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  1. MooTwo

    The Opinion of Others

    This is definitely an approach I need to adopt. I'm pretty hung up on other peoples' opinions.
  2. MooTwo

    Mooandering in the East

    Yes, I remember that, but never really expected to end up in New England. However, the whole aura of the area is great. I love all of the historical sites and the trees. Psyched to see it in summer.
  3. MooTwo

    Mooandering in the East

    I thought it was time for a new thread on my adventures. I've been on the east coast for about a month now and am loving the area. I'm thinking of making a permanent move. Stay tuned.
  4. MooTwo

    New Old Love

    This has been my thought since I first read this thread, but I held my tongue because it seemed like this is something you have to work out for yourself. These guys that go back and forth tend to be more into the idea of a romance than following through with one from my experience. Let yourself know that you deserve to have the type of relationship that you want and it may become easier to walk away from these attachments that leave you hurt and wondering what's going on.
  5. MooTwo

    Ugh lost phone

    Under a car seat? Or kicked under a dresser or bed?
  6. MooTwo

    New Year Manifestations

    Have the courage to follow what I want to do.
  7. MooTwo


    I wanted to respond to this from the healing thread, but not on that thread. There have been a few things that are making me want to crawl up and hide. Though, a few have been resolved. What's still lingering in my mind is my boyfriend's move to the other side of the country because he got an amazing promotion. That's happening in a couple weeks. I'll be driving over there with him and staying for a month to see how I like it in the area. Beyond that I don't know what's happening. He wants me to move with him and has been hinting about the possibility of getting engaged. What scares me is being separated from my family. And it's weird because for some reason when my only focus was school I was very open to the idea of going off to some distant place because I knew that vacations would be spent going home and seeing my parents. Now, if I go to school in a place that is far from both of them, I won't be able to balance my time and some relationship will suffer. I know my parents will always be there for me and it's not like I can't get on a plane and go visit. Also, coming from a very conservative family, I know that my parents won't be okay with me living with a man I'm not married to and it's been an idea ingrained in my head. I wouldn't be okay with it either if I didn't know in my heart that I have a long future with him. I know he wants to make that commitment, but neither of us just wants to rush into it for the sake doing it, I guess. I'm also scared of what will happen if I don't move with him. He thinks we can figure it out either way and manage long distance, but it still scares me. I don't like the idea of not being able to just hop in the car and see him. And I really think that moving would be good for more than just maintaining our relationship, but it'll give me access to a lot more stuff that will help me accomplish my goals. While I had read that response from Victoria earlier, I didn't really think on it. Then I watched a video on youtube where someone was explaining why they were moving (I don't know why I clicked on it...I usually don't watch that stuff) and it really got me thinking. And the more I think about it, the more it feels like it's the right decision to try to find a job and establish something in the same city as my boyfriend, even if we don't live together. Also, I burst into tears as I was writing this. It's not anything I've openly discussed with anyone lately. I have told my boyfriend about my apprehensions and told my mom about struggling with the idea of him moving, but have not really grouped everything together even in my own head. So, thank you for that prompt. :wub:
  8. MooTwo

    Power Healing Circle 11111

    Thanks, Victoria. PS Don't worry...I have a doctors appointment on reserve if I don't end up feeling better over the next week. However, I am feeling far better today except for the cough. Hoping it's just due to the leftover mucus.
  9. MooTwo

    Power Healing Circle 11111

    Thank you, could be allergies making it worse. I am actually feeling a bit better today.
  10. MooTwo

    Power Healing Circle 11111

    Hey all, I know it's been a while since I've been on, but I have had an awful cold for over a week and have been coughing to the point where I can't sleep more than a couple hours before being woken up. I think it's developing or has already developed into bronchitis, which I am prone to and have had several times (though not in the past few years). Right now I can't do anything about it other than use Advair and hope it doesn't turn into pneumonia. I could really use some healing. :wub:
  11. MooTwo

    Christmas Magic

    :santa: :angel:
  12. MooTwo


    Yes, I am doing fab ;) :angel: I will definitely pop in again when things have slowed down more. Probably more toward the holidays. For now I'll just have an occasional lurk. LOL, PG I was just about to send you and email about it and then checked the forum first. :lol: See you along the path!
  13. MooTwo


    Hi everyone! I haven't been on much the past few months because I think I've just sort of lost interest in psychic phenomenon. However, I have been seeing a lot of synchronicity lately. I just like to take it as a sign that everything is going well. ;) Like having a song stuck in my head that I hadn't heard in years and then I turn on the radio and that's what's playing. Just trivial stuff. Anyway, there are a lot of changes happening for me. I'm busy at school again and with work and volunteering still. It also seems like I will be moving to the other side of the country next year, but that still isn't definite. At first I was a bit startled by the prospect, but now I feel excited. I just wanted to pop in and say I miss you guys, but haven't really felt that I have much to contribute to a lot of the new discussions on the forum. But, I do go in and out of phases so I'm sure I'll return to activity when my schedule becomes a bit less demanding. :wub:
  14. MooTwo


    I'll have to keep that in mind. I've been feeling much better the past few weeks. I officially became a crisis counselor 3 weeks ago (and had been training for a couple months prior). Hearing about others' difficulties and/or traumas really puts things into perspective. It's very rewarding to just listen to a person and to be told that you've helped even when it was a totally effortless interaction. Sometimes I am limited in my ability to help because it's not a professional position, and that's frustrating...but it still feels good to spend time trying to help others reach conclusions about their next step and help them reach calm while they're facing an emotional crisis. It's a sharp contrast to my paid work, which is basically just helping people get investors, customers and media attention.
  15. MooTwo


    I have trouble distinguishing them. It used to be easy, but not anymore :lol: