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    An Idea I Have

    Hello all! So, I remember reading something about love a while ago. I think it was a Humans of New York post, and this elderly man said, "Heck, even Shakespere couldn't touch it!" (Paraphrasing), which I don't think is true. I don't think it's something unattainable, I think we need to learn to define it better, to have ourselves understand the everlasting and warming experience it can bring to someone. So, why doesn't everybody try to describe love? Not what it means to you, but how it does affect you, how you have touched it. Whether it be, self-love, love from another, or to another. Here's mine: Love is a warm and vibrant feeling that makes you become a child again, it allows you to have that innocence and ability to be caring. To drop all anger and all hate, and want to give that warmth onward, from one to another. I'd love to see what everyone replies! :) Nasmaste!
  2. X-Division13

    My Energy Probs.

    Thanks Merlin for the advice. :)
  3. X-Division13

    Met mine a while ago

    Hey everybody! I'm just writing to share my story about how I met my Sprit Guide, and see if anyone else has met him. So I did a guided meditation (If i find it i'll share it down below) and I did everything asked. I then went and visited my guide. He was a very tall and blue man. He looked a lot like Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen. He spoke to me and showed me a long and winding road, that was gold, and it lead to a village on hill or mountain top. He told me that's the road I will walk. I then asked me have I helped anyone, and showed me a great list of people. Then I asked about what I will do, and he was vague about it, to do great things, and then I left, and he stood there behind a gate. I came out of the trans and I felt rejuvenated and felt better about myself. That's before I learned to ask a spirit guide something three times. It was cool to meet him though. His name was Michael but pronounced, "Mi'keal" Here's the video: youtube.com/watch?v=kuJM31DqAkM I believe it was that one. Thanks for reading!
  4. X-Division13

    My Energy Probs.

    Hello all! I'll just cut to the chase: I think I'm a natural healer, especially since I can release stress in people from rubbing muscles in their back without knowledge of massaging. I also know how to make people happy and I'm usually the one with the shoulder to lean on. I'm just trying to figure myself out, I guess. I'm also an Empath. My energy problems come from how I can't access a 100% of my abilites. I know i can do better and do more with it and help more people. I also feel down sometimes and I think it's because of my energy blocks in my body that I can't locate (my strongest one is in my neck and after I removed it, it came back). So I don't know. I also think I've lost touch with my spirituality, and I want to get back in touch with it, and I think this will help put me on the right path. Thank you all for your time! Namaste!
  5. X-Division13

    Past Life

    I am going to call him.
  6. X-Division13

    Past Life

    Hi, I'm lost on who I was in a past life, which inspired a thought. Who were you in a past life? Are any of your past lives still, alive? Thanks!
  7. Hello all! I'm new here, and I'm here to say, I have a weird thing that happens from time to time. I'll always notice the number 3 or 7 anywhere. It'll be a sign, that I'm passing by, or some people saying it through the entire day, just to name a few. I'm no longer weirded out by this, but what are your opinions on this matter? Thank you for your time, and I'm glad to be here!