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  1. EnigmaticBlissy

    Just need some answers.

    No, the last 3 years, after my Dad passed, I ended all communication with my family, same thing with friends, I have children I actually care about raising and they want to party like they have no responsibilities. I really don't have anyone, I didn't realize networking would be so hard to start up from scratch all over again. It's been a hard 3 years. I'm a terrible introvert, I struggle with bad depression and anxiety and with the recent miscarriage I find it hard to even get out of bed. My job I was laid off from kept me motivated and kept my mind off not wanting to completely die inside. That job ended terribly, and the job before that ended bad, I'm scared to even start a new job because I don't want to deal with that ever again. It's been really hard, especially these last few months and the financial stress makes it even worse for me, physically and mentally. I just feel like I'm screwed.
  2. EnigmaticBlissy

    Just need some answers.

    I do have skills that would allow me to work from home my problem is I can't find any legit work from home jobs, all bs scheme stuff.
  3. EnigmaticBlissy

    Just need some answers.

    Hello, I am 34 almost 35 years old and I have been getting denied for social security since I first filed at age 18. I'm epileptic, I have a bad back, fibromyalgia, manic bipolar, severe anxiety just to name a few.. and I still get denied over and over. It's hard for me to work, I don't even like leaving my house without having a panic attack. It's hard for me to do any job, I'm always in pain I have muscle weakness some of the time I can't even lift anything. I need help, I just filed for an appeal because, yet again, I was denied. Will I ever get approval for benefits? Currently I'm out of a job and I have to be very picky on what jobs I can and cannot accept, which in my town the jobs are few and you really don't have a choice. Please help.
  4. EnigmaticBlissy

    Find my purple mp3 player?

    Most things in my life are purple, too. My tattoos are even either all purple or has purple in it! <3
  5. EnigmaticBlissy

    Future reading

    Yes, I love her to death, she's my best friend. She's always there and helps me out when I need her, even if it's just to vent or complain. I told her to join this site, we both are interested in all these things.
  6. EnigmaticBlissy

    Future reading

    It's not her, it must be someone else. She has fluffy, long red hair, or.maybe, I can't remember her real hair color. Lol. She's everything else you described though.
  7. EnigmaticBlissy

    Specific Questions Reading

    Thanks! :D
  8. EnigmaticBlissy

    Specific Questions Reading

    Thanks! I'm enjoying reading all the posts, I've read almost every post. Ty for accepting me.
  9. EnigmaticBlissy

    Specific Questions Reading

    Can you tell me anything about my current pregnancy?
  10. EnigmaticBlissy

    Hello. :)

    Thanks! I'll check them both out, started a grave shift job and all I do is stare at the walls all night
  11. EnigmaticBlissy

    Believe in yourself

    Sometimes it's hard to believe in yourself. :( Sometimes it's hard to believe in yourself. Especially when demons surround you and they just won't go away. I always see demons near me and I just can't shake them. :(
  12. EnigmaticBlissy

    Mirror of the Mind

    This is great, thank you.
  13. EnigmaticBlissy

    Clearing Incantation

    Thank you. I will try this.
  14. EnigmaticBlissy

    Some Positive thoughts please

    Good luck in your job search! I hope you get a nice, good paying job, soon.
  15. EnigmaticBlissy

    My Unborn Daughter

    I agree with Alex. We must do every thing we can do to help them transition.