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  1. They can do things pretty fast after they pass, but I think they are more concerned with loved ones and them being alright than talking to a medium at that time. so they would probably prefer direct contact instead of a 3rd party if they could. I have talked to them a couple of months later, but not usually right after they die, except with my Mom, it was within the first week. My Mom also told my Sister if she could she would tap her on the shoulder at her wake, and that is exactly what happened. There was also this really cool butterfly at her service that sat on top of the flowers on the coffin even though it was extremely windy in the cemetery and it should have been blown away. Not only did it stay it went from flower to flower on the circular arrangement so everybody standing there on all sides got the opportunity to see it (my Mom loved butterflies). For over a year my Mom kept coming around, she would do things to my sisters computer, play with her hair, turn my stereo on and off, show up in our chats (she loved online chatting too), sent more butterflies, told me about a rainbow they would see as a sign, and as my other sister's plane was landing to see my sister on the 1st anniversary of her death, that was when the rainbow showed up. My Mom was just like when she was alive, they all are. I know some say it has to be "x" number of months and this and that condition before you can talk, but I contacted a guy who committed suicide (supposed to be very difficult to do) 2 months later for his daughters and he gave me very good verification for them to know it was real. I guess what I am saying is don't try to limit or define it, just let it be what it is. Some can communicate sooner, some can't, some get directly through, some need the channel, but there is no one right way, whatever way accomplishes the task is the way. They do.
  2. June

    Negative spirits.

    I have never tried to deny the negative aspects of myself or others or negative energy or beings, it is just that I have learned that I can choose what I want to interact with and focus on, and that is what I do.
  3. June

    Negative spirits.

    Whether it is a human spirit or a dark conglomeration, one thing is for sure, it needs an outlet. The obvious answer is not to give it one.
  4. June

    Negative spirits.

    I don't think of it as "evil" or "good". Dark entities I have encountered are more like energy suckers. They also like to play with people, manipulate them, maybe try to get them to do something "bad" (like a voice in their head). You don't have to listen to them of course, but some people become paralyzed with fear or feel they have to listen to "shut it up". I think what they are doing is more like living vicariously through people. I have also noticed they especially like teenagers, especially girls, and I don't think that is a coincidence. I think sexual energy can be very potent (spiritually speaking). I also wouldn't say I always think they are human spirits either, sometimes, not always. Think of being in an environment with a lot of negative energy, and eventually it just seems to take on a life of its own, I think the same thing can happen spiritually and become a "being" that is actually made up of energy that joined together and as a whole looks for something to attach to (I don't know if I explained that well but best I can do right now). Just MHO based on my own experiences and observations.
  5. I hear you Merlin, I see religion as mainly and foremost an effective way to control the masses. I don't believe I need any organized religion to be spiritual, and it is so much nicer being free from things like sin consciousness, having to believe another man will go to "hell" just because he doesn't believe the same thing you do, even if you have lived your life hurting others and he has done nothing but good. It is all so controlling, so confining, that I just came to think of organized religion (in general) as a "box". I decided I like living outside of the box.
  6. I am not afraid, and I will easily come out at work and say I do not subscribe to any organized religion. I guess I feel that just as I do not want them to push their beliefs on me, I don't want to push my beliefs on them either, but I will talk about them if asked. I generally consider it unprofessional to discuss religion or politics at work, and being psychic, well, that usually gets filed under the religion category.
  7. I don't think the Gnostic Christians looked down on being psychic, but they were pushed out of the mainstream. I would say it is because it gives you personal power (what I mean is your spidey senses can lead you in the right direction, tell you things you would not otherwise know, etc.). I don't find it a big leap to think that those who want to use religion for power and to control people would not want people to believe things that empower them, like that they are a part of God.
  8. June

    Test your skills!

    Ah, I was not sure about the ages. I saw your Grandmother pretty young, like 20s and 30s, then older, maybe 60s or 70s, but I only saw your Grandfather middle-aged and it was hard to figure out what the relation was. If I am not outright told I can only go by the appearance of it. I am glad I could help.
  9. June

    Test your skills!

    A tall, thin (at least when she was younger, I may be seeing a younger version) woman, dark brown hair around you, seems like it was a close even idyllic relationship. Then I also get a male around you that is very important to you, I want to say this is a Grandmother and a Father, but I am not positive on this, I just get the feeling the woman is older because the younger images of her look like 1950s or 60s vintage. This man is wearing a plaid short sleeved, button-up shirt, seems this person liked that type of shirt and wore that style a lot. Also a hat, the kind you would wear to protect yourself from the sun. Medium brownish hair. A silver colored ring with the initials EB, not sure if it is the ring or initials that are significant, or maybe both. Also somebody really likes pink flowers, tall ones, I can't think of what they are called. I think you know it is time to move on and let go, but sometimes when you think they are around you, you are right, they are. Just be glad about it and try to live your life in the best way you can, that is the best way to honor them. Hope this helps in some way.
  10. June

    Must There Be A Mediator?

    No, I live the way I do because of caring about others too, not just myself, so what happens afterward would not make any difference in that.
  11. June

    What makes you uniquely You?

    I think just being who you are makes you unique. As far as being open about psychic gifts, there are circumstances where I really don't think it is appropriate. I just live with the abilities I have and work them into my life, but I don't feel any big need to advertise. If I felt I had to say something to somebody, then I would do it, but even then I don't have to preface it, I can just say, hey, be careful on the way home today it is nasty out there, or something like that. I would never even think about telling a business associate about my abilities. I will talk about some of my beliefs on a personal level, but that is about it. It is not because I am ashamed, it is because if you are going to go out and work in the business world there are certain standards of conduct most companies expect you to adhere to. If I worked as a psychic, sure, I would talk about it, but honestly, in my line of work I think it would be totally unprofessional to do that, and I wouldn't do that any more than I would do any of the other things I don't consider professional behavior. Simple as that. Many times I have had people make comments about my intuition on the job (and other such things). I don't have to go around telling them, they can see for themselves if they notice that type of thing.
  12. June

    About speaking in tongues...

    Why is somebody expressing an opinion contrary to yours hostile? Why can't you have your opinion and allow others to have theirs? I think it is an attempt to control others if you call them hostile just because they don't agree with you. Do you want to have a discussion, or do you just want yes men who agree with whatever you say?
  13. June

    Must There Be A Mediator?

    This would make a very interesting subject of discussion, why don't you start one?
  14. June

    Must There Be A Mediator?

    The bible says this Fooze: "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time" (1 Tim. 2:5, 6). Basically, it comes down to you confess Jesus as your Lord and savior, then you are saved, born again, however you want to put it, meaning you go to heaven. If you don't, you go to hell. However, this necessitates more than just saying Jesus is Lord, it requires living as if you believe that. That is why I guess I find it confusing that many people don't actually seem to believe this (they believe something like all paths are valid, people find their own way to God, or some similar thing), yet in the next breath they say I am a (insert Christian denomination here). I guess my question is this: how do you have it both ways? From my standpoint, I don't think you can, so I decided not to play the game when I can't really follow the rules, but that is what is right for me, I can live with myself a lot better that way. To me all organized religion is just a construct, it is man trying to find a logical way to define and worship God, which is understandable. The ugly side is it is also used to control people "in the name of God", think of how certain groups (women, for example) have had to fight for their rights because of being oppressed by religion, and sadly there are many places to this day where women are treated more like property of men "in the name of god". There really aren't any organized religions immune from this, I am hard pressed to think of one where some have not abused it to control or even kill others. Just think of how many died in the Crusades and the Inquisitions, and that is only a drop in the bucket of how many have actually died mainly because of religion and the politics it inevitably involves. So many are controlled, abused, hurt, maimed, even killed in the name of some god for whatever reason, and I find myself asking, is it really worth it for the good that religion does when it is the force behind so much pain and suffering? I find that I prefer to walk the spiritual path and live by the principles I believe in (many which are the things that Jesus taught) while avoiding the whole organizational construct, that is what works for me. I believe those principles Jesus taught are right, but do I believe I need him as a mediator to save me from "hell"? No, I do not believe that. I believe we are all a part of God, we can all connect to the source without any mediator.
  15. June

    Must There Be A Mediator?

    I don't know, it pretty much sounds like our beliefs are very similar. I believe that the spiritual overrides the physical, so that what happens here is actually a manifestation of what happens there first. It is a lot of responsibility to be a Jesus or a Buddha, I would think they had a lot of spiritual assistance, man is just not that strong without that, I know I would have given up long ago were it not for spiritual assistance I have received.