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Since I'm back I thought now would be a good time to describe how you can read your own tarot using only 1 card. Keep in mind there are a few things required for this to work.


1. Be slightly empathic, not necessarily sensing others feelings all the time but instead getting drawn into their feelings when you're with them, becoming part of their story and sharing in it. If that's you then it's a good chance this will work.


2. Focus on your third eye during the reading and interpreting.


3. Being able and willing to let the cards meaning come to you rather than looking for one that is already predetermined.


4. Letting the card evolve in your minds eye instead of remaining focused on 1 aspect of what you see.


So let's start:


1. Focus on a question and repeat it in your mind while focusing on the third eye. Do this 3x as you shuffle the deck then pull a card.


2. When you see the card keep thinking of the question and look at it, allow your focus to be pulled to imagery in the card somewhere and try feeling how it applies to your question.


3. As you stare and feel the imagery it will make more sense to you, let the meaning come by focusing on the third eye and card together.


4. If the imagery you're focused on isn't revealing anything further allow your mind to loose focus and find new imagery, then continue.


5. After a few minutes you will be done reading the card, all the imagery will get used to answer your question in detail. Afterward let yourself reflect on the meaning.


This process does work and can be used to answer specific questions or just give you a general feeling of things around you.


Example questions:


1. When do I find a girlfriend?


2. When do I find a job?


3. Why am I single?


4. Why does Sam hate me?


Let me know if anyone wants further explanations on anything, give it a try.


My own experience using this was reading for a girl online, she merely asked if I had anything to tell her. I pulled a card and felt and saw darkness that could not be lifted around her, something no one could console her on. It turned out her father had just passed away and I was right.

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