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  1. Speek

    What Card are You?

    I got the moon and the hermit. Quite a contradiction between the two but also a good balance. Like the ying and the yang. different but working together for balance.
  2. Speek

    Hello from Indiana!

    Thank you all for your warm welcome! I'm so excited to be here!
  3. Speek

    Future reading

    It must be a guide as my hair is bright red and without dye it's strawberry blonde. I do agree with the energy you feel though. I always try to see the bright side of every situation and the good in all people. Everyone has at least one amazing thing about them. Thank you so much for your time and reading! I truly appreciate you. Aww thanks love!
  4. Speek

    Future reading

    Hey everyone I'm Shawnna. I am wondering if anyone could tell me what to expect in the future. New job, more babies, anything you see or feel for me would be wonderful! Thank you so much and have a wonderful day.
  5. Speek

    Hello from Indiana!

    Hey everyone! A good friend told me about this site and I'm so excited to be a part of it. I do tarot readings and use a pendulum. I'm still new to this craft but love it. Thanks for letting me join the community!
  6. Speek

    One Question Readings

    I am struggling with if I am where I need to be in life. I am comfortable but not sure if I'm making the right decisions. Thanks so much for offering an opportunity to maybe get some answers.
  7. Speek

    Readings for "Surprises and Luck"

    I'm super new here ad I've never had a reading here or anywhere. thanks for giving the opportunity to maybe be picked. :)
  8. Speek

    Hey ladies!

    I never dated anyone I wouldn't be ok having a long term relationship with. Just in case feelings got too deep to walk away easily.
  9. Speek

    Love your enemy

    Forgiveness is not for the other person. It's for your own benefit.
  10. Speek

    Too picky?

    Never ever settle. But sometimes you should try not to pick people apart either. I think there is a fine line between picky and making sure you don't settle and become unhappy.
  11. Speek

    Candy wrappers

    So my mom passed away from S.A.D.S. three years ago. Her favorite candy was bite sized snicker bars. Lately I have been finding empty wrappers laying around in public. Like at the store, work, gas station, etc. I feel like she's just letting me know she's here still. Anyone else find things randomly that reminds them of their loved ones?
  12. Speek

    I got the sweetest compliment of my life

    Nothing is truer than the words of children. :) definitely a wonderful compliment.
  13. Speek

    what was this

    Sounds like you and your friend have a definite connection. When your very close to someone I find that your brains kind of link out. You can start having the same thoughts and dreams.
  14. Speek


    Was the lady someone you know? And were the twins yours or hers? I love the idea of having twins!
  15. Speek

    Dead Dog Walking!

    I have not had any dreams where I see him but I sometimes hear my cat matches meowing in my dreams. Usually he's warning me of danger. He passed away about three years ago at age six. He was the biggest love and my best friend. I miss him every day.