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  1. Timmeah

    Reading open for the first 5, via PM

    Yes Harleynight, all replied to and sorry about the wait. Cosmos Hi all, This offer is now closed. Thanks and take care, Cosmos
  2. Timmeah

    Reading open for the first 5, via PM

    Hi Sparklite78, No you certainly havn't and I am happy to read for you. Just PM and supply a pic with your questions and we will be set :) Cosmos
  3. Timmeah

    Hi :)

    Thanks heaps Alex and Posibilities! I hope you guys will benefit from me being here and I know I will benefit too ;)
  4. Hi all, As the title suggests I am happy to read for the first 5 who get in via PM. This is restricted to a max of 3 questions and intuitive answers so it doesn't go on forever. I also ask for this to be via PM as I need a current (or fairly recent) pic of you to read properly, so via PM offers you privacy and I will not keep or share your images. Thanks in advance for the practise :) Cosmos
  5. Timmeah

    Hi :)

    Hello all! I'm really glad I found this place, it looks perfect for some psych practise which I'm craving. Looking forward to meeting some of you, Cosmos