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  1. RainyDay

    Guardian dog

    Oh I can write a novel about it but don't have time now. What is important is everyone is safe and sound.
  2. RainyDay

    Guardian dog

    I have had such an exciting spiritual weekend with exciting news..
  3. RainyDay

    New Old Love

    Maybe he is the runner? Or maybe he just isn't sincere this time around as you said. I also suspected that. Thanks Victoria and taking your advice.
  4. RainyDay

    New Old Love

    Auburn when he was a kid, currently bald..
  5. RainyDay

    New Spread new deck!

    I think I could benefit from a reading..going through some legal family issues and it has been a rollercoaster. It has me drained and hoping you can shed some light.
  6. RainyDay

    New Old Love

    He seems to have disappeared again. Well, I am trying to cut ties with any negative people so maybe it is just as well.
  7. RainyDay

    Ugh lost phone

    Well, I got a new and improved replacement phone this afternoon PG,that I am very happy with:)
  8. RainyDay

    Young man 'P'

    Visualizing health and happiness for him
  9. RainyDay

    Ugh lost phone

    Those are two very good possibilities and Insearched there because those were my guesses too..this phone is so tiny, even if it's there, it's easily overlooked.
  10. RainyDay

    Ugh lost phone

    no.. I was gonna try to get a replacement, maybe I should hold off
  11. RainyDay

    Card readings

    Thank ya
  12. RainyDay

    New Old Love

    Reading my reply above is a reminder to myself that I need to cut chords..
  13. RainyDay

    Ugh lost phone

    But we havn't found the phone yet :P Gn,thanks
  14. RainyDay

    Ugh lost phone

    I'm convinced the phone has legs and is moving around..I can't find it
  15. RainyDay

    Ugh lost phone

    no, we're more of a plushie bunny kind of family lol. You're killin me here. Wheree is it? Looking, looking.. Haha after I typed that, I sat up and first thing I saw was a dinosaur plushie. Forgot they even have it. But it is a rainbow dinosaur..and no phone near it...