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Reversing Energy Disruption

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I'm struggling with my own anxiousness of energy disruption by yoyo-ing my own thought process and decisions. Basically, I'm a struggling "perfectionist" always seeking affirmation in how to approach interacting with people the "right way" so they're likely to respond to me positively. My psychic reader told me I'm messing up good paths with people when I do this as it disrupts energy. I was advised to keep my focus and a good eye of manifesting what I want. I meditate, and it works to center myself and see good results. Then, a hair is out of place, and I get anxious again. Now I'm feeling threatened that energy disruption is haunting me. I'm climbing walls. I received a reach out initiating sign earlier this week, even if it was during a sad anniversary. I am touched. How else can I reverse this negative energy disruption towards certain people interactions?

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