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  1. sinaga

    Looking for Information

    angelic name, what is that? and where I can learn/get valid source (may be a website) about past live? thanks before.
  2. sinaga

    What Happen?

    when 2 people or more "connected", they usually share or being shared some energies that dominant. I think that what happened to you was just like that.
  3. sinaga

    very fatigued

    may be it be usefull for you to do grounding, it's practiced by some reiki traditions
  4. sinaga

    Can't do it?

    13 march, exhausted, and high acid in your stomach.
  5. sinaga

    General Reading

    look like your outer energy was punched, something like that.
  6. sinaga

    Angel Numbers and Meanings

  7. sinaga

    General Reading

    hmm ? broken glass wall.
  8. sinaga

    Ask a Question

    am I crazy? :) seriously.
  9. sinaga

    Healing for my daughter

    look like caused by virus. some light, sent.
  10. sinaga


    :D thank you.
  11. sinaga

    help with letting go...

    deeply think about it, "watch" which part of your brain that make a little explode when you think about it, then "close" it softly and peacefull, again and again. I've experience with this methode, when letting someone go.
  12. sinaga


    hi all, just want to learn about psychic mindsets, categories. I'm not a psychic, but sometimes I can see what other ppl not, And, my English is not good, so, that's all I can say right now.