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  1. jessim27

    Looking for Information

    Hi Angel Soul. It's nice to find like minded people and develop our psychic abilities. Hope you have a nice week.
  2. Hi everyone, it's been a long time that I posted. My angelic name is Jessica Louise Michael, daughter of guardian angel Archangel Stan Michael. I am related to Archangel Michael and was the healer Camaela in a past life. I was part of Joan of Arc's army, an apprentice to Jesus and the 12 apostles, and a waitress with my twin flame in Camelot in past lives. I am still learning to become a lightworker and also learn to channel, communicate with my angelic friends and family and my spirit guides. Does anyone have something to share about their past lives? Are we of the same soul family group? Looking also for psychic development.
  3. jessim27

    //Soul Mates//Twin Flames//

    Very sad and strange to get sick, RainyDay. To be with your twin flame must be difficult but nice to spend time with in astral plane.
  4. Hi, I am Jessica. I have been told by someone that this person, is a look a like to my Anthony who lives in New York too... I have yet to find my real twin flame.
  5. jessim27

    General Reading Request from Jessica

    Yes, but I don't think the akashic record reading I did with someone was accurate.
  6. Just wanted to share some pictures of animals I used to have. I love to take photos of nature and animals.
  7. Hi everyone, I would like to have a general reading on my twin flame Anthony and me, what should I do nowadays, and what the near future might bring for me. Any advice from spirit guides, angels, and anyone in this forum would be greatly appreciated. Attached is a recent photo of me and a twin flame drawing of Anthony a psychic did for me.
  8. jessim27


    Just wanted to share with you all who Ganesha is. He is the brother of Archangel Michael and also known as the Archangel Luciel. Archangel Luciel is the angel of Light and Love and likes to wear black and has black hair. His daughter, Ani from Finland, wrote about him on a nice website. http://archangelluciel.2truth.com/
  9. jessim27

    which Angel

    I am not sure either. The power of intention is important I suppose. I found out from a friend that we make contracts everyday.
  10. jessim27

    On Being Psychic

    It would be so great to fully be aware of who I am and what gifts I can fully develop in order to communicate with my loved ones and twin flame and friends over long distances. I wish I had all the clairs, but I sure am grateful for everything God has given me.
  11. jessim27

    Soul Mates

    Those are great words of wisdom and example maybe of dejavu?
  12. jessim27

    Search for Happiness

    It's really hard to find happiness and sense of belonging in a church that preaches the same information year after year. But it's nice to make friends with people that understand you. Holiness can be found in nature and in comfortable and/or sacred sites around the world.
  13. jessim27

    my cat

    Cats like me for some reason. It's nice to be given love by a wonderful animal. I do hope your cat is in a good place with lovely animals together and watching over you too.
  14. jessim27

    Hi From Jessica

    Hi Moopurple, thanks for the welcome too.
  15. jessim27

    Hi From Jessica

    Nice to meet you Chamuel and RainyDay. I hope you are all doing ok where you are.