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Moving help

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Anyone who's read my blog or my recent thread about receiving signs will know I'm in love with Pittsburgh. The only reason we haven't move there already is because we don't feel financially stable enough to do so.


Instead, my husband wanted to buy a house here. He figured, we can't afford to move to Pittsburgh plus buy a house, so we'll just buy a house instead. It's cheaper than moving six hours away, and it'll save us throwing money into a rental property. But we've been having a really hard time finding a home. Richmond is not meant for the middle class (which we are) so our options are very limited. We found one property that we thought might be perfect for us. But we just found out today that it fell through. So I'm pretty bummed out.


I was hoping y'all could help!


Do you see us moving any time soon? Renting/owning? Are we going to stay in the area or try to set off to Pittsburgh? Any thoughts/insights/advice would be greatly appreciated. Because we're both just banging our heads against the wall at this point.



Thanks y'all

<3 Beth

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