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29Feb Week Ahead Tarot

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Where to apply your focus

Page of Cups


Briefly: Time to discover some new career direction that will lead you towards prosperity.


Full Meaning: The picture on this card is of a youngish person, who is often male, though this can indicate a female. He is colourfully dressed and wears a hat and some plumage in it. He carries some red flowers, and a cup with a fish jumping about in it. He looks content and yet very innocent. He could be about to embark on a new career or had just graduated from college, university or from law school. He is clean shaven, either blue or black eyes and has lovely sleek hair. He loves to wear bright coloured clothing which reflects his warmth and compassion for others. If you draw this card and the person is yourself, you may discover some new career direction that will lead you towards prosperity. If it is someone else, they could become very important to you, either by becoming your new best friend, or your lover or husband/wife. This person is also highly sensitive and should therefore only mix with people who are positive and enthusiastic. There may also be some special occasion coming up where you have to put on your best threads.



What Must be Done at a Later Stage

Four of Cups


Briefly: An offer should be considered.


Full Meaning: The picture on this card shows a hand holding a cup and this is reaching out from a cloud and presenting the cup to a person who is surrounded by leaves and there is a hill in the background and many trees. There are three cups full of liquid in the foreground. This can represent an offer to be considered. Sometimes it can symbolise that the person is reluctant to accept any offers. However, the wise person should at least investigate what is being presented, rather than dismissing it without knowing all the facts. Something can arise out of the blue and be a surprise. If you happen to notice that your circumstances may alter quite significantly if you take up some new direction, then proceed with assurance that this is the right path for you at this point in time.



Interesting cards to draw with so many on the forum looking for new opportunities! :)

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Considering I'm taking online courses to update my skills for a possible change in job, I really hope these cards apply to me!

I drew this card for you mom9497:


Ten of Cups


A card in this position illuminates the present moment or the question at hand.


Meaning: Full heart. Blessings. Higher, mature love. True love. Real companionship. Dreams come true. Safety, security, and satisfaction. A giving relationship. Natural order. Home providing joy. Thanksgiving. Trust. A feeling of arrival and freedom. Fruitful partnership. Deep connection. Joining of talents make for a powerful, creative force. Fortunate, natural pairing. Harmony. A dreamy partnership as a source of light and benefit to others.

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