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Week Ahead Oct 5

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Knight of Pentacles

In the Past position

A card in the left position indicates what has happened to affect your question in the past.


Meaning: There could be a gain or loss in finances. Salary increase is possible. The chance to purchase real estate may come about. A loan is repaid.



The World

In the Present position

A card in the middle position indicates what is affecting your question at this time.


Meaning: Everything is going right for you. You are contemplating a decision to cut away all the deadwood and begin a new cycle in life. This is a good time to achieve your goals. You are entering a period of success in all areas of your life. New opportunities arise.



The Moon

In the Future position

A card in the right position indicates your questions future.


Meaning: Dreams, intuition, and/or psychic experiences will come unexpectedly. This is a time when you act on impulse without thinking things through. People who deal in illusion are drawn into your circle. Secret enemies are at work. Your negative and illusionary thinking are disrupting your progress. You feel victimized. Deceptions are being used against you.


Llewellyn Tarot

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