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    Job Searching

    Hi All, i have done the software course in November month,i am preparing for the interview and by may last week will upload the resume in job portal,so can anyone kindly help me in this job reading will i get the job in this field and if i when will i get will it be smooth since its new field can any one help me throw some light in my job situation i need your help very badly please ..thanking you in advance my dob:28/07/1981 female.
  2. Usha

    //Soul Mates//Twin Flames//

    beautiful :) ! Please keep us posted!
  3. Usha

    Believe in yourself

    This is beautiful! :dance:
  4. Usha

    Can spells really work?

    if its working now :) .. would you pls pass it to us also.
  5. Usha

    Claim your share of the Universal Fortune

    a helping forum.. beautiful :)
  6. Usha

    images during reiki

  7. Usha

    Two more messages

    The consciousness and in a life force... yes the consciousness cannot be denied.A body without consciousness is a dead body as soon as consciousness is removed from the body,the mouth will not speak the eye will not see nor the ears hear. It is the fact that consciousness is absolutely necessary for the animation of the body. :)
  8. a loving forum helps a lot thank you :dance:
  9. Usha

    What are you supposed to feel when you meditate?

    hi...nice meditation itself is the which makes us relaxed :)
  10. Usha

    Some things to consider

    Hi.. ya your right ,most of the times we can't remember what exactly is all about :)
  11. Usha

    Music and your astrology signs!

    i like music alot,that was interesting to know more about it :)