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    What Happen?

    The odd thing to this whole story is i was very bothered by this event. Therefore i thought about it all week, when i had a very strong urge /voice telling me to review the pictures on social media of that night. Simply to see if i could pick up or see something that i did not feel or see that night that were posted by a mutual person. It was at that point that i knew exactly who was behind it, after reviewing several photos. i just about dropped my phone from how strong and certain i was. The woman was a very old dark sole, even though she was roughly 20-25 years of age. i also was picking up that she practiced something dark and was no amateur.
  2. Daniel

    What Happen?

    Thank you this is new to me in the sense of how strong it came on at the time, It seemed very dark
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    Hello everyone, I am new to this and i want thank you for me allowing me to be a part of this forum. I have always known that i was a little different since be a young child, due to several events through out my life. I have never spoke to anyone about this.The only people that are aware of this are parents. I believe its scares them at times, so it's not talked about very much. I do speak about some about details with my father at times. I have always pushed it aside for years, 38 to be exact. Within the last 1-2 years i can no longer deny whats going on, I have a very hard time with this because i am catholic and a believer. Yet i cannot deny what happening. I know its time to know more about this and get some guidance, it would be much appreciated if someone could let me know how and where to start to look so that i can know more about myself Thank you.
  4. Daniel

    What Happen?

    No, i am very familiar with that feeling.
  5. Hello i am looking to see if someone could give me some help regarding what i experienced. I have always known that i was different for years since being a child, however i have looked passed it for some time. however I attended a birthday party at a restaurant the other day were there was roughly 20-30 people. i was there for 20min before a group of ladies joined us at our table, within a couple of mins i had a very could not focus and had bad headache also could not complete a sentence for 20 min. this last for 15-20 min until i left the table. My fiancé also asked what was wrong based off of my facial expression. i do know this had something to do with one of the 5 ladies that sat at our table last. I felt violated and left asking myself what happen that night all week. Any help would be appreciated Thank you.