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    I got the sweetest compliment of my life

    That is indeed very beautiful, you will have that lovely memory the rest of your life :).
  2. dfreak1

    Dreaming Of People Before They Die

    Thank you PG for your reply. I have been walking around with a certain degree of confusion the past three weeks trying to figure out what my connection to this man could possibly be, for some reason I feel there really is a genuine connection. I have a very big why question hanging over my head right now and I really hope the answer will come to me in time.
  3. dfreak1

    Hello From Denmark

    Hello Everybody I am new here and just wanted to say Hello. I am an American living in Denmark and found my way here due to some very strange happening going on in my life lately and am hoping somebody may be able to shed light on what is happening. Hope everybody has a great day!
  4. dfreak1

    Dreaming Of People Before They Die

    This is a bit hard for me to write and it may be a bit long (I am sorry about that). I found my way to this forum because something has happened that I can not find an explination for no matter how hard I try. There have been times I have had dreams about family members or other people I have known growing up passing about a week before they actually do. These dreams are not fun to have, but they make sense to me as to why I have them. Now, it has moved onto dreaming about somebody whom I have never met who did indeed pass three days after I had a dream about him. Even though I have never met this man, I have had dreams of him before, two of them really stand out of the dreams I had before the one of his passing. In the first I had an apartment someplace, perhaps in New York, though I have never lived there. I lived in the apartment with my husband and children and this man came with friends of ours to visit us. I remember in the dream I was wearing a sweater and plaid skirt, I don't know why I remember that other than it was a cute outfit. We adults sat on the sofa grouping and had coffee and tea and a nice visit while the children were doing their own thing. This man and I looked at each other several times, but I think more out of curiosity, then he and our friends left. About five minutes later the telephone rang and I answered and it was this man on the phone saying he had forgotten his umbrella in my apartment and he would come up and get it. I said it would be no trouble to bring it down to him and went right down. I found him in a small shop next to my building wearing a brown cashmere coat holding out his arms and he said 'I finally found you', I immediately went to hug him and felt at peace. It was the nicest hug I ever had and felt so real. When I woke up I was so happy and full of love, if you will. The second dream of him that stands out is that we were at my parents in the back yard, just as friends spending time with my family. We watched all the children play and were looking at two chickens in a cage (my parents do not have chickens or anything of the sort). He put his arm around me and touched my hair and thanked me for always being there for him and told me I was the love of his life. I don't know how or why and it seems kind of weird, but just because of these dreams and others I have had of this man, I have developed serious deep feelings of a sort for him. It is odd. Three weeks ago today I had a dream of him sitting on a bench. I came and sat on the bench next to him and he said 'Don't forget about me.', I started to laugh and said of coarse not, he is my first choice always. The rest of the dream we just looked at each other and smiled, only talking once in a while. Sometimes people came and sat between us, but we still kept looking at each other smiling. When I woke up I thought it was such as strange dream and actually laughed about it. I even thought to myself that no matter what I would have to see if I could not find this man in real life, just to see. Later I opened the paper and saw somebody had died and for a split second I had a vision it was him, but brushed it off. For the next few days, I thought about him so much it was not funny. It was all good things I thought about. On the third day I opened my paper and the big headline was that he had passed away. My heart just broke, but at the same time I was shocked because I only dream of people passing that I know. The night he passed I dreamed he was lying in bed right next to me on my right side and even though my husbad was asleep on my left side he could not hear or see this man. He seemed about 15 years younger than he was (he was 26 years older than me), he told me that he was here now, but soon had to leave and that he would come to me when he could, but he had other things to do as well. Why in the world would I have dreams like this and such deep feelings about somebody I have never met? Why in the world would I dream of him passing before he really did when we did not know each other in reality?