willing to be as open as possible, I'm desperate. Not to mention it's very obvious a LOT of you know what you're doing. Thank You so much for your time and consideration!
  5. KhroniKali

    Please Help Me Understand Her Better

    I am so sorry for the extreme delay in getting back to you. It's been a pretty busy week for me. I took this photo of her two nights ago but was unable to post it using my phone. The annoyed look on her face is because she was trying to sleep and 'mommy' kept getting her to look at me so I could get a decent photo of her face. :P Thank you so much for your response!
  6. I've attached a photo of my elderly cat Angel. The photo was taken a little over a year ago in a home we no longer live in. Basically I want to understand how she's feeling physically and mentally. I've noticed she seems to not be feeling as well lately and I want to know what I can do to help her. She is a bit older so I understand it's normal, but I'd like to learn if there's anything I can do to help. I just want to make sure she's happy. Below this I'll go into more detail but I wanted to leave this part as minimal as possible for those of you who like to work with less information. If you prefer doing readings with less information don't read below the dotted line. Thank you in advance to anyone reading this! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Angel is a 14.5 year old Siamese-Mix Cat who I've had since I was about 7. Her mother was a family cat that I had for about a year or two before Angel was born in a litter of 5. Basically long story short, Angel has a lot of medical problems. A few years ago I started noticing her have asthma attacks. One morning it seemed really bad so I rushed her to the vet. They found that one of her lungs collapsed, she has severe asthma, and her heart isn't in the anatomically correct location. As far as I know, her heart placement hasn't affected anything. She had to stay in an oxygen cage at the veterinary hospital. Afterwards I was able to bring her home and she did a lot better. Her lung has since then healed and she is having a lot less asthma attacks since being put on a medication. She's been overweight most of her life (like a lot) but she's been on a diet the last couple years and has lost a lot of weight (a healthy amount). I've noticed her limping quite a bit recently. I'm assuming it's arthritis which isn't uncommon for cats of her age, especially with her being overweight most of her life. I'm not able to tell if it's in her hips/shoulders, or elbows/knees, or her paws. From what it looks like it's coming from her shoulders and hips. She has an odd stance now which I assume is her way of favoring her legs when they're hurting. She has a ramp to get up and down from my bed instead of having to jump so much. I have arthritis myself so I can tell on the days I'm hurting from climate change, she also is limping more. I have a sandbag that we put on her at times but I can't tell if she likes it or not. She's also had a few episodes in the last couple years, about 3 or 4 of them. I think some were seizures, but the others I'm really not sure. She's get's really lethargic, doesn't want to eat or drink, starts peeing outside of her box (she's never had behavior problems with this so I don't feel it's behavioral). By the next morning she's all better again. The last week or so she's seemed a bit more tired and lethargic than normal. She's always been a cat who just lays around, she's never been really active. Her personality is still Angel so I don't think she's in excrutiating pain or anything, but I want to know if any of you are able to get any feel for where her pain may be located and what she thinks of it. I want to make sure she's still happy and I want to know if there's anything I can do for her to make her feel better. She definitely doesn't seem so sick she's not enjoying life anymore. It's more just I notice she seems to be having pain. If you guys are able to locate where it's coming from I would be more than appreciative. Does she like the sandbag (when she's not hot of course) or does it make her pain worse. I just want to know how she's feeling physically and mentally so I can know what I need to do to help her feel the best she can. Thank you so much for any information you may be able to give. You all are so incredible. Thank You!
  7. KhroniKali

    What color is my aura?

    I don't know much about auras and I'm not able to see them myself. So I was wondering, what color is my aura and what does it mean?
  8. I've never been one to ask for readings on love. I always figured whatever happens, happens. But I'm in a bit of a unique situation. I'm 22 and chronically ill. I met a guy almost two years ago online while I was living in a different state after a breakup. We started talking and he flew out to visit me twice. I think moved and we were able to see each other on an almost daily basis. We've been together now for a year and a half. For the most part, we're very happy. However, there are some things that I'm feeling, and I don't know if it's my insecurities because of the last breakup I had (it ended abruptly and fairly unexpected), or if it's my intuition. I'm usually pretty in tune when somethings going on, I just don't always know what it is. Early in the relationship something happened, a few times. I won't say on here what it was that happened, but maybe some of you can sense it. Anyways, I've been trying not to hold resentment for that but some of the stuff is still continuing and it's really hurting me. He's hiding it a lot and I'm not sure if he knows how much I know. But it hurts me, so I think I am holding some resentment. I've also just been getting this feeling like he's feeling trapped or something. With my medical problems I know I'm a lot to handle. I'm mostly bedridden so he has to take care of me and the house and everything. I recently moved much closer to him and he's basically living here. He has his own place, but he's been here every night since I've moved here a little over a month ago. He keeps coming back on his own, but for some reason I can't shake the feeling that he's just getting tired of it all. The only way I'm able to stay here is if I have him, if he leaves I have to move back in with my parents because I have no one to help take care of me. He knows I moved here so he didn't have to drive two hours every night after work to come see me. But there's just this feeling I get that something is wrong. I don't think he's cheating on me, but it feels like something is up. Is anyone able to give me any insight into this? Thank you in advance for any answers you may have.
  9. KhroniKali

    How do you receive your spirit guide?

    Not really. I've tried, but I've always been one of those people that's always full of anxiety, even when trying to sleep. So when I've tried meditating I can't actually clear my mind. I've tried in many different ways as well like lying down in bed, sitting in a garden, etc.
  10. Does everyone have a spirit guide and you just have to learn how to connect with them? Is it something you have to be born with, do they come to you or can you call out to them? If everyone already has one, how do you connect with them?
  11. KhroniKali

    My Father Dying

    :) Thank you, I really appreciate that. :)
  12. KhroniKali

    My Father Dying

    Actually, surprisingly no. Rarity just seems to run in the family. :P I MIGHT have his condition but we don't think so. Whether I do or not though I just happen to have the lucky draw of the deck of rare illnesses. I've got a few that all sort of overlap each other. But my father's is much more rare. Only about 300 people ever known to have it and about 100 living with it in the world today that's on record at least.
  13. KhroniKali

    My Father Dying

    Thank you Chamuel. I agree with that. I think I just needed to hear it from somebody. :) I'm also chronically ill and my condition is nearly surpassing his as far as severity now, so I think part of my guilt is that I can't just go and visit him at any time even though we only live an hour apart. Our bodies never seem to match up. I can be having a good day where I can sit up and maybe get out of bed and he's not feeling well enough for visitors or he's okay to get out but I can't sit up or talk at all. And yes, the first time I found out how severe his condition was, he seemed to be doing well. I've always known he was sick, but I didn't know it could take his life until he let it slip once at one of my doctor appointments. So I completely see what you're saying. Thank you so much for the reply.
  14. KhroniKali

    My Father Dying

    I just posted another Dream post but I also wanted to add this one which didn't fit with the other post I made. Basically my father is sick. He has been most of my life with a condition that is incredibly rare. It can and does kill the people who have it at a younger age but not extremely young. I think the oldest person to die with it was 65ish. My father is almost 50. My father has a severe form of the condition but seems to be doing a bit better in the last year or so. There is a chance that something pertaining to the condition can kill him any minute. For years I have been too scared to put my phone on silent because I'm worried I'll miss a text from my grandmother or step mom telling me he died or he's in the hospital and I need to see him. We had a strained relationship growing up but it's a lot better now. We'll never be close but we are comfortable. The strange thing is, he's seems to be doing a bit better (whether he is or he's just telling me he is) but in the last couple weeks I've had a couple dreams that he's died. It's never really dramatic, it's basically in the way that he's most likely to die from this condition. I remember the dreams feeling so incredibly real. I feel the empty hole in my heart and the regret and guilt of our relationship when I was younger. Even once I wake up and realize it's a dream I still have a slight empty feeling in my stomach and heart as if it did actually happen for an hour or so. I've had my dreams come true in the past quite a few times, sometimes with big things and sometimes with things that are so insignificant. Is this a dream I'm having just because my subconscious is telling me to make sure I tell him everything I need to before it happens or could this dream mean something more? Does it mean it's getting close? It's just strange to me that when he seems to be doing better I start dreaming about him dying. If it were my subconscious I would assume I would start dreaming this when he starts going down hill. I'm just not sure. He has a tendency of wanting everything to look perfect on the outside and doesn't like to talk about problems. That was part of our struggle when I was younger is him always trying to act perfect in front of everyone else until we got home. He was never emotionally there because he would just shrug it off when I would try and tell him something was bothering me so I just learned to bottle it all up. That's why I'm a bit nervous this could be one of those dreams that come true or is warning me because he does have a tendency to hide everything. Thank you to any of you reading this or who may have some insight into these dreams or anything else you may be able to read from me and the situation.
  15. KhroniKali

    Can Anyone Interpret These?

    First off, I want to thank anyone that is willing or able to try and interpret these dreams for me. They don't really seem important but they have been bothering me since they've really stuck out in my head after all of these years. They don't seem to be important but I'm not sure why they were so recurrent when I was younger. First off, I wanted to say that there are some questions as to whether or not I was sexually abused as an infant and/or child. I have no memory of anything happening but there are some things in my life and the lives of a couple particular people where it would make sense. My personality was always a bit different as a child and quite withdrawn which we were never sure if it was just my personality or if it was due to something happening. There were many signs, but again, no memory of anything. So if anyone is able to read into that as well please feel free to let me know. One of the dreams I would recurrently have is there would be a hand and arm that would come out of the wall in my bedroom right next to my bed and the hand would start tickling me all over my back. I remember it happening so much and being so disturbing to me that I would be afraid to go to sleep at night or lie on my side while sleeping because I didn't want to feel the tickling. There wasn't much more to it in the dream. It literally was just a hand coming out of the wall tickling me on my back. It wasn't bloody or odd looking at all that I can remember. I just remember hating the feeling of that tickling. That lasted for probably a few years and it seems like it happened every night for a while but I'm sure it was only about once a week or so. The other one is I constantly remember dreaming about this green bathroom. Literally, that was it. I would walk into this bathroom a lot in my dreams. There was nothing in particular happening in there, I just remember walking into the bathroom and recognizing it every time. For years it was just that, nothing happened except seeing the green bathroom. It was more of a mint/teal colored green. Nothing in particular that I can remember about it. Then I remember one time in the dream I had a paint pallet, just one of those water color pallets you have as a kid and I set it on top of a picture frame that was hanging in that bathroom. I don't remember what the picture was in that frame if there even was one. I then stopped dreaming about it for a few years. Then one night I had a dream about it again and I remember seeing that the paint was still there in the same place. As far as I remember, the bathroom always looked the same, but I can't really picture it real well now, but I do still remember the color of it clearly, it was always green. I don't know if the last dream I ever had about it was that time I walked in and saw the paint still there or if it was one time after that but the last dream I had about it I remember being in the bathroom and I don't remember why, if I heard something or saw someone or what but I walked out of the bathroom and there was a man there, I don't remember at all what he looked like or if he even had a face, but I remember them shooting me. I've never had that dream since then. It seems so insignificant but I just remember dreaming that so much as a child. It was probably around the same time as the tickling dream and maybe a bit after that as well. I also remember that even though the bathroom stayed the same, the house around it would be different sometimes. I remember part of me thinking it was home but that a part of me also didn't recognize the place at all. In real life I have no memory of a bathroom like that in person. But if I had a dream about it again I would completely recognize it. I'm not too sure what I believe about past lives, but I think I believe it's possible. I'm not sure if maybe this could be something from a past life or something like that. I've just recently started thinking about what my past lives could have been if they exist and thought maybe that bathroom could be something I knew in a past life. I'm not sure. I know the dreams seem so insignificant but they have just stuck with me so much all these years. Especially the tickling one I remember it being almost traumatizing to me. I was just so scared to go to bed at night because I didn't want to have that dream. I remember purposely trying to sleep on my back because I worried if I slept on my side, especially with my back towards the wall, the hand would come out and tickle me. I'm pretty sure I knew it was a dream, but I hated it. I would estimate those dreams were probably from the age of about 3 or 4 until about 8 or 9ish. With the bathroom dream it was about the same age but the last dream(s) happened when I was more around 12 or 13. I'd also like to add that I had dreams of being shot quite a bit when I was younger. What's weird is I don't really have a particular fear of being shot or anything like that, at least no more than anyone else. It's not something that takes over my life in real life. I've been around guns growing up, I love going shooting, I'm good at target shooting, I've lived in a bad neighborhood where guns went off quite a bit and it wasn't something that really affected me. I only lived in that area a few years ago so it was way after I started having those dreams. So as far as I know there is no reason for me to dream about being shot so much as a child. Thank you so much for anything you guys may be able to figure out with these. I know this is long and I really appreciate you all reading it and seeing what you get from it. So Thank You. :D