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    What to do?

    Are you having trouble finding renters? If so, try putting posts up at places you wouldn't think of like a church. Churches have several groups and clubs. Some cafes have a bulletin board too. I know the one by my house is Panera Bread. If you already have renters then wait it out would be my suggestion. I mean you could always work nights part-time and do taste tests, focus groups etc. Check out Craigslist they have case studies/focus group studies that they pay cash for as well. Sell stuff on Craigslist and Ebay as well. If you have a particular talent/craftsy then try selling on ETSY. Just suggestions. :unsure: :(
  2. sweetie1984

    One sentence readings

    Thank you!
  3. sweetie1984

    Weekend offer!

    Are you still doing readings? :angel:
  4. sweetie1984

    Love Life Reading

    21st Birthday? Or what 21st? :unsure: What does he look like? :wub: Maybe you can't see that, but you said you saw both of us smiling. I can hope you see some detail about him... :) :lol: Thank you so much!
  5. sweetie1984

    Suggestions on how to guide her...

    So is there an update at all?
  6. sweetie1984

    Love Life Reading

    Thank you so much for the reply! Right after my transplant I called a phone psychic as well. I am brand new to the mystical interest. So I did not put much stock in her reading at first because it was over the phone and she had no idea what I looked like. She told me I would find love in October/November of this year which is very close to what you told me. She also told me what he did for a living and I am still skeptical about that. :angel: :unsure:
  7. sweetie1984

    Love Life Reading

    Hello. :) I am requesting a love reading because I have not had a love life. I have put off dating because of a prolonged illness. I have kidney disease but recently I had a kidney transplant and I am doing so much better! :D But I had a lot of years of not doing well. :( So I would like to know if you see any man/men in my life this year yet? :wub: I just saw an in person psychic and she did not mention love to me until she read my palm and she said I would be married by 35 and I am currently 31. But that is all she said about my love life. I was most disappointed. I am at a fork in the road in my life. I want to move on but I have no idea of what direction to go in. :unsure: I would appreciate a reading but I understand if you guys are too busy. Take care.
  8. sweetie1984

    Reading open for the first 5, via PM

    Should this thread be locked?
  9. sweetie1984

    One sentence readings

    I would love a reading as well! (If you are still offering) I would love a love life reading sentence please! :wub:
  10. sweetie1984

    Hey ladies!

    I have never made time for dating. I wish I had now. I thought because I was sick I didn't want to burden any of my potential partners. Now I can see that a ton of people are sick and in relationships and in love. Makes me sad that I didn't think I could handle both a relationship and an extended illness. I recently had my surgery so I am healthy again. But now I don't even know what kind of man I want to be with or who I would be compatible with. That is part of the reason why I had psychic readings recently. However, what the psychics have told me (it is good news) does not match up with my current life so I am just confused on that end. Idk. If you would of asked me years ago or even a year ago I would of said only people I can see being with long-term. But I have a different perspective on life now. I used to think I wanted to get married and have kids. Now I think maybe I'll one kid years from now and that is only a maybe. Will I be married? It's not a deal-breaker now like it was for me before. I would like to fall in love and get married but if it doesn't happen I'll still be ok. :) :angel:
  11. sweetie1984

    Suggestions on how to guide her...

    I agree. I can't imagine having a teenage daughter and all that responsibility that comes with it. My brother will find out though. He just had a daughter last month. :lol: I guess she is stuck with the drama thing. I agree that she made a commitment and needs to see it through. This should be a lesson for her that she took on too much and not to make that same mistake again. She is only human just like the rest of us. :D You are doing the best you can. :)
  12. sweetie1984

    Suggestions on how to guide her...

    Tips that I can think of that are easy are quit drama. Too many lines and on top of soccer practice and her homework load. JMO. Have her get 8-9 hours of sleep at night if she can help it. Have her hangout with her friends and socialize outside of these activities frequently. Have her do regular kid things such as going to the mall with her friends, going to the movies, out to eat etc. That will alleviate some pressure by just being a normal kid for awhile. Have quality family time with her so she is not always thinking about what she has to do and just enjoy life for a little while and that way by spending quality time with her you will be able to know if anything is up with her by keeping the lines of communication open. I realize she is your daughter and you love/loved being busy all the time but not everyone is the same. I have no doubt she likes being busy but we all have our limits on what we can do.
  13. sweetie1984

    Love can be elusive

    I am younger than you but I have had the same thing happen. I have been surrounded by narcissistic users a lot in life. My own dad is one. I have a really good coping mechanism because of that. However, it does not come without a cost. I have closed myself off from a lot of people. I feel like I have no more energy to give to someone just to be ###### on again. It has its pros, I don't get hurt and I do like being a loner at times. But the cons are almost evenly matched. I've never been in love and have had no time to set aside for dating. My health has been bad and I am just now feeling better and feeling like I can finally move on after I heal completely. And now I wouldn't know who I would be compatible with or how to meet them. The psychic readings I've gotten about my love life are really bizarre. That's why I keep searching. :wub: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! :D
  14. sweetie1984

    Suggestions on how to guide her...

    Why does she want to go to that specific school? What is wrong with her local high school? That would be my first question/concern. She needs to drop out of something. She is already burnt out. And she doesn't know it yet but she is missing out on what is left of her childhood. She has the rest of her life to feel overwhelmed and disappointed in life. (Not wishing it, it is just reality) I would ask her what is her favorite activity and what does she feel she is the best at and go from there. Obviously if she goes to the faraway school she can't do all these activities and forget rowing. My goodness. Can't she do some of these as hobbies? If she is worried about her college admission please explain to her that while college is very important she will burn herself out in high school by going this speed and once she gets to college she probably won't know how to even enjoy the experience if she doesn't slow down and take care of herself. I would be worried she would get so burnt out she would become physically ill. Life throws situations at us at different times. For one of my past jobs I was working for a school district being a teacher's aid and I was supervising the kids at lunchtime. When the older kids (I was watching kindergarten kids and these kids were 3rd graders) walked into the lunchroom a little boy got my attention as he nearly ran into me. I remember thinking he looks sad. I went back to watching the young kids and he went through the line and got his lunch. He sat with some friends but wasn't talking much to them. I did my rounds through the lunchroom and when I got to his table to say hi and ask if the kids needed anything that little boy came up to me and cried. I asked him what was wrong and he said he was so tired he was having a hard time staying awake the whole school day. I asked him why and he told all his sports he was in as well as guitar lessons and a church youth group. I asked him if he talked to his parents about it and he said his mom told him since he begged to sign up for these things he can't just quit and he will have to see it through. His teacher reprimanded him for falling asleep in class that day and not answering a question correctly. (He hadn't had time to finish is homework the night before) I asked him if he spoke to his teacher about it and he said he was afraid. I told him to tell her he was too tired. I explained that she would not be upset with him. She would want to know that and I told him to tell his teacher everything he told me and to tell his parents everything he told me. I told him that he has to keep telling the adults in his life how tired and worn out he is. I told him he had a busier life than me (an adult) and I told him his parents love him and to just keep reaching out. I told him his teacher cares about him as well. He promised me he would. I never forgot that and it has been years. I realize your kid is older but the point is my suggestion is to cut some activity out. It is too much. You will blink and she will be graduating high school. :(
  15. That's interesting! And thank you for the welcome. I look forward to chatting with you! :)