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  1. partofme

    something interesting

    Given your circumstances I would say that turquoise represents communication and clarity of your mind. Google color psychology and see if it feels right as the answer.
  2. partofme

    One Question Readings

  3. partofme

    One Question Readings

    Oh my, Ill get this..eventually. :wacko: What is my purpose with the skills I have come to develop thus far?
  4. partofme

    One Question Readings

    Oh, Im sorry. :blush: Am I on the right track with everything that I have on my plate at the moment?
  5. partofme

    Me or Spirit?

    There is a white farmhouse. There are 2 grandparents of my husbands that have passed on. A decision, yes. The W name doesnt ring any bells but everything else does. Thank you for your reply.
  6. partofme

    Me or Spirit?

    Been having some crazy experiences for the last couple of weeks mainly with the radio in my bedroom. Comes on at the craziest moments not that any moment a radio just comes on isnt crazy enough. The smoke alarm went off as well in the same week. (its electric, hard wired throughout the entire house) Just sounded one time. Any thoughts?
  7. partofme

    One Question Readings

    If you are able, Id love to see what you come up with for mine. Thanks in advance. :)
  8. partofme

    How did your gift(s) develop?

    There needs to be a starting point somewhere. Go where your "instinct" takes you. Read, read, read!
  9. partofme

    After 6 years... is it time?

    With what you have going on...it sounds its hard to even find the time to sleep, let alone find time to add a relationship. Timing doesnt seem right. It should flow with no glitches. Get your priorities both balanced and grounded before you add anymore responsibilities. When you mentioned he was with someone I over looked it, then recalled you mentioning he wanted to hang out again. Hypothetically think what it would be like for her to loose him now that you feel the time is now. Is he just gonna break it to her gently? He needs to evaluate his relationship. Its not fair to the other woman to be second choice when hes emotionally connected to you. I would tell him to come "hang out" when hes single. Then you will know for sure that its the right time for both of you.
  10. partofme

    Help in finding a ring

    I never got a color, although when I read your response to purple...I had an image of a little dark haired girl with a "bob type" haircut carrying it. She might of been all of 3. Hope that helped.
  11. partofme

    After 6 years... is it time?

    Ok, hold it! You threw a wrench in it when you said "burden" Im not sure thats what I would use to describe my potential relationship. What gives you this outlook?
  12. partofme

    More dream questions...

    I too, would think that maybe it was to get your attention. They can come on when battery is low sometimes. Are you in a house or apt? The first images that came to mind was you being in an apt building and having a residual energy experience.
  13. partofme

    After 6 years... is it time?

    Im glad to read what I had in your reply. From what you have said, you both sound like you have a good head on your shoulders. He hasnt played the field, which was my biggest influence in my initial post. Seems like in so many instances, people(men,sorry to bash) and women Im sure, arent true to themselves and use excuses to be able to have the freedom to act as the wish with no consequences for their egotistical behavior. He sounds like a good guy that is willing to take the steps to show you hes there, when your ready. Good Luck to you both! :)
  14. partofme

    saw something unusual

    An orb coming from what exactly? This is interesting to read. I see orbs at random and have always thought they were spirit energy and energy omitted from electrical sources.
  15. partofme

    After 6 years... is it time?

    Not to sound judgmental, but I have always had a hard time in understanding these type of relationships. They seem to be very complex and I feel like the stresses that can become involved are just not worth the effort. If I may ask you some questions to get a better understanding. When you said you have been single for 3 years... Does this mean no physical contact with anyone other than this person for 3 years? The other three you played the field? Have they had other partners as well? Does this person share the same thoughts as you, about this type of relationship advancing? What I get from this is the unwillingness to commit. Which maybe from either or both parties for all I know. My concern is that 6 years of this type of relationship has given it a foundation of weakness. The stage has been set in stone. If you two were to change the dynamics, youll change the entire relationship. You sound as if youve fallen for this person. Im feeling like your wanting to advance and he likes things just as they are but until you reply, its just mere speculation. In my honest opinion... friends with benefits should stay just that. No emotional ties. Im not saying that it cant work out. I just believe the odds are against you. Hope this helps.