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    He turned his page back on. My "twin soul" / "twin flame". My telepathic haunt, Blessed With Curses is his name. I do not like this twin soul / twin flame phenomenon. Not one bit.
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    He turned his Facebook page off. LOL. No activity last night, thankfully. I needed the rest.
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    The past two nights have been bombardment. A long-time personal situation was activated a few days ago. I was agitated by a person I'm connected to (soul / spirit / consciousness). The agitation caused me to look the person up and when I did, I found him (his online presence is not constant). I was not surprised to see that he had made himself available online. I saw what there was for me to see, know what there was for me to know. This has been the pattern for a while now. He's not online but when he agitates me (which is like "calling me up") and I go look, sure enough, he's made himself available online. I cannot block, avoid or prevent his telepathic calls. The mental activity I have had to endure for the past two nights has been too much for me. My energy is very bad, and negative. Each time visions and communications would flash and enter into my mind - into my consciousness - I would flash back my own images: stop signs and toilet bowls. I took each image and put it into a toilet bowl and flushed it. I did this repeatedly, while flashing my own image of a stop sign. The most frustrating aspect of the mental activity is that it happens just as I am about to fall asleep, and it wakes me up. It prevents me from falling asleep. It took over an hour for me to fall asleep last night. I am putting effort today into NOT remembering the images but there are a few I cannot suppress. If I don't acknowledge them, they will continue to sit in my mind until I do. I've been suffering hostility for quite a few years now. It is a destructive feeling, a destructive energy and the damage caused by hostility is very severe and irreversible. It is like a poison. A tree. A necklace (heavy chain, large oval amethyst). A picture of my brother when he was a child, accompanied by a hostile message of blame and hatred toward me (although my brother was sexually abusive and abusive in other ways, and I ended up in foster care). People kissing, and sexual activity (these are near constant, nothing new). A cosmic star. Warnings, "get out of here get out of here". An injury of some sort. I'm offended. My feelings are severe, extreme, negative, hostile and ill. I'm disturbed and violated. I'm angered, enraged, furious and severely sickened. I'm violent. I cringe when I go to sleep. I cringe when I wake up. Going to sleep is an extremely dis-pleasurable, upsetting experience for me. I do not enjoy ANY of the visions I experience. It doesn't matter what they are. It could be a vision of a garden with butterflies and birds. I cannot tolerate ANY mental activity. I'm much too severely disturbed.
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    While falling asleep last night I saw a very old, old, old, old alien (brown skinned) with eyes weary and tired. Telepathic message: "we're all sad, but" and then an image flashed. It was a blue Indian goddess. She looked liked this, but I saw only her face. Her eyes were twinkling and she was smiling. We're all sad, but. That was all I saw last night. Thankfully, I have had a couple of days rest (no activity, no flash images).
  5. honeybee22


    Hi :) No, I'm not traveling. I'm stationary. My visions are flash images. They occur just as I begin to fall asleep. I'm not asleep, but I'm in that zone. The images flash. Flash. Flash. It's almost as if my mind is a black television screen, and the images are flashed on the screen for me to see.
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    This morning's vision: I saw Earth from a bit of a distance. Lights of some sort were traveling toward the planet, and circling around. Then I saw two massive snakes coiled around the planet. Next, I saw a door. The door was closed. Where the door and floor meet I saw a much too bright light shining through. Then a man rushed toward me, pressed into me (I could feel the slight weight of presence), and I saw a trumpet. EDIT: I just remembered another image. It was a hand (appeared to be a man's hand) holding a lens filter. It looked a lot like this but only it was very dark. The hand was moving the lens from side to side, almost like waving it.
  7. honeybee22

    blue doors and blue rooms

    Blue is a strong color of this website. Maybe you can do some journaling to explore your feelings and thoughts about spending time here. If you do pick up the pen to write, that would fit nicely with the other vision you had (lined piece of paper). "The pen is mightier than the sword" so again, it would fit with your other vision (blue sword). Also, on March 20 you wrote Take a look at the vision I wrote about on March 21 (specifically, I saw two suitcases.) http://forum.psychicguild.com/index.php?showtopic=10136 That is not the only time that you and I both had similar visions. It was about a month ago (more or less) when we both had a vision about a train.
  8. honeybee22


    I had another remarkable vision this morning. My eye was honed in on ground level, among tall buildings. The view ascended, very quickly, high up into the atmosphere. There, a square shaped object appeared (it looked like a mirror or satellite). It was silvery and shining, and the light was almost blinding. I have had visions like those many times (cameras or satellites in the atmosphere). I'm not sure how my vision is so high up in the atmosphere. The visions look very much like HD television broadcast. I have many different sorts of visions but these atmospheric ones are distinct and unusual. I've been having them for approximately two years.
  9. honeybee22


    I had 4 visions yesterday morning as I was falling asleep. 1) I saw two suitcases. They were an ugly, dark green. They were on a shore, the waves were high tide but calm. This vision - unlike the others - was blackened. 2) I saw a piece of furniture turned upside down, and airborne. 3) I saw my entryway downstairs where I keep gallons of water and some other things. I saw water rising up, submerging the gallons. 4) I saw lights on an air or space craft. I have interpreted these visions in two ways: 1) personal (something will turn my world upside down and I will be flooded with emotion). 2) environmental (the planet may suddenly flip or turn, sending us all flying). I had a very strong vision of one of my children about a week or so ago. It was frightening when the vision (first part of it) began to play itself out the very next day. I lit candles and I prayed. I was relieved some time later.
  10. honeybee22

    On Being Psychic

    I got an idea after reading this thread that maybe you are about to graduate, so to speak. Growth, evolution. Like being born anew. Refinement, polishing. The true self, fully developed and matured. Actualization of the true self. Dunno. Just ideas.
  11. The logical reasons are underlined. You like the idea of what life could be for you, if only you liked him. But you don't like him. You hate him kissing you and dread him touching you.
  12. honeybee22

    a powerless train,a wedding and lightning

    Very interesting. I had a train in my mind this morning also. I live very nearby to the train here, and I have always lived unusually close to trains my whole life - and so trains mean something to me on another level. Anyway, the train that appeared in my mind this morning was loaded with people but it was not a good ride. I forget what happened after the train appeared because my mind was very busy and overactive. I had an unusual night last night.
  13. honeybee22

    A baby came to visit

    Yes, I knew about my granddaughter before I was told that her parents were expecting. It was in July of 2011, I had been meditating. I suddenly picked up my head and said out loud "grandmother?! I'm going to be a grandmother?". A month later my son called to tell me he had news. I just started to laugh and laugh. He told me that his partner was pregnant so I told him I already knew, and explained what had happened the month before.
  14. honeybee22

    I won!

    That's pretty exciting! I like how every step went according to plan, so to speak. It makes me think that if you follow all the instructions you're given you will be rewarded. It's all so rational and trouble-free... I wish life was always that functional! Seems like maybe "the straight and narrow" path fits well here.
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    Thanks for all the welcomes :D