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  1. Victoria

    New Forum

    Goodbye UPG! Thank you for the opportunities you have offered. Hello Soulbook!
  2. Victoria

    Guardian dog

    What?! Itching to find out!
  3. Victoria

    Getting back spasms

    Sending healing ... right side back -- responsibility. "I am only responsible for myself unless I choose to take some responsibility for others. (See your doctor again if pain persists.) Afterthought: I think you want to take on some responsibility but feel blocked by someone who doubts your capability.
  4. Victoria

    Young man 'P'

    Thank you everyone. :)
  5. Victoria

    New Old Love

    Good. Now, we know that where he is at is the product of a pattern instilled in childhood.
  6. Victoria

    New Old Love

    Try to work on letting go of any desired outcome and let it take its own shape -- see what happens. I am sorry to judge but I doubt his sincerity. Is he the auburn-headed one?
  7. Victoria

    Healing for my sister

    So that's why I was picking up on her. Sending healing light and asking for miracles from the angels.
  8. Victoria

    New Old Love

    Yes. Good awareness. I hear, "She doesn't have to do anything -- just be authentic."
  9. Victoria

    Young man 'P'

    Hello!!!! Lovely to see you and thank you! Thanks so much for taking the time out of your valuable day. :angel: Merci beaucoup. :)
  10. Victoria

    Young man 'P'

    Please send healing to the young son of a family member who has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. Please visualise him clear and on the way to regaining perfect health. I had news from someone we sent healing to: her 'tumour' has shrunk rapidly!
  11. Victoria

    Living my dreams in 2018

    BTW I can't PM you again! Is your in-box full?
  12. Victoria

    New Year Manifestations

    Yes! Good work, Angel.
  13. Victoria

    Living my dreams in 2018

    Oh, gosh ... I seriously need to follow that!
  14. Victoria

    Long since I last came

    Happy to see you again!
  15. Victoria

    A prayer for healing

    Exactly what I needed to hear! Merci Beaucoup. :angel: