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    open minded, love tarot, crystals, anything related to healing, psychic, intuitive work and working with higher powers like angels, spirit, etc
  1. Ceriana

    working with crystals

    :) awesome.
  2. Ceriana

    working with crystals

    If you feel they don't need to be then they don't need to be. :) Do what sits right with you and your stones friends. Personally if I get mine from shop then I do regularly cleanse them moonlight energies but if I find a geode naturally washed up on beach which have done in the past then I don't cleanse it as natural energies are always best if they have a good vibe about them its a good vibe.
  3. Ceriana

    working with crystals

    They sure do... love asking them to smile in their own natural crystal way too......they gleam that way too :) like an inner glow.
  4. Ceriana

    Hello all.

    Hi Chilli........ guess ya do now lol :) tis all good.
  5. Ceriana

    Hello all.

    thanks, great to be here :)
  6. Ceriana

    testing decks

    could do with a little guidance a bit lost on my path, so if I could request a read, would be truly grateful. Blessings Ceriana
  7. Ceriana

    message for somebody?

    thanks :) happy to have shared and posted :)
  8. Ceriana

    Hello all.

  9. Ceriana

    message for somebody?

    thank you for responding Chamuel - am happy if you could take; sometimes they give out separate messages so if anyone else can take the charles part as well as that was heard very clearly came through.... might be entwined links if makes sense but I'm glad if someone else can take that part while you can also take the rest. Thanks so much for responding though it lets me know that I am on the right track with investing more faith within myself and my abilites to listen!
  10. Ceriana

    message for somebody?

    Hope its okay to pass this along but this came through as I was browsing the forums earlier. Was not sure where to post it. Or whether I needed a suitable post count before I posted this. If anyone can take please let me know by responding to the thread. It started off with the song from the musical Chicago.... These were the lyrics I was hearing "After all that we’ve been through I will make it up to you. I promise you…………….. And after all that’s’ been said and done. .. There’s still a part of me that can’t let go, It’s all a big mistake but it’s a hard habit to break…." Purple energy colour, protective energies Broken promises in the past and present, family consistency but he’s not giving up, needs to give up, otherwise lack of control, this is a person in her past, old term friendship gone awry, left on a bad note. The family weren't particularly happy with her decision to be with him, but still she (the sitter) made it. Now she has to rethink her choices and is being given another opportunity at a new direction, should take it. Angel Gabriel as male thought more so than feminine – fear not for the more beauty that you see in yourself the more open that you’ll be accepting to those around you, energy is not energy if it isn’t spent, but know this that the time is coming for you to make a decision with your house/home, you know what he’s been like, you know that we are around you, concentrate, focus on what you’d like to receive, focus on succeeding, and you will succeed. I send this message to you from afar, am waiting for your response/watching you and your situation, for the tension that is building, we are sending love and light energies, all is not lost yet. Listen to the song Chicago; we will always be with you. You have heard the choir of angels singing and you know when we are around, this message to you is brought for your safety, to trust and listen to the words being spoken, softly but surely, name of Charles coming in here, a father figure or father or great grandfather, Charles is alright, he has made it safely home and is working among us to this day. You would remember him and recognize his energy. You can speak to Charles through thought still as he is only a thought away. January, April 14th (future not set in stone) Your happiness comes first. Angels are working around you to help you with your new journey; your journey is blossoming into a fruitful endeavour. Worry not about the times gone by but focus on the present. Sad times are gone, now asunder. Positive times now complete, now outnumber. Can anyone take this content of this link please? If so please do let me know. That's all that came through while I was at work today. :) I hope this is ok to post too and share... have to post as feel it came with a sense of urgency....
  11. Ceriana

    Your Own Guided Meditations?

    Another good ponder there too. I must confess daydreaming isn't something I tend to excel in . I will sit and ponder on a train when its moving get lots of lovely creative ideas in on buses or trains or when I'm travelling, not too sure if that's the same thing as meditating properly though. Its interesting just how many ideas will flow through when the mind is relaxed and not focusing on too much, lol
  12. Ceriana

    Your Own Guided Meditations?

    Oooh, good thinking. I am terrible with remembering things so find I have to write things down lol otherwise my mind feels so collected of thoughts that they really need to be out of there and penned onto paper.
  13. Ceriana

    Plinth Of The Muse

    Have a candle lighted for remembrance sunday and currently feel incredibly peaceful, another blessing to know that the faith has been restored within me for my own peace of mind. The energies of today including the 2 minutes silence done at 11 have been amazing. I feel blessed to have been a part of it all even at work, though I didn't venture out but did remember them in my two minutes. Though I have to say the two minutes felt more like 4 lol as the time just kept going.
  14. Ceriana

    Ghost Radar

    Sounds a bit like one if you ask me. An online board? Dubious, dubious. lol. From personal experience I would not touch one even an app, I mean yeah what's the harm in it being an app.... nope me not going down that route again, but wish you luck with it. If you do decide to go on the app. Kinda reminds me of online tarot cards apps that are now coming out! <_<
  15. Ceriana

    a ladybug

    ooooooooooh. I had one of these in my room the other night.