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  1. zazzi

    The Rant Thread!

    Some people don't handle things beyond the physical that well and it may not be comfortable for him to talk about feelings. Also he's back in his old turf, possibly enjoying some freedom from responsibilities, like being a boy again. He may need a gentle reminder that it's only a temporary fix till you both get back on your feet and the sooner the better. Plan together how it can be done and make the outcomes exciting in some way. Maybe throw in ideas for a holiday (or anything you both might be interested in). I believe that making plans for the future is a sign of a healthy relationship and it's very reassuring. If he feels more secure he may be more accepting about you staying elsewhere for a while. But do tell him it needs to be sooner than later, and try negotiating a time frame for your plans. Good luck..
  2. zazzi

    The Rant Thread!

    Hi Third Eye, I'm not in a good space at the moment and have been refraining from writing. I felt compelled to add this, I hope it makes sense. It sounds like an unpleasant place to be and I feel for you. I do wonder though about the caring aspect of your relationship with your husband. My thoughts are if people genuinely care about another's happiness then they would not want their loved ones to be feeling this way. It sounds as if the family are unwilling to compromise and seem to resent any interference with their ways and practices. If you choose to stay with them, then finding ways to accept how they are would help toward solving your problems. Comparing them to your standards and ideals will continue to fuel your anger and resentment. If your husband doesn't want to stay with your mother then that's his choice and you are supporting his need to stay with his family and with him. But if you need to move back in with your mother for a time because it will be better for your wellbeing, and if you have communicated your needs and he truely cares for you then he would understand this. There could also be the understanding that you would be back living together once the finances are sorted and you are able to afford your own place. Rather than risk the relationship breaking down because you are so unhappy where you are.
  3. zazzi

    How Do Wiccans Know What's Right and Wrong?

    I think a developed consciousness has awareness of how what we do to others affects ourselves. I think the rules have been there for people who were not as developed, and still are for those who choose to revert back to primitive behaviours. That same primitive brain is within us all, but when our consciousness expands we more often choose not to act on fear, anger and feeling territorial.
  4. zazzi

    REIKI and the spirits

    Thanks to all who have contributed here, this is very inspiring and I feel like I have a direction now too. I was told by a clairvoyant in September that it's time to begin learning to heal and he suggested that I do something that is not widely used, to bring something new to the pool. For a while I searched but feel it's not time to find it yet and I think starting off with Reiki as suggested here would be a very good beginning. Blessings to all and I wish you well with your learning Jodee. With love
  5. zazzi

    The power of the Guild

    wow ! what are the odds of sitting next to someone in the same situation. great news about the short wait.
  6. zazzi

    The power of the Guild

    I send the heartiest congratulations to both of you ! This is wonderful news. glasses of bubbly all round !! I don't know about immigration laws, but I was under the notion that once married the partner was allowed to stay in the country for that reason? I hope that it will be a very fast process and you can be together soon. p.s. I also met my partner online too, found it was a great way to get to know each other before meeting in person. with love
  7. zazzi

    cranio sacral therapy

    I agree. From what I have read it's about helping with the imprinted trauma in cellular memory. The practitioner is very attuned to the rhythmic impulses throughout the body which are connected to the cranial region and they help to rebalance them. Restoring a healthy life force throughout the body. The reports from people sound very positive and it seems worth a try. Thanks for your thoughts.
  8. zazzi

    Tarot cards for children

    Hi :) welcome to the site :) I've found a tarot course held in Maylands, though not sure of the dates it's being run yet, if you would like the contact info for them you could pm me and I would be happy to send it on to you. with love
  9. zazzi

    an earwig encounter

    thanks :) I looked it up and it is short for clip shears, now I understand why!
  10. zazzi

    an earwig encounter

    Hi :) That would be great if you can find something about them. It would be good to learn more if it's available. I don't think they use their pincers either, I've never heard of anyone being bitten. I have seen them on the odd occasion stand still and raise them in the air. I know about this brain munching fear, except mine was with ants after watching a movie set in Africa and people sleeping on the ground in tents ewwwww. Thanks for your reply Blessings
  11. I was told about it today, apparently it has been successful in treating attention deficit problems. I wondered if anyone has had any experiences with it or knows of any, positive or otherwise. I would be most keen to hear about them. With love
  12. zazzi

    an earwig encounter

    thanks oktor, well they have good taste in fruit! Did you get to sample the cherries while picking? yum. I think being covered in them would be a bit freaky but as you say they are harmless. They live in our bathroom and like to hide under the folded towels on the floor and bathmats They tend to shy away usually if we are in there. After I got over the initial shock of it being on my foot, I felt it was really a gentle creature that was making the best of the situation of being stuck in my slipper. The provision association is a good one and relevant. Blessings
  13. zazzi


    I agree about the emotional pain and turmoil, I've read that it's an adult thing to be able to differentiate between what's happening on the screen and reality. Perhaps it's just as people get older they become more indifferent to it? I know I've felt this way as long as I can remember, though some times are worse than others, not sure why perhaps just natural cycles. I remember just after leaving my husband and we were still communicating we went to see Lord of the Rings 2 and I had to walk out before the end. After I stopped communication with him I went to see the next LOR with some friends and managed to sit through the whole movie. It was still a bit uncomfortable in parts but not nearly as much. I think I had toughened up somewhat which helped then, though I'm glad now to have my sensitivity back. Just feels like it's a little too severe at times. Blessings