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    Spiritual guidance

    If you want to contact your spirit guides and angels, there are books on this topic. I haven't tried any of them so I don't know what works. There are also angel and oracle card decks you could use where the messages are from the angels or your spirit guides.
  2. elleastrid

    My New Chinese Tarot Cards

    I like the drawings. Finding a deck with a nice design and that you connect with is hard.
  3. elleastrid

    Readings and Well Wishes

    I thought you meant you had called a cab, with a driver, to take you home. To actually find one and drive it yourself is too funny. Perhaps you are supposed to be the designated driver this season. :lol:
  4. elleastrid

    healing an addiction

    Wow. That's amazing and congratulations on losing the weight and the addiction. :)
  5. elleastrid

    The Underground Railroad

    I also can't see anything but it is pretty neat that you live in a house with so much history and one that is tied to the history of the country. I hope you are able to help all the spirits move on. Good luck.
  6. elleastrid

    My journey through the darkness

    I'm glad that everything turned out for the better. Wishing you all the best in the future.
  7. elleastrid

    Readings and Well Wishes

    thank you so much for the reading. i appreciate it so much and your words mean so much! it is so helpful to hear <3 <3 <3 <3 well wishes to you :)
  8. elleastrid

    Readings and Well Wishes

    What a sweet idea. Sending light and love and cheer to everyone, but decided to send some love and cheer to a newbie member :) "Wizard, Wizard, if you please, draw a magic card for me! In return, I send well wishes, love and cheer For my guild member souls_river that I hold so dear!" Thank you!
  9. elleastrid

    the wandering wonderer

    There are lots of things going on right now. On top of the retrograde, there was the solar eclipse new moon. The rest of the year is supposed to bring on more of this overwhelming-ness. Taking a break out by nature is a good idea.
  10. elleastrid

    One Question Readings

    thank you so kindly for your reading. i greatly appreciate it! <3
  11. elleastrid


    From Tarot, I know that a pregnancy doesn't have to be literal. It could mean that you will give birth to new ideas, projects, and/or situations in your life. Starting something new; also abundance.
  12. elleastrid


    Maybe he's trying to connect with you. You are probably sensitive enough to feel his presence.
  13. elleastrid

    More Abundance

    I agree. The same as being grateful for what we have will attract more of it into our lives.
  14. elleastrid

    One Question Readings

    I would love a reading please! Thank you <3 I was wondering if you can please give me insight in regards to my career path.
  15. elleastrid

    Keiko's blog

    It is awesome that you have a job where you can help people but in the end you are the one being uplifted. :) Keep up the good work.