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  1. divineflame

    Input needed

    I find it a bit weird, buuut....Dante, how come you edit your posts and delete them? WOuldn't it be best to just leave them as they were for others who come onto here and read your experience and perhaps even learn from them? Just my thoughts.
  2. divineflame

    # of Letters in names

    Interesting... Because the last girl I was with had four letters in her name, too. We even shared the same birthday! But, it didn't work out. She was a very unstable person. Evil too.
  3. divineflame

    Twin Flame Look A Like/ Doppelganger

    I had heard my soulmate looks very similar to Emma Watson. Even had a vision of her looking exactly like her. But that was one vision of many that didn't look like her at all. Lol, so I don't trust everything I see or hear. The visions I see now are very different. More beautiful. I'm sticking to these ones now.
  4. divineflame

    //Soul Mates//Twin Flames//

    Do you both have dreams of each other, RainyDay? Have your spiritual abilities increased since meeting him? I don't believe in twin flames, myself. I have not seen any importance in twin flames for various reasons over the years. I have my reasons. But I do strongly believe in soulmates. When soulmates come together, they are both super powered more than they were when apart. They boost each other in every aspect. They form one big powerful soul, like two halves making a whole. So that would make sense, you both being together, knowing each other. This is what my friends and I have come to understand, ourselves, through many experiences.
  5. divineflame

    Hey Everyone

    Oh cool.
  6. divineflame


    Hello, Dan. It is good you are a believer in God. I would be happy to help. What are you experiencing?
  7. divineflame

    Hey Everyone

    Awesome. Where from? I live in the high desert area in Southern Cali.
  8. divineflame

    Hey Everyone

    It is indeed very rare to encounter, lol. Glad to know there is someone who shares in these beliefs.
  9. divineflame

    What Happen?

    Either one of those ladies deal with dark things spiritually, or something very dark was around them and noticed you because of how different you are. Their energy can cause those who are spiritually connected to feel overwhelmed.
  10. divineflame

    Strange dream

    What did the person look like?
  11. divineflame

    Would anyone like to read me?

    I understand I am new. It can wait until I am no longer a new member.
  12. divineflame

    Would anyone like to read me?

    My request for reading: When or how will I get to awaken my own spiritual abilities? Any big important good events will happen to me? When or how will I meet my true love in person? Can you describe her?
  13. divineflame

    Hey Everyone

    I believe in Jesus being God, and that He died for us. I believe in the core aspects of Christianity/Catholicism. Yet, I do realize there is more to life and this world than just what we have been led to believe. I believe there are very important books of the bible that have been omitted, and that some parts of the bible have been twisted over the many thousands of years since its "inception". I also know about reincarnation, soulmates, and other beings that live in other realms, among other things. I think it's best to keep an open mind to more truths out there than just stay huddled up within the confines of your mind and its limitations, and I'm saying this for anyone, not just the mainstream religious bunch. I would say I am more of a spiritual Christian. A superhero. Not the comic book kind, but the kind that truly wants to save the world and constantly work to make it a better place. Teaching and learning, using my spiritual abilities, and spreading the love of Our Father, to make a great change in this world :angel: Thank you all for the warm welcomes
  14. divineflame

    Hey Everyone

    Hello, my name is Evan. I am 25 years old and from the "lovely" state of California. I'm new here to this forum, yet not so new to the spiritual world. I have a lot of experience and have come to understand many things throughout my life. I wish to share some of these things with everyone, and hear stories from others. I do not have much as far as active abilities go, besides lucid dreaming and a couple other basics. My powers were stripped from me when I was just a child. Currently working on getting them back. My beliefs are Christian, but not mainstream. My ways are very unorthodox, as I tie in many elements from New Age spirituality. I look forward to meeting people on here and helping others while also receiving help. Thanks :angel: