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been having dizzy spells

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Could be stress? It seems like you've been dealing with a lot with your father's illness and whatnot. Or if you're having sinus trouble. Dizzy spells are inner ear ailments, primarily.


Sending you calming and healing thoughts.

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Check your blood pressure, Nigel - low blood pressure can cause dizziness, fatigue, depression, lightheadedness, blurry vision, and nausea. It usually occurs at times of increased stress, passion or strenuous activity. It suggests that there is little or no energetic input. There is a resistance to meeting challenges, an inability to stand on your own without feeling weak or collapsing, leading to difficulty confronting responsibilities or dealing with problems. Try eating some licorice or drinking some Gatorade (or a teaspoon of salt in water with a squeeze of lemon) to see if that resolves your physical symptoms.

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