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    Prayers for your sister Moo.
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    Ha! That's funny. I just checked it - true with my parents, true w last guy I dated, true w my brother and his ex fiance (even though it ended it was love just different ideas about a lot of major things)
  3. In the middle of April I met someone new who was recently out of a long term relationship so I was a little wary. Around this time I had a general reading and she said that "a guy who broke my heart will return in November". Another one told me that my new guy keeps looking at the past, it will end with us in July, then something else will start to pick up in August and I'll be with that one officially in November. Another reading said we have great energy, he's like a Knight in shining armour but there was another woman like an ex, always pulling him back, always wanting help with things, he is trying to charge ahead but she pulls him back. Most of July I was overseas and I figured if new guy wasn't keen he could just taper off when I'm away or the distance will bring us closer. Before I left he told me he likes me, he thinks we have a lot in common, get along well and should go on a road trip when I'm back. I went overseas and it brought us closer! He was messaging everyday so I brought my flight early a few days to be here for his birthday. I landed on the tarmac, turned on my phone to this big 'WELCOME BACK' message. On the phone he said "She's backk!! She's backkK!" I asked him if he had a favourite place to go for his birthday dinner and he said, "It's not about the location, it's about seeing you that counts." So I saw him very briefly on his b'day night, gave him all his gifts - and this was the last time I ever saw him!!! 3 days later I hadn't heard from him. The road trip was seemingly forgotten. He called me up sounding very cold and detached, told me he liked me but isn't 'ready' for a relationship - and that was that. All over. Never to be seen again. I immediately called two clairvoyants. The first one told me there's going to be a cycle with him coming and going. He said he means what he says at the time but that will change and that in 3-4 months (November) he will be on his knees begging me to come back. He also mentioned his ex is an option that will go as quickly as it came back, they rub each other the wrong way and no real emotional connection with them, that it's best he gets this ex situation out of his system now - and that also there was a lot of work pressure. The second clairvoyant said that he will be back, I will see him again, he doesn't go away - she also mentioned him being overwhelmed with work pressure. She didn't feel that he was seeing anyone else but just has to get his head around something and that he would have a good explanation when he returns. Sure enough he did do the hot and cold thing for 2 months just as the first one said he would. He told me he liked me on various occasions but then would shut down again, then invited me over, I said no, then he shut down. Then says "What I would give to be on your couch with a wine and dvd tonight" So I suggested we do a wine the following week - he said yes within a minute but he ran scared. It never happened, he didn't contact me for a month. I saw both clairvoyants again around early October but this time in person so they didn't know I had spoken to them before. It was amazing both had the same feelings about him and the same comments. They said he still has a connection to the past relationship, he has this 'ghost' of the past affecting him, there's a new job overwhelming him and it's not what he thought it would be and that he would sort himself out, that this needed to happen, it's about him, it's not about me, I ticked all the boxes. He said the guy would be in touch again but certain things needed to change if we were going to work together. The second clairvoyant said he will come back before the Xmas period and she said "It would be easier if I could say it's done, move on, but it does feel different and I have told people to forget it, let it go, but I just don't feel I can say that to you". She saw a vision of the both of us sitting on a rock, with him behind me with his arms and legs around me and that she had a strong feeling of it turning around and is really not going away. She said he's just gotta find himself and maybe I should give him a prod. So a week ago I sent a simple text and he wrote back and said he thinks we should have a clean break, that he doesn't want to hurt me anymore, that he doesn't want a relationship and doesn't want me to think it is a possibility. Wow ok..... So I called a third clairvoyant last week who told me the same things as the other two! That he's picking up on an influence from the past, there's still a connection with the ex, he is processing emotions, he is working things out, he needs to finally close the door on that one - but things won't go away for us. He said in the second week of November there will be contact then a meeting. That spiritually it was going according to plan for us to be together. He's coming around again, commitment ahead and sees a trip together in the early new year. He told me just to trust and give it time. He told me our connection is strong and usually in the majority of his readings the answer is NO but this is different, he has a good feeling, he is honest with his readings and if it seemed like a waste of time he would say so but he can't say that to me. (That's what the last lady said 'this is different') He went on and on with positive stuff - that this guy just needed time etc. Well today I saw that third clairvoyant again. Within the space of 7 days he totally changed his tune on my situation!!! He said he could still see the connection and influence of his ex, he said he has these 'ghosts of the past' affecting him, but he admitted, unlike what he said last week, now he doesn't think he is going to come back to me (gee sorry about that!) and went on about some other southern European guy I'll be meeting in December/January! What the heck was all that about just 7 days earlier?! Why was he feeling that he and I were going to go a trip in the early new year and now I'm never seeing him again? How can he charge me for two completely opposite readings in 7 days? I am so over these people. So again - this is like a big experiment. They *seem* to be consistent and right on the money with personality, current situations, explaining the behaviour - but unfortunately the future is more of a prediction based on the feeling they have. I was getting really hopeful because all of them were saying the same thing :( My gut instinct has always felt positive for 3 months but after today I have 99% let go of the idea. What do you guys think?
  4. Hi all, it's nearly been a year since I last posted and I thought I would update re: the outcome of those readings I had. (and ask a similar question in the next post - maybe I haven't learnt my lesson) So all the readings were wrong about last years guy so I am convinced that these clairvoyants were picking up on his feelings towards his ex - and not me! I now know that she moved in with him around the time he broke up with me and around June this year I saw some posts from her to him saying she loved him, couldn't wait for him to get back from overseas because they have so many things to celebrate and look forward to. Another friend wrote underneath that she had 'heard the good news' and would 'catch up at the wedding'. I have a feeling they got back together and got engaged. So it possibly seems that the psychic that kept seeing the ring - he was seeing a wedding but not with me! UGHH! What am I paying these people for if they are going to get their wires crossed in such a major way? Anyway so case closed. Next story.....
  5. Thanks all. It is very frustrating not knowing *why* I have this strong gut feeling. Yes maybe it's just a chemistry issue - which is annoying because he is happy to give me everything I want. I could FINALLY 'get on with life' if I liked this guy. He's been away for a week and will be away for another 8 weeks (will see him on a few weekends). It will be a good chance to have some space but see what else is out there :s I do think about all the times a guy has felt right /good chemistry and he turned out to be a disaster so ...... I don't know if I really trust anything I think or feel anymore.
  6. I definitely don't want the other guy since I have seen he has no problem lying about who he is really spending time with (his ex gf). I was more shocked and hurt. So it’s hard to feel something for a "new person" when you are in the middle of dealing with ‘grief’. I don't have the same amazing instant connection with this one that I had with the last one. I think all I can do right now is keep my options open but see how it goes with this guy. He is very very slowly growing on me and wants to give me everything I want. If it doesn’t improve in the next few weeks well at least I know I gave it a chance. I'd just hate to finally 'fall' for this guy and realise my initial horrible gut instinct was totally bang on for some weird reason that may come up later on!
  7. How can you listen to your gut instinct when there doesn’t appear to be a logical reason (yet)? I’m in a frustrating situation where a guy is keen on me, he is good looking, intelligent, funny, wants to settle down /happy to have kids within the next year etc. He’s everything on ‘the list’. But I have constantly felt a very strong barrier that I can’t get past. I just don’t want him anywhere near me, I dread him touching me, hate him kissing me, I almost feel sick and repulsed, repelled. I feel anxious at the thought of committing to this guy and I don’t know why because he is so nice. He has had a few stories about stupid clumsy things he has done over the years – I am wondering if I didn’t know about the silly incidences if I would still feel this way. Also maybe my resistance is due to the fact that he was coming on so strong when I was just in the midst of things unravelling with the guy I really wanted so I'm just not ready. So do I listen to my gut instinct or wait and see how it goes? I’ve been honest about all of this to him and he said well, think about all the times it has felt right or great with other guys – and look how that turned out! HORRIBLY! True.
  8. I have now found out that he spent a weekend with his ex gf in early December (He told me he was on a 3 day stag and probably couldn't fit me in but he would try - now I see he was at a festival with her) Then he and this girl went interstate to a wedding in the last week of December and spent NYE together. She's a person I thought was long gone as they broke up in January! I asked him about why she was at this wedding and with him on NYE - and he said she is just a friend who was also invited to the wedding and NYE - but for various reasons I don't think this is true. I think she was his guest. Now I am wondering if the clairvoyants feelings of him 'not wanting to lose' me and 'seeing rings', the feeling that I am not 'wasting time' etc .....maybe they were picking up his feelings towards HER and not me?!
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    Free Spirit, Thank you very much for your thoughtful and detailed response. I'm going to have to read it a few times because there is so much to it. Yes, all departments of life are good except marriage and children have been a goal for at least 10 years, a goal of which has been very difficult to get even remotely close to. I am never short of "options" but I don't seem to get past the 3 month mark with anyone. I usually find out they have lied, cheated, just enjoying the ride/ take advantage of me or they are in the middle of some life changing circumstance that keeps us apart! I am determined to get out of this merry go round situation in 2015 - somehow! Happy Holidays to you too and best wishes for 2015 :)
  10. Congrats on the engagement Elyria, it is good to hear about a happy ending. Hopefully 2015 is the year for me too. Thanks Chamuel, "I guess what the clairvoyant was picking up on was the potential based on the feel of what you two had...but in normal circumstances whereas that would be enough to predict a future for the two of you, his going overseas and his and your feelings about that changed the outcome." Yes that makes a little more sense. Just to clarify, they didn't say 6 months but they both made it quite clear (in 3 readings) that June was a new chapter in his life (work wise) and at that point one clairvoyant felt that I would stay here and contemplate dating others - the other felt it would not last longer than June or that there would be a break at this point then get back together. So in my mind I was thinking, well we've got 6 months to get to know each other... It is ridiculous how many outside factors have been keeping us apart and making this impossible. I am amazed at how much my mind and heart has dropped this whole thing. I guess the stress of being in limbo land was too much and now finally I have an answer/outcome and don't have to deal with all the unknowns he brings. I messaged him on new years day just to say a simple Happy New Year and said I hoped he has some exciting changes in 2015 but 24 hours later no reply. He has now deleted me off facebook! Even though he has nothing to fear and we haven't even had a bad thing to say to each other! He really doesn't seem to have the feelings that all these clairvoyants were saying he did!
  11. Update: We had the chat and he officially ended it in person. He explained all the reasons why (mostly long distance reasons - it will be far too painful for far too long). Some of the comments he made were almost word for word what the clairvoyant told me he would think and feel (that was amazing!). He had nothing but good things to say about me, he said it wasn't easy but it was the right thing to do. He also told me once his mind is made up, he doesn't change his mind; that I should go and date other people and just forget him. Often during a breakup I know a guy will be back again - but this guy seemed very final and unattached. I'm still wondering where the clairvoyant was getting all those visions and what they mean - a lot of it was very accurate but what about the parts where he could see rings predominantly throughout the reading, he could see when and where this guy will find work and felt that he would ask me to come with him - and just the fact that both clairvoyants were feeling really good about us throughout both readings and told me that I wasn't wasting time/we will work/we balance each other. Why would the spirits show him these images just a week before we break up - instead of showing us that it won't work instead!
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    Hi all, I am a new member here. I don't want to post anything too identifying so I'll just say that over the last 3 years I have read so many books on psychics, past lives, near death experiences etc. so it has definitely become my favourite topic. I have had my fair share of 'interesting' experiences - such as talking about someone we haven't heard from in 10 yrs - then they call, dreams coming true the next day etc so I am interested in improving my intuition over the next year or so. I have done the first part of a reiki course, have started trying to meditate and I think I have had some success with amethyst recently! As an experiment, I have been visiting psychics since 2009 and typing out everything they have said. So far not one of them have predicted anything correctly. By going over the history of my notes I should have been engaged at least 5 separate times by now and had a boy or a girl or a girl then a boy, traveled here and there etc etc. None of it has eventuated. I am realising that they are very good at reading what a person is like and explaining a current situation but the rest has been a waste of time and money. I am curious to know where all this other stuff is coming from and what it means. What brought me here today is that I have had three identical readings about a situation but my gut instinct was telling me otherwise - so far my gut instinct is prevailing and I wanted to get some insight on that. (see topic I started). Thanks for accepting me to the forum!
  13. Thanks MooPurple. Psychic statistics is a good way of putting it - and would explain why they are so spot on about his behaviour in different situations but maybe not so good with the future stuff (although it's going to be interesting to see what happens in June since it has come up 3 times!) I will see what our chat brings but I think you are right. my gut knows best and if that is the case (that they are wrong) I will not bother with these $$ psychics anymore :) One also told me that when I don't care about the outcome that is when things will have time to shift. He told me to pull my energy back - I'm feeling pretty nonchalant about the whole thing now so.....
  14. Hi all, Thanks for reading my post. I have a perplexing situation - My gut instinct was saying one thing (i.e. not feeling positive due to less communication) but three readings were telling me another. I have been in a 4 month, long distance, limbo land situation so I was questioning whether to get out or wait it out. I had three readings (where I barely said a thing) which were all very amazingly accurate about his personality (and the situation) and were positive about this lasting at least 6 months. One clairvoyant kept seeing a ring throughout the two separate readings. Both of them kept saying they felt good about it, that we balance each other, work very well, no dramas, don't see it ending until at least June (may be a break then) and that I was not wasting my time etc. They both told me that he was pulling back right now to focus on his study but he didn't want to lose me, that his communication is bad right now but good in person and it will get much better when he returns. All three readings saw that he would get a new job and go overseas in June and that he is adventurous so spends a lot of time going overseas. One picked up exactly where he was going in a month (I had only found out the week before). All three readings were so identical so it gave me some faith to be patient and see how it goes. Unfortunately a week after that last reading, I had a dream that this guy called to break up with me. Later that day my dream came true. After finally arriving in town he really did call me to say that due to all the time he will be overseas in 2015, we should go our separate ways. He said that he has really enjoyed my company but he doesn't want to do a long distance thing. Even though he is in town right now he didn't make time to see me, not even for xmas or NYE - but he has made plans with so many others. I was shocked and upset because I have waited so long - for this?! i.e NOTHING?! except a break up phone call. Needless to say I am completely perplexed as to what these clairvoyants were seeing and feeling in these readings. Why has my guy been presented to them so clearly - yet the outcome has been so far off. Interesting that he was shown to them in great detail for over a hour when I didn't even ask about him in reading 1 and 3. They didn't pick up on this relationship ending like that so what are they picking up on? Why was a ring being shown over and over again throughout two readings? Can these people really be this way off?! Anyway, we have now organised to meet up, chat about everything and I guess say a proper goodbye. The shock and hurt has gone, I have dropped this thing from my heart and I don't want to deal with the long distance pain either. I realise that anything can happen from here - although I don't feel it will go anywhere! If this relationship doesn't pick up again I don't see how I can trust these guides/messages anymore - but then I think about how amazingly accurate they are about everything else - I am just really questioning this stuff right now.