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    Running, cooking, cats, reading, talking about the universe, music, the beach, sunbathing
  1. Chance45

    Not sure what my sign is?

    Thanks for the advice Rainy Day!
  2. Chance45

    Not sure what my sign is?

    Well I guess that settles it LOL. This is something I inherently knew. Whether its fake or not by complex I assuming you mean it has to do with reading the stars and constellations rather than looking at the generalizations of signs
  3. Chance45

    2017 Tarot Vibration

    I like the sound of that, "your earthiness" lol
  4. Chance45

    Anything I can do?

    I think your dad needs to heal his body through his mind as well. Logically, the best method is to go to the doctor, but first he needs to get into mindset that he wants to get better. Try to understand his emotional state before treating his physical pain because sometimes our mental being controls the physical reality of who we are.
  5. Chance45

    January Blues

    Come down here in the south. Its much warmer! :)
  6. Chance45

    Not sure what my sign is?

    Growing up, I have always thought I was a Gemini based on my birth month which is June 20th, but I have been told I am actually a Taurus. In fact, I do believe I share some personality qualities with Taurus more than with Gemini Gemini is always supposed to be extroverted and outgoing, and while I was once like that I'd like to think I'm very laid-back Don't get me wrong I don't always believe the entirety of horoscopes with all seriousness, but maybe some people get misjudged by their sign when they are unconsciously more compatible with another zodiac
  7. Chance45


    Hey guys! Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum and get familiar with everyone here. I love spirituality and being open about universal discussions. Hope I can contribute a little love to the world :)
  8. Chance45


    Would like to know whether I should do a certain treatment for healing my body? Also I have many complicated things in my life right now. I have a hard time picking the career I want, finding out who I want to be, religious restrictions, loneliness, anxiety problems, etc. Am I going to get out of this rut?
  9. Chance45


    Very sorry for her loss :( hope she can gather the support to heal and properly grieve over her son.