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Today I did one of those online readings. One of the things it said was: Now is the time for you to pursue new ventures. If you share your goals and ambitions with a partner, your partnership is extremely potent at the moment. Regardless of how wild some opportunities may seem, at least explore their potential before passing on them.


In the past couple of weeks, I've also been getting a similar message when I do my own card readings. It says I should find a partner to help with a new business or creative venture. Or to find a mentor, or get together with like-minded people.


In the past few years I have been helping a certain group of people online. I recently started a blog in hopes of being able to serve more people. However, I know it will take some time before I attract one person from this target population and even more time before I attract more people to make this site worthwhile.


I want to know if it is this venture the readings are speaking of and if it is, where am I supposed to find such a partner? It seems at this stage I wouldn't need one. If this isn't the venture the readings are speaking of, then what is it? (I should add I'm also working on a creative project..)

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