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Where to apply your focus

The Hanged Man


Briefly: There is some type of time lapse going on around you. Things have not quite reached fruition and you have to take a wait and see attitude.


Full Meaning: When you draw this card you are being advised that there is some type of time lapse going on around you. Things have not quite reached fruition and you have to take a wait and see attitude. There may be some delay to your plans and it is best to be patient and bide your time. Someone may seem unbalanced around you and creating a difficult though not unsolvable problem. Trust your judgement and make allowances for this for the time being. Time is the great healer of most dilemmas so be the keeper of your own counsel and it will serve you well. Someone may also be having difficulty with their leg and unable to walk or get around as they usually do. They may need a walking stick or crutches, just temporarily. Give a wide berth to anyone who is not in the best of health either physically, mentally or emotionally. If you have to make an important decision around now, take your time to weigh all the facts and be sure that it is the best choice possible.




What Must be Done at a Later Stage

Ten of Swords


Briefly: A time to recuperate after an operation or period of sickness.


Full Meaning: At first sight this card looks just awful. There is a picture of a person laying face down with ten swords stuck in his/her back with blood oozing out everywhere. This can give a very distressing impression to your client when seeing this card in their layout. However, generally the card is not as depressing as originally seemed. It can just be a time to recuperate after an operation, which could have involved the back or neck. This person may also be needing some bed rest from exhaustion or is possibly temporarily depressed due to a current situation. Time does heal all wounds. There are stars twinkling in the dark night sky in the background, giving hope and inspiration that dawn will eventually, and always does, arrive. Daylight is only hours away, if only we do not lose sight of that timely event. The person does recover, does carry on and move into the light of day with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. It just sometimes takes a little time and possibly some tender loving care. The month of October may be particularly significant in relation to some event connected to the picture on this card. All is not lost though, as the month comes and goes just like every other month and by November all is generally well again and life is back on track.

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