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Input needed

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There have been a few times where I get inexplicable fascinations with people or developed crushes without ever having spoken to them. Often not guys I'd really be interested in...or I couldn't figure out what I found appealing.

Usually something causes us to start talking. Either they start a conversation with me, or we had to work together on something. And they've always become friends or we dated. I do think that one can "know" if a person can be a special part of their life even before getting to know them.

So, yes, it could very well be that Avocado is either meant to be a good friend or something more.


You're not asking for advice, but I would just recommend starting up a simple conversation with Avocado. Maybe regarding classwork or just a random "How are you doing?"

I remember in high school people thought it was weird to randomly just start talking to someone, but in the real world it's how one gets things done! And if she's a nice person, she won't just throw shade. Also, it probably won't make a negative impression if you come off as nervous. I always find it rather cute when men are nervous when they start talking to me (the 20 to 30 somethings still get wobbly as well).

But if you absolutely cannot bring yourself to do it, then something like a class assignment may throw you together and force you to start talking.


But you're not crazy. Crushes on their own, whether lead by destiny or goodness knows what, make us feel that way.

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I find it a bit weird, buuut....Dante, how come you edit your posts and delete them? WOuldn't it be best to just leave them as they were for others who come onto here and read your experience and perhaps even learn from them? Just my thoughts.

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