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  1. intuitive


    You're right. It's just these days all I see is people bad people and the most good people I know are online I just want to meet and know really good people in real life for a change People that surround bring out the bad intuition of me
  2. intuitive


    I realize the relationship questions can be hard to decipher :/ I just can't help being so curious
  3. intuitive


    Wow, I've never heard of that field, it intrigues me :) I'm going to look more into that. Thank you :)
  4. intuitive

    Is he right for me?

    Honestly I don't know, I can only pick up things from people who are in my presence. I wish I had stronger psychic abilities but I don't, I really want to develop psychic abilities Sorry I'm no help :/
  5. intuitive

    Is he right for me?

    Thank you ;) and to answer one of your previous questions, him and I have not met yet
  6. intuitive


    I can't seem to figure out a couple of things -What is my true calling I have several interests but there is no single occupation that includes all of them I love acting because it's a fun way to hone the dramatic side of me and a chance to play different personalities Helping people because I love the idea of making people happy and make them realize their life has meaning and they have potential I love writing and traveling The main careers I'm having difficulty choosing between is being a psychiatrist or an actress -when I'll meet my true love Love is always on my brain, I always wonder when I'll meet the guy destined for me, I'd love to know the time period when I'll meet him or even what he looks like even if it's not exactly precise -will I ever find the ultimate best friend I've always been a good friend but it's always been a struggle for me to find a good friend. I really want to know when I'll meet the friend that I can depend on and pour my heart to. Someone that I can talk to physically and hang out with. A friend I can trust and vice versa. I'm tired of giving my heart up to people who crush it, abuse their friendship with me, and someone I can be with face to face. If I had a best friend with all of those qualities, I'd be much happier and positive, I know it If someone can help answer these questions, it'd be much appreciated
  7. intuitive

    Is he right for me?

    It's weird, my gut is tangled when it comes to him but my heart races when I talk to him. Usually my intuition is either good or bad but with him, it's different
  8. intuitive

    Is he right for me?

    Two weeks ago I met this guy on Omegle (bring on the head shaking) I think the site is stupid but also can sometimes create nice opportunities for people. Anyways we started talking and I thought he'd be just like every other guy I've talked to online that would want me to send him nudes and just talk dirty but he's actually very different He has all the qualities I look for in a guy but...I can't seem to open my heart fully to him He's in love with me and says I'm the one for him but I can't say that I love him, I barely know him but I really don't want to hurt him. I do really like him though I've tried getting to know people online, they're either nice and genuine or bad and liars Years ago finding love was my top priority and would easily fall for people that ended up hurting me, now I meet someone that loves me but I'm so guarded Don't get me wrong, there are those moments where love is on my brain all day long and I'm in the mood for finding love but I have become more of a realist now I do wonder when I'll meet my true love. So can anyone please tell me if he's right for me and if he's not, can you please tell me when I'll meet my true love if you can If you need anymore information, I will absolutely offer more information Thank you And sorry if I'm not doing this reading request right, it's my first one and yes I have read the guidelines, I just really want to make sure that I don't break any rules because I like following the rules Ok bye :)
  9. intuitive

    I think I know what I need to do

    In life we get hurt and hurt others, it pains me when I hurt people and especially when people hurt me but I know that it's part of life and I accept it either in the middle or end of the healing process
  10. intuitive

    Hello all

    Wow thank you :) that touched my soul I was tearing up, it's always a pleasure to contribute to a great cause :)
  11. intuitive

    Ever experienced this?

    Life is filled with rejections and acceptance Sometimes getting either result is for the good because it makes us stronger and smarter It's always nice to take a challenge even if we may trip and fall, experience plays a huge key role in life because we learn more about the world and people in it through experiences It sounds like this guy could be an interesting experience, the hardest and scary experiences can sometimes be the most fun Try this one out and see what the result may be :) Good luck
  12. intuitive

    I think I know what I need to do

    It's a serious decision so of course you'll have bad feelings such as fear but when it's all said and done, you'll feel much better because you're doing what you feel is right. Everyone deserves happiness but just know that we all have to face complicated obstacles to get to the place where we feel comfortable or want to be at, just know that you'll still face difficult challenges because hey that's just how life works. There's ups and downs we wish we could avoid the crappy parts but we have to meet them face to face at some point Do what you feel and know is right. Not all things are meant to be
  13. intuitive

    Soul Mates and Marriage

    That was brilliant question and answer A question I've been asking a lot for the past few years. I'd think about the subject so much that I made myself sick, I'm learning to be more patient and know that when the time is right, I will find the person I was destined to be with even if it takes a long time
  14. intuitive

    Thoughts and overthinking

    Like Moopurple said, it really depends on the situation I tend to overreact and overthink at the same time which is a really bad combination, I stress out way more than I should but I can't help being a supremely sensitive person. It's difficult for me to overcome but I am trying Everyone is made differently
  15. intuitive

    Words of Inspiration

    Opportunity shouldn't be wasted because you never know if you'll get a second chance -Me